Koptalk on the 'net…

We decided we’d have a quick look to see what comes up if you type “Koptalk Lies” (without the quotes) into Google.

Funnily enough (well it made us laugh) this blog comes out first. Try it – search Google for Koptalk Lies.

So apart from us, what else did we find?

Second in the list is a forum thread from The Liverpool Way – where a “Koptalk Defector” introduces himself. Quite an  interesting read that one, showing a past example of Duncan Oldham’s censorship methods (it takes you straight to the last page, try going to the first page and reading through).

Third in the list is Koptalk itself, a thread that’s long since gone about bombers from Leeds.

Fourth is another forum thread, this time from RAWK (Red and White Kop) titled – OFFICIAL – KopTalk doesn’t care about Hillsborough inaccuracies . What you find when reading this thread is an old example of Duncan Oldham trying to get rid of talk about Hillsborough, and also more of his methods of censorship.

The fifth result in the list takes you to Wikipedia, and to the talk pages for a user called “KeithD”. This includes some of Dunk’s complaints about the “Koptalk” wikipedia entry. The site’s entry was deleted in the end, with Koptalk deemed too insignificant a subject for the Encyclopedia. Duncan Oldham was also banned by the looks of it.

On KeithD’s page Oldham said the following two things –

Hi. Could you please advise how to stop people from posting lies, incorrect information and so on? These people are from rival websites and it’s simply spoiling Wikipedia. Thanks. www_koptalk_com 15:16, 9 July 2006 (UTC)

So you have to respond to what claims these muppets say? Everything they says is either spliced or tampered with and you expect us to respond to that? By all means they can leave criticism on articles but when it’s clear that an article has been used to publish nonsense it should be sorted out. Anyone with an inch of common sense should be able to identify troublemakers and people who are genuinely criticising. Thanks for your input. www_koptalk_com 15:38, 9 July 2006 (UTC)

Seems to me as though he was a little upset that day. And here’s some other links of interest from Wikipedia, including the details of how he was “banned”, or at least banned from using that username –


At the bottom of that first page of results is this link to the Kraptalk.com forum. In a thread called “Where is everyone?” are accusations from a user calling himself/herself “koptalkrules”. Read them on the forum yourself. Sounds like Dunk or one of his family were having a bit of an angry day that day too.


12 Responses to “Koptalk on the 'net…”

  1. duncanmitty Says:

    It’s interesting to see someone impartial like KeithD on wikipedia explain to Duncan Oldham that we gave citations/sources to our criticism and that him simply reverting the page and/or changing links/information on the page isn’t good enough. It wasn’t slanderous [sic], we gave evidence.

    Dunk doesn’t seem to realise that in the real world (outside of the koptalk site, basically) he can’t simply expect people to believe any old bullshit he dreams up.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when Dunk meets the Inland Revenue. A simple test like wikipedia meant he got banned and shown to be the fool he is. Imagine him up against some tax inspectors rooting through all his bank accounts, his family accounts, his paypal accounts, totting up his net worth (his cars, plasma tv’s, if you believe him on that). He was offering discounts for blank postal orders or cash on subscriptions, they wont like that one bit.

    I honestly believe he thinks he can trick them by routing cash through his mum and Steve. He’s registered a few sites to members of his family, footy4free is supposedly run by Steve. They just wont buy it. Those pesky tax inspectors aren’t that silly Dunk, the more you try to hide the more they search. It’s only a matter of time now.

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    If you type in “Duncan Oldham – Lie” this is what you get :


  3. Fiddy Says:

    Did anyone else read “conman” instead of “common”?

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    When the taxman calleth, Ollie Hardy will turn to Stan Laurel and say “look what a fine mess you got me into now” and slap him a few times with his bowler.

    Then he’ll jump on the plane to his “relative” in Malta or scoot off to New York to be with Smoovy. He’ll try to run it from there.

  5. univofchicago Says:

    this is quite random:

    im a really big fan of jon stewart’s daily show, just watched a clip of richard clarke’s interview with john stewart. and asked about the bush administration’s arrogance and propensity for unilateral decision-making, clarke answered: “when all you hear is ‘you’re right, you’re right, oh yes mr president, yes mr president’, you get this group thing that results in this kind of disastrous decisions”.

    can’t help but think of a chubby conman and a website called koptalk.

  6. univofchicago Says:

    um…having thought about it again…the whole daily show reminds me of this blog…

    the quick witted jon stewart being the insider-insider…and the often lampooned and maligned bush administration being the evil duncan oldham and his koptalk clowns…

    i know this is random…but every time i watch the daily show and jon stewart comes out with his bush references, i can’t help but think of this blog…

    its a great compliment to the insider-insider btw…

    jon stewart is my hero.

  7. hoff Says:

    If you type in “Duncan Oldham – Pie” this is what you get :


  8. Insider Insider Says:

    Funny you should mention “bush” univofchicago – we have someone stationed outside Dunk’s house (not the melwood one) disguised as a bush. Dunk’s still not worked out why it keeps moving.

  9. univofchicago Says:

    hahahahaha. LOL insider-insider.

    maybe you should start a daily show of your own. the daily show with the insider-insider. u could invite brendan, livvy or one of his clowns for the interview-grilling part. man, imagine that. you will OWN them big time.

  10. rupert Says:

    Brendan would never appear on TV – because then would see how podgy he is and how his hair is prematurely receding – and that he’s not even as good-looking as Ryan or “Lurch”.

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