Beyond saving.

Some people are beyond saving. Some people think they’ve already got all the answers.

After hearing all of those false accusations from Mr Oldham about us “spamming” his members we decided that we may as well give him a chance to be partially right once and for all.

After being passed the email address of one Koptalk member, someone who’s clearly thinking Duncan Oldham tells the truth, we decided to email him. Just him, no other members of Koptalk. It was a personal email, asking him to think with an open mind before spending any money on Mr Oldham’s many services. To look at our blog before writing off any of his money. We didn’t say, “Don’t spend your money”, just “Read the blog and think before spending your money”.

As long as there are people unable to read something and make up their own minds there’ll be income for Duncan Oldham. People who can be convinced that this pyramid scheme isn’t like all the others. People who can be convinced that jealousy would be the only motivation for this blog.

For reasons of confidentiality I won’t reveal the email address, Koptalk username or real name of this person. I don’t really need to, there are sadly still a lot of these about. Is he beyond saving? Has he got the ability to sit back and reflect and maybe question what Dunk tells him? I hope so, but you can never be sure.

Here is his reply.

You Pathetic sad people, have you got nothing better to do with your time part from make some sad pathetic story because you are jeolous of someone? You are so sad, I wonder how many time you have already been called that, you are a complete disgrace, so go back to your sad little lives, and stop pestering me and all the oter people you email about this. Get on Ebay and BUY A LIFE!

He says, he wonders how many times we’ve been called “sad”, and I have to say that in relation to this blog surprisingly few times. A lot less than we thought we would be.

We’ll continue to email people though now, as I’m sure our readers will. And maybe the percentage of people who call us “sad” will increase, but so will the percentage of people, seemingly beyond saving, who start to have those seeds of doubt sewn into their minds.
And as I know the person who sent the above message is reading this, why not see if you’ve got the balls to read this blog before deciding whether we are “jeolous” of someone? We’ve covered that one before…

Update: Seems he’s also been complaining in the remnants of the shoitbox:

 <bensuruncle> Just received a pathetic email from that “Insider hater” site, it’s just pathetic, they are trying to pass out a bad name for the new SMS Service!
<livvy145> Where did they get your email address from?
<bensuruncle> I don’t know!?
<bensuruncle> It says: This isn’t a mass mail, I had a look around for this email address and wrote to you personally, any replies you send me will be in complete confidence.
<livvy145> Just igmore them mate.
<livvy145> ignore*
<bensuruncle> Yeah I will, pathetic, sad people, have they got nothing better to do!

How did we get his email address? We won’t reveal that, but it was unbelievably easy. And it wasn’t from that list of email addresses we already had.


14 Responses to “Beyond saving.”

  1. Vicky Pollard Says:

    yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah, paffeick wot eppened was, shaddup! Jeolous! Kimberley and Kylie and and and and Jackie and me are gunna be sining for txt servises and we got all the gold club , yeah, they’re rubbish, so stop pestering me wiv mails and things OH MY GOD I can’t believe you just said that yeah but no but yeah stop giving me evos yeah no

    Vicky aged 13 dunk’s biggestfan and kt mod i haet you you you complete disgrace

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    The world is full of mini-cults. The leaders can tell their followers that pigs fly and the moon is cheese and they will believe it. Some people have a psychological need to be led and dominated and surprisingly often the object of their veneration, the cult Daddy, is particularly gross. But they have a need to belong to a fake “family”.

    When confronted with objective questions or data they panic. They sense the danger. If they concede the obvious truth or even examine the evidence they may lose their faith and in so doing their “family” and their leader. Some peeple don’t like to admit they have been duped.

    So they run to their leader for his programmed response to the critcism and then, to reassure him (and themselves) of their total belief and loyalty, they offer their leader even more money.

    Its not our job to de-programme the zombies – there will always be some. But the great majority of those at KT are decent, rational people who have been lied to and don’t yet know it. They did not expect that a “LFC” site would lie to them or that the genuine LFC supporters on the site, would have allowed it to happen.

    By putting out a reasoned criticism of his lies and scams we will continue to raise questions in their minds. Then they will do what is rational and right.

  3. Ringpiece Says:

    These “zombies” can still gain access to the Ringpiece regiment.

    The door is always open.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Well I hope that guy/girl who wrote in buys half a dozen subscriptions to the SMS service. Give it a few months and maybe he will be de-zombified and ready for the ringpiece regiment.

    Hi Vicky! Thanks for the laugh ha ha ha

  5. insider's outsider Says:

    Dunk is Dubya to these Christian fundamentalists – the road to re-education is a long one.

  6. Redz Says:

    TBH I’m getting sick of those idiots who can’t see what a money grabbing fat f**k oldham is,he repulses me beyond believe if i was one of those hackin type bods he would not have a single site on the web fullstop.
    Why should a single LFC fan pay for info about our great club it goes against the very fundamental on which it was founded on IE all workin class people who haven’t a pot to piss in so why should any one line that fat f**ks pockets.

  7. scotty Says:

    if bensuruncle doesn’t believe what is posted on this blog he shpuld ask oldham for answers.

    here’s a list of question to ask.

    what happened to the xbox360’s?who won them? because i know for a fact at least half of his members entered the competition by calling a premium rate £1.00 per minute phone number. i’m pretty sure he could be done under some sort of trade descriptions act for this.

    ask him for a registered charity number for one of his many charities.

    ask him why he operates a gold club system where people should get free unlimited SMS text services yet now he is offering the same service for £40 a year. in effect he has literally jsut doubled the price of his gold club.

    ask him about hs othe many alais’ e.g. barry from upthetoon.

    ask him about his video tape that could end peter crouch’s career. why would any self respecting LFC fan want to do such a thing?

    ask LFC about their connections with the site. i have and the response was not to kind on mr. oldham.

    in the face of all the evidence and lack of answers from oldham surely no fans like ben cold be that naive?

    i’m a member of koptalk but have to tell you that i was becoming suspicious about dunk. needess to say i won’t be renewing my subscription!

  8. kermy38 Says:

    Firstly I will admit I am a member of Koptalk (ducks for cover), mainly as my subscription is still running.

    Reading these blogs on here have certainly raised a few questions about the way the site is run & some of the people that use it.

    I came onto this site with an open mind about everything and I have got to say that I am regretting ever giving him any of my cash, as the old saying goes no smoke without fire.

    Quite sad and a touch worrying that some people can’t just read what is said make their own minds up rather than following people blindly.

  9. Ringpiece Says:

    Well said Redz.

  10. Fiddy Says:

    Scott take a look at this. I posted it a while back on Kraptalk.

    The truth behind the Xbox competition:

    And here is another although not posted by me:

  11. Al Says:

    A few meanings of the term ‘jealous’ for you, a word which Dunc seems happy to label people with yet appears a bit closer to home…

    Inclined to suspect rivalry
    Intolerant of disloyalty or infidelity; autocratic

  12. univofchicago Says:

    oh dear, livvy wants to know where that email came from so that he can tell his fat boss and get a promotion. hahahahaha.

  13. univofchicago Says:

    insider-insider’s email address is shown on ur right.

    its btw…

  14. rupert Says:

    I’m suspicious of “livvy”. I guess that name is supposed to be a play on “Liverpool”. I’ve never hard anyone from Liverpool or associated with Liverpool use “livvy”. And why is he Oldham’s pet? He was new and relatively unknown to other posters and yet Oldham made him a mod……? The laid back easy-going persona he adopts doesn’t jive with that comment in the shoutbox, does it?

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