Koptalk behind with the news – again and as always.

Here’s a story from Koptalk owner Duncan Oldham. He was extremely slow with this one. Readers of another forum knew on Saturday that Rafael Benitez had flown out of the country to deal with a transfer, and that he was wearing casual gear and went pretty much straight away after the friendly against Wrexham.

Monday morning, the news by now also reported in the Times, and Dunk finally catches up. What’s happened to his network of contacts, keeping him informed on travel arrangements by the club? What? They don’t exist? He has no contacts? Surely not…

Rafa arrives in Spain

Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez has arrived in Spain in the hope of finally securing a deal for Daniel Alves.

Rafa is tired of the ongoing transfer saga and has opted to head out to Sevilla to personally take control of matters.

If you believe the speculation, Liverpool and Sevilla agreed a transfer fee for the player some time ago.

However, it is suggested that there are problems with regards how that fee would be paid with the Spanish outfit demanding a pretty decent advance payment.

As you can see, the only bit he knows is that Rafa’s in Spain, he read that in the paper. Well, he read it on the ‘net. The rest is guesswork from him, dressed up as knowledge.

Funnily enough, the headline for that article on his “.com” site, the one which is picked up by NewNow, differed slightly from the one on his “Insider” site. The only reason for this is that he writes his headlines for the “.com” site so that people will be more inclined to click through from News Now. It ups his hit rates, and is misleading – like many of his ways of doing things. News Now have been contacted on numerous occasions about this but as far as we know have yet to respond. If anyone has an address for their senior management let me know and we’ll send an email to them to allow them to explain why they allow this to go on. Look at these examples for today –

For NewsNow – Fowler praise for Bellamy 17-Jul-06
Not for NewsNow – Fowler praise for Bellamy Mon Jul 17 2006 07:00 AM

For NewsNow – Gerrard secrecy rumbles on 17-Jul-06
Not for NewsNow – Gerrard honours list secrecy rumbles on Mon Jul 17 2006 08:33 AM

For NewsNow – I know it won’t be easy at Anfield admits midfielder 17-Jul-06
Not for NewsNow – I know it won’t be easy at Anfield admits Gonzalez Mon Jul 17 2006 09:19 AM

For NewsNow – I’m ready for new Anfield challenge says defender 17-Jul-06
Not for NewsNow – I’m ready for new Anfield challenge says Hyypia Mon Jul 17 2006 09:46 AM

For NewsNow – Lendoiro: Liverpool deal ready to go through 17-Jul-06
Not for NewsNow – Lendoiro: Barrigan deal ready to go through Mon Jul 17 2006 11:05 AM

For NewsNow – Liverpool launch Juventus bid 17-Jul-06
Not for NewsNow – Liverpool launch Trezeguet bid Mon Jul 17 2006 09:39 AM

For NewsNow – Parry: More transfers to come 17-Jul-06
Not for NewsNow – Parry: More transfers to come Mon Jul 17 2006 09:18 AM

For NewsNow – Rafa arrives in Spain 17-Jul-06
Not for NewsNow – Rafa arrives in Spain to work on Alves deal Mon Jul 17 2006 06:52 AM

For NewsNow – RED WATCH: Thommo wanted 17-Jul-06
Not for NewsNow – RED WATCH: Thommo wanted by West Brom Mon Jul 17 2006 08:35 AM

For NewsNow – RIVALS: Duff transfer imminent 17-Jul-06
Not for NewsNow – RIVALS: Duff transfer imminent Mon Jul 17 2006 08:25 AM

There’s no reason for the differences other than to artificially increase the number of hits for an article.

Meanwhile, with Dunk’s threats to Rick Parry (“I’ve got something he wants”) now seemingly forgotten, the owner of Koptalk seems to have decided he feels sorry for the chief executive of Liverpool FC.

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Re: what is going on Parry? [Re: samhare]
#1552039 – Sun Jul 16 2006 09:46 PM
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I don’t think the club should let us know anything. I know where you’re coming from mate but it’s not just his fault. Technically speaking he’s acting on behalf of the board and his chairman.

I’d prefer to see him in another role myself but that’s another topic

Unfortunately for you Dunk, Rick Parry is totally uninterested in what you think about his role at the club. He’s never met you, and he never will. Certainly not in a way you’d like him to. Even when you buy Chris Waddle’s house at Melwood at the discount you claim you’ll get, he’ll still not meet you.


2 Responses to “Koptalk behind with the news – again and as always.”

  1. univofchicago Says:

    30th June 2006 Koptalk Exclusive:

    “We understand that Liverpool have agreed to fork out approximately £10.5million for the player.

    Although a fee has been agreed, further negotiations are ongoing as regards how that money will be paid with Sevilla wanting a decent advance payment. The rest would be paid in instalments.”

    This is what DUNCAN OLDHAM told us a couple of weeks ago. It’s clear now that the transfer fee had NOT been agreed and fatty’s exclusive was a load of bullshit (as usual).

    Or was it an exclusive after all? Did he just take out a story from AS and re-phrase to make it look like an exclusive?

    So what has fatty done? Will he admit that he lied? Apologize? Of course not. He claims that the story was only a “speculation” with absolutely no mention of his “KOPTALK SOURCES” fucking up again…

    What a dick…

  2. Ringpiece Says:

    He originaly broke the “exclusive” for the Alves deal on the 22nd June!
    Via his Insider or Informer (they’re all the same to me) alias.

    What’s the fat cunt got to say about that then……hmmmm.

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