Desperate times desperate measures for stressed-out Oldham.

The ten-bellied beast of Newcastle 28 has revealed the real reason why he shelled out on his SMS messages recently. He’s not going to use them to finally update his Gold Club members, he’s using them to try and make some money.

After losing out on loads of new members this summer due to his lies being exposed by this blog, the desperate Yorkshireman is scraping the bottoms of any barrels he can find in a bid to try and recover. I’ll give him his due, he’s certainly trying hard, but will he do it?

Liverpool FC have their own service similar to what Koptalk’s Duncan Oldham is offering, but he’s trying to make out theirs is inferior. If he starts paying for the content he sells on himself through his website, will he still be able to offer this service at this price? I very much doubt it.

Here’s what he claims to be offering. With a few exclamation marks thrown in as if to make it more exciting! Wow! What value for money it sounds!

But he won’t do it properly will he? He’ll do it for a month or so then he’ll run out of the 10000 credits he (claims he) bought. It might even go sooner than that. And the 24 hours a day service is wonderful isn’t it, you never know what news might crop up at 3.30am one Thursday in April. Still, if he says it’s 24 hours a day then he’ll obviously have somebody working at that time of the night. And we’ll probably check that up too. Unless you want to.

He also screws up on his promotional piece, by saying you can’t pay by paypal for a 12 month subscription. He says this just below the paypal button that you can use to pay for a 12-month subscription.




Receive 7 alerts per week from the official LFC SMS service and over the month a UK Red would pay £7.00 by reverse billing, with GEORDIETALK’s service a UK Red would never pay any more than £4.00 – in this example, that’s a saving of £3.00 per month or £36.00 per year!!!

Even if we sent twice as many texts i.e. 14 per week, you would still pay £4.00 where as with the official LFC SMS service you would pay £14.00!

Don’t forget, our service is available worldwide and we also report official news that has been confirmed by the club!

Pay £4.00-a-month or £40.00-a-year. By paying yearly you save £8.00!
You can pay online via PayPal or you can pay offline via cheque.

Your mobile phone number is NEVER provided or shared with anyone else. We will also not use it to contact you for any other matter. Your number is only used for this service.

Pay just £4-a-month for an unlimited, no restrictions service. Get all the major news from Anfield daily as it happens, sent direct from GEORDIETALK HQ. No reverse billing means no extra charges ever. Cancel any time. No part refunds.

Pay via PayPal

You save £8.00 when you pay yearly opposed to monthly. A year is 365 days and not just a football season! The yearly cost is £40.00 for an unlimited, no restrictions service. Get all the major news from Anfield daily as it happens, sent direct from GEORDIETALK HQ. No reverse billing means no extra charges ever. You can cancel during the year but we can not issue part refunds.

Pay via PayPal
Make payments with PayPal – it’s fast, free and secure!

Pay by cheque
We can only accept cheques for the yearly service. They should be made payable to KOPTALK.COM (40.00 UK Pounds) and forwarded with your full name, your email address, your mobile telephone number and details of your network provider e.g. O2, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, EasyMobile etc. Please send your details to: SMS
PO Box 556
NE28 7WZ

No wonder he’s made that mistake over the payments (notice how the cheque is to be made payable to Look at this. Headline says “Rafa confirms Italian interest” – not even close to what the article says. Even by his standards of misleading headlines this is quite a way off.

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Rafa confirms Italian interest
#1551504 – Sun Jul 16 2006 12:51 PM
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By Sky Sports (British broadcaster)

Craig Bellamy kicked off his Liverpool career in style with a goal on his debut against Wrexham.

The striker was set up by Robbie Fowler early in the second half as Liverpool recorded a 2-0 victory.

And Bellamy said he was delighted to have teamed up with his hero for the goal: “I’ve admired Robbie for years. It means a lot to be on the same side as him.

“It was pretty special to get that goal,” he added.

At least he quoted the source for once. And with all these mistakes don’t be surprised to get loads of Newcastle and Spurs news sent to you by SMS by the geriatric blob.

He’s been busy trying to hide evidence too by the looks of things. As well as finally conceding defeat in his attempts at a blog, and pointing his blog address at his insider forum, he’s also emptied out his three forums dedicated to himself. Yes, he does. He has THREE forums on his insider/gold site dedicated purely to what he thinks of things. They are now at their best since they were first opened, in that they are all empty. Possibly the first time they’ve been lie-free.

The Editor – Thought provoking editorials from The Daddy.
The Ed Files – Snips from the media and comment on specific reports
The Ed’s Diary – Find out what the miserable sod’s been up to recently.

I’d say the Ed Files will be his case notes from the mental home he’ll be sectioned into soon.


26 Responses to “Desperate times desperate measures for stressed-out Oldham.”

  1. Ron Nasty Says:


  2. The Oracle Says:

    Excellent entry.

    What a con!!

    £40 for info you could get from going on a LFC website that doesn’t charge you, or by going to the official LFC website, which is where Oldham will be getting his information from anyway?!?!?

    Rip off!!!!

  3. fat_boy_fat Says:

    I think we can expect even more stuff made up over the next few weeks, so he can send out some SMS’s and then the unfortuate fans on KT start shouting how they found out that Djimi Traroe is joining Man Utd ON THEIR MOBILE, while they were having a shit!

    Like all his great little plans, he will get bored with the routine and hassle of it or when he has milked as many £40’s as he can, then the SMS’s will get less and less until he finally tells people that its costing him and absolute fortune and that it will have to stop. Thus if you have paid 40 notes upfront then tough shit, and if your on the monthly, ooppss we forgot to stop the diect debit coming out each month.

    But he will turn it into poor fat Duncan, putting himself out each day, just so you tossers can have a SMS. HE is going without food or anything you know, just so he can get these SMS’s out to you, because he has spent the £40.


  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Does the 40 quid include VAT. Is he even registered for VAT. Does he give out a VAT number?

    If he charged VAT, paid corporate and income taxes and paid for original content, as the Official Site does, paid for reliable staff to deliver what he promises, then his service would have to charfeg more than the Offical Site’s service.

    Anybody who subscribes should check the small print to see if they get a refund if he fails to deliver, and if they are on the hook for a renewed subscription even if they don’t want it.

    What self-respecting LFC fan would get their information about the club from “GeordieTalk” At least we know why he has all his “ass-ets” in Newcastle now.

  5. punt Says:

    I really think Insider Insider should look into Duncan’s unauthorised usage of the fixture list for his own (ill gotten) gains.


    he is obviously not licensed to produce fixture information on his website yet does so in such a brazen manner on his main site. if he was fully licensed and allowed to display this information he would have a disclaimer at the bottom informing readers that he is licensed and warning that the information displayed is copyright and should not be reproduced by unlicensed parties.

    Football365 for example has the following message at the bottom of any page containing fixtures.

    Copyright © and Database Right The FA Premier League/The Scottish Premier League/The Football League/The Scottish Football League Limited 2005. All rights reserved. No part of the Fixtures Lists may be reproduced stored or transmitted in any form without the prior written permission of Football DataCo Limited.

    Duncan is not only ripping off Liverpool FC, although LFC’s share from fixture rights would probably be very small and insigicant to the club, to many small (lower league) clubs it is reported to be up to 40% of their revenue stream, therefore he is also depriving many smaller clubs of vital funds that would go some way to keeping them solvent. Duncan is ripping off lower league football clubs and all their fans.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    punt – An earlier comment on here said that following a recent court case it is now ok to list the fixtures. I’ve no idea if that’s true. Its probably best to write to the leagues who own the copyright. They’ve got lots of lawyers – let them sort it out. Anyone writing should point out that he re-sells the information.

    I think it’s a lot worse that he charges 30 quid for people to read all the copyrighted material produced by the official site for its paying readers. He just steals it and re-sells it. fat_boy has reported that to LFC last week and they are deaing with it, but we should keep an eye on it.

  7. punt Says:

    I dont know about the recent court case but I doubt very much producing such copyrighted material is now “allowed” without permission. if he wants to display the fixture lists and distribute them via SMS as he claims on his website then he has to PAY for it from the Football authorities (who outsource it to Football Dataco), plain and simple..

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    put – do you have an address where it can be reported?

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    Emptying out the forums dedicated to himself and getting rid of the blog! Do you think he may have taken note of our criticism that he is a wannabee cult leader, the only OWNER of a football site who puts himself front and centre?

    I suppose we can hope that this heralds his slow but sure disappearence from the site, and from any connection with LFC.

    But I wouldn’t wish him on the Geordies!

  10. univofchicago Says:

    hahahahahahaha. hilarious…

    desperate times indeed for the money-sucking predator…

  11. Ringpiece Says:

    That fat geordie is rippin the club and the fans off.

    Oldham….time to wrap it up lad.

  12. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Ive just sent a email to the premier league regarding his unlicenced fixture use, and football streaming.
    Found it quite difficult to find a email to contact the premier league.
    The only one i found was this
    used that and asked it be be re-directed to correct department if anyone else wants to let them know

  13. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Here is something that appears on most disclaimers reagrding the fixtures

    No part of the Fixtures Lists may be reproduced stored or transmitted in any form
    without prior written permission of Football DataCo Limited.

    So it looks like you do need a licence

    Think this is the Dataco website

  14. Ringpiece Says:

    Oh dear,
    Dunkin is walkin straight into a shitstorm!

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    I had to laugh at Oldham’s blurb for his “broadcast” from the Wrexham game. Much of it was aimed at us – maybe even at me. He said the language (i.e. “fuck” every second word) would be what you will hear in any football stadium. That if you are “politically correct” or a “bit posh” its not for you. I took his warning seriously and didn’t tune in!

    It prompted an image of Oldham on trial:

    PROSECUTION. So you appealed for charities and had the donations sent to your personal bank account and never issued receipts or published accounts, you lied every day about being in contact with LFC or having meeting with its directors and employees, you assumed false identities to fool your customers into thinking you were receiving reports from third parties, you slandered many players and their families, you stole copyrighted content from other football sites and re-sold it as though it were your property, you never registered for VAT, you never declared your full income and tried many other dodges to give you an unfair advantage …shall I go on Mr. Oldham? What have you to say?

    OLDHAM: You’re just being politically correct you posh twat, every fucking person knows that KT is just a fucking joke, just a fucking piece of fucking entertainment to pay for me pies and fucking peas.

    JUDGE: Mr. Oldham this is my last warning about your language.

    OLDHAM: What’s wrong with me fucking language – its what you hear in any football stadium. If its alreet for Prince Chalres – a member of me Gold Club – and Pope John Paul – it should be alreet for a fucking beak like you.

  16. Insider Insider Says:

    In case it wasn’t obvious it was me who changed “Koptalk” to “GeordieTalk” just to remind readers of who Koptalk really are.

    As for the fixtures, Toby of said the following on a comment to another post – If anyone wishes to contact the head of Football DataCo, who own the rights to Premiership fixtures here’s his details:

    David Folker:

    He is the top bloke and will come down like a ton of bricks if shown Koptalk’s fixtures page. I don’t think it needs to remain confidential and believe the more correspondence he gets the better.

    So let him know, and ask him the question. I’m happy to publish the responses if you forward them on to me.

  17. chapeau du soleil Says:

    A few years ago the fat fucker ran a subscription SMS service. Not sure how much it was but I remember it went tits up after a couple of months. He made some excuse that his provider stopped the service without warning…more like the providers warned him several times to pay his bills and he couldn’t be arsed. He came out with the old “dig out your email for a refund” onus-is-on-you-nonsense. A classic Del Johnson sting

  18. rupertinsider Says:

    Thanks fat_boy and insider. I’ve just sent an email to

  19. punt Says:

    this should set the cat among the pigeons rupert. I trust Insider Insider is also monitoring his illegal commercial usage of broadcast material

  20. punt Says:

    it could also be argued that his ‘radio station’ and commentary on games is also a breach of the premier league copyright.

    many radio stations pay hefty fee’s for those sought after rights to attract listeners, meanwhile, Duncan pays f**k all and steals it for his ‘members’ i.e commercial usage

    the premier league do not allow this. for example, local liverpool station city fm go dark on the internet when they cover games because their license does not include internet, it only allows FM transmission. Duncan thinks his radio station is immune from copyright law and has the rights to cover all manner of events that law abiding commercial organisations pay large fee’s for

  21. rupertinsider Says:

    punt – we don’t have a staff at Insider and, unlike Oldham, we have other work to do – so its really good if everybody – commentators or lurkers – do their bit.

    fat_boy pointed out the other day how Oldham is stealing directly from the the offical site fanzine and selling the contest as his own – and fat_boy then wrote to LFC and got a response about it: everyobdoy could do that – if they see him stealing feeds, interviews or anything from LFC you can send in an email via the official site:

    I’ve written to LFC, too, about many of his statements and practices: they are active on his case:

    if you see him steal printed stuff and maybe twist it you can write to the original reporter or publication, you can also inform News Now because they link to these stolen stories – they have a form on which you can complain:

    as for Sky, BBC or other stuff he steals – its worth writing into them, too:

    the idea that he is doing all this for us is his con: we can get this stuff from the original source or from other LFC sites which don’t charge for the links: giving him money gives him the power and ability to carry out his slander and muck-raking of LFC and its players and con kids and overseas supporters to giving him money: it also helps him to gain an unfair advantage over other fan sites that are playing the game honestly:

  22. rupertinsider Says:

    if you see him claim that this or that player is a member or user of KT you can write to them and cut and paste his claim: also cut and paste any comments he makes about players especially when he claims it is from his personal knowledge of them – or that he drank with them etc: many of his comments are slanderous: it will only take one big law suit against him to knock him out: I know some players have not sued him because they think he not worth it, or that he is bankrupt, or because they think that he and KT represents the views of genuine fans – they don’t know about his history olies, using false identities and so on.

  23. Unnamed Says:


  24. Insider Insider Says:

    Again, as I mentioned on another post, in case you didn’t guess, the poster naming himself above as “Unnamed” is in fact the same person we emailed earlier. bensuruncle or whatever it was. Hi Ben.

    Nice to see you are still sticking around the blog. Keep reading and you’ll see we aren’t jealous – what would we be jealous of? It’s not your fault you’ve been conned, you can still escape from his clutches. Don’t just take my word for it – see as well.

  25. Ringpiece Says:

    Hi unnamed.
    Enjoy the site.

  26. Ringpiece MK2 Says:

    Hi unnamed , why not become Ringpiece MK3. We need to rid this parasite of LFC and its fans , the Ringpiece clan is the remedy.Just type the name in the box,and increase the pressure on Oldham.WELCOME.

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