We knew there’d be some strange posts today from Duncan Oldham after his earlier oddity over having representatives at every Liverpool game from now on.

He starts off with this – (he’s got his “wallet” outfit on here)

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Re: The Mirror is reporting what I told you yesterday… [Re: paulcooper4]
#1552793 – Mon Jul 17 2006 11:51 AM

Guys, apologies, I didn’t mean to sound arrogant in my post. I just get a bit of a kick when I pass something on here and then it is reported in the press days later. Posting information here generally means sticking your neck on the line and recognition of the mirror article was more of a case of evidence that I’m not feeding you cr*p. There are always doubters. I pass on exactly what I’m fed. In any case I’m just a messenger.

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Re: The Mirror is reporting what I told you yesterday… [Re: carras_boot]
#1553440 – Mon Jul 17 2006 04:46 PM
Hey guys

In answer to your question mate, I really don’t want to divulge any information re my contact for obvious reasons other than to say that I have no knowledge of Dave Maddock or any other English journalist for that matter. The whole intention of the post re the Mirror was to “back-up” what I had posted several days ago. The article gave more or less the exact same information re Alves, Trez and Dirk and I don’t think for one minute that Mr Maddock copied from me, on the contrary, I was trying to say that if I was told it and Maddock separately reported it then I’m pretty sure it’s happening. Maybe you missunderstood the intention of my original post, in which case that’s fair enough. Either way I’m just trying to pass on accurate information…
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Re: The Mirror is reporting what I told you yesterday… [Re: wallet]
#1553496 – Mon Jul 17 2006 05:23 PM

Wallet, i misunderstood your post mate. I got the impression that you were saying Maddock copied you and I appologise kidda.
I honestly dont expect you or want you to divulge ANY info as regards to your contact. Im not naive enough nor childish, to think for one second you would give up your source. Why would you, i certainly wouldn’t, and i really appreciate the work you do for others on this site – like myself who do not have these sources – in regards to inside info.
So again Wallet, i appologise and thank you for your info mate.
Take it easy and keep up the good work kidda.
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Re: The Mirror is reporting what I told you yesterday… [Re: carras_boot]
#1553551 – Mon Jul 17 2006 06:00 PM

Wallet’s one of the good ones, Mr Boot

The other posters on here whose info I look out for include Johnny H, Lecter, private_eye_2 & The Informer

We’ve lost some good insiders in the past due to some people having a pop at them when they post info which might explain things if you feel any of us are over sensitive about questioning insiders
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Again it’s a shame to see people who are probably quite sane in real life looking like awestruck schoolkids at the site of their pop idol appearing on stage. I actually wouldn’t say I was 100% convinced, not even 99.9% convinced, that “carras_boot” isn’t another alias used by Dunk or his step-brother. The word “kidda” just doesn’t fit somehow. GW sounds like someone who should know better – has nobody been in touch with him yet? We’ll have to sort that out somehow.

Another odd post from Mr Oldham of Scarborough. He’s so knowledgeable. This one’s about finance and the stadium – the things he claims he has no interest in recently, because the subjects bore him…

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Re: Rick Parry on New Stadium – “weeks rather than months” [Re: ElRobbie]
#1553445 – Mon Jul 17 2006 04:50 PM

It was reported on KopTalk last week I think that a decision has to be made regarding the stadium. It has to come whether there’s finance or not.

The next thing Dunk does is to put this really, really strange post as an announcement on his Insider site. Duncan Oldham has either lost it, or thinks he knows who we are, or is about to become the proud owner of some new gardening shears. I’m totally at a loss to what he means – if you know please don’t hang around, let us know too.

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#1553600 – Mon Jul 17 2006 06:31 PM
Reply to this post Reply

C R O P P E R . . . . . SEE YOU SOON . . . .

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What’s he on? We could give him a call to find out – we’ve had an old article of his pointed out to us by a reader, we found another old article too. He’s giving out this phone number for you to send him photos and videos.

Send us any of your LFC match related photos taken on your mobile and we’ll publish them on the site!

Photos can be of you and your mates home or away, in the boozer or just at home watching the big match on the telly with your mates or family.

Send photos to 07779 793570 (use +44 7779 793570 if outside the UK) and include a brief description of who is on the photo and we’ll publish them in a special section on the site for the whole world to see.

There is NO charge for this, you only pay your normal rate for sending a photo message!
Send us your LFC related photos or video clips relating to today’s game (or anything else to do with the club) from your mobile phone and we’ll add them to the site.

Our number for MMS is +44 7779 793570 – you do NOT pay extra to send us your photos and/or clips. You only pay your normal operator’s charge.

Please let us know who you are, where the captured image/clip was taken and who’s featured.


I suppose those photos and videos would be a rarity for him – he’d actually have permission to put them on his site.

Update: We posted the “Cropper” bit of the email so fast we didn’t spot this bit – he’s changed his signature:

Matthew 5:38

Which it seems refers to this – “Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:”


13 Responses to “Crop-talk.”

  1. Insider Insider Says:

    In case you missed the updated bit, we’d missed fatty’s signature change on the Insider site –

    Matthew 5:38

    Which it seems refers to this – “Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:”

    And a quick look at the shoutbox made me laugh –

    <Xability> what is all that ‘Cropper’ thread about?
    <CheshireDave> fcuk knows lad
    <ElSombreroMan> Maybe we are sigining Roy Croppers young lad

  2. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Its probably a couple of possibiltes
    1) To try and scare this site off
    2) To generate a big discussion on his site, i.e generate more hits etc.

    By the way insider insider do you have the email addys of people who visit this site stored? just incase he trys to get this blog pulled. Only so you can email us all the new site address etc (BTW dont answer this, Mr Vannessa will be watching, just a thought incase you dont have them stored sperately)

  3. rupert Says:

    Well, now that we’ve successfuly seen of his Bishop Fulton Sheen quote about jealousy being a tribute to genius he’s going to another one of Jesus’ pals for a quote.

    I hope Fatty realises that the apostle Matthew was a tax collector. Maybe the “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” refers to what Internal Revenue will be taking from Oldham soon.

    Since he admitted on KT radio that he’s not religious (desite his advertising for a book on Islam and prayer beads) how can he find his way around the Bible?

    Maybe he has a resident chaplin, too, as well as a resident translator and a resident informer.

  4. rupert Says:

    “It was reported on KopTalk last week I think that a decision has to be made regarding the stadium. It has to come whether there’s finance or not.”

    “I think” Doesn’t he know a couple of days ago he said there would be no financing – the whole thing was off?

    He continues to insult the intelligencee of his members – or maybe not – some of them seem culpably gullible. He doesn’t even try very hard to wriggle out by saying ” It has to come whether there’s finance or not.”

    People pay for this – that LFC have to make a decision about a stadium whether there is finance or not!!!!!

    In the old days – he would have said – “I’ve just got off the blower from Anfield – Ive got to protect my source – apparently our exclusive story the other day about calling the whole thing off sparked a flurry of activity involving some trans-Atlantic , UK , Asian and European based interests. Now its up in the air again. I can’t say more now for fear of killing the deal”.

    But he’s scared to write stuff like that now because he’s know we’re watching.

  5. rupert Says:

    Maybe C R O P P E R is one of his underworld friends, nicknamed Cropper for his specialisation in cutting the tongue, ears, nose and limbs of Fatty’s critics?

    Or maybe its a signal to his MySpace alien invaders to meet up tonight to spell out
    F A T T Y R U L E S OK in a Yorkshire wheatfield.

  6. rupert Says:

    A couple of posters started a thread about cropper – Dunk was unto it in a flash.
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    Offline 17-07-06 01:44 PM – Post#270355 New Reply
    In response to Sidd

    nothing to do with football… sorry… private message


    He has all these phones, and chat services and he has to use a footy board to send a private message in code. Maybe he thinks Scotland Yard or MI5 are tapping his phones.

    You know what it reminds me of? Batman. The way you have to beam a searchlight into the sky to get him to show up or answer the phone.

  7. rupert Says:

    Do you think all the backtracking and apologies about what he/they said about Maddox of the Mirror being a Gld Club member and stealing their stories has got anything to do with my informing David Maddox what they said?

  8. scotty Says:

    perhaps he was reffering to roy cropper from corrie? afterall him and dunk share the same sort of compulsive and reclusive mentallity.

  9. rupert Says:

    Coorection: its Maddock not Maddox

  10. Devils Advocate Says:

    been reading the site last few days…. good stuff… I got locked out and can’t be arsed trying to get back in… but as the dude is getting all sanctimnious on yer arse – can I suggest a new tag line:

    “The only thing necessary for evil to proesper is that good men do nothing!”

    keep up the good work

  11. univofchicago Says:

    this blog must be driving him nuts…

    what a lame attempt at imitating the riddler (without instilling much fear, just more ridicule).

    keep it up fatty! we are enjoying every minute of it!

  12. univofchicago Says:

    that was what i suspected at first…maybe the real david maddox took notice of your email…

    but i think its more a case of fatty becoming increasingly paranoid and desperate…im surprised the wallet (aka duncan oldham) has come out to apologize and clear things up. a lot of weird (and funny) things has been going on at koptalk since this blog hit the big times and this abnormality is one of them.

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