KT Video – Wrexham 0 Liverpool 2

Well done to Craig and Paul on getting the goals for the Reds today. A 2-0 win is a great way to get things going again ready for the new season.

Duncan Oldham of Koptalk has kindly put them onto YouTube for us all to view. Don’t pay 30 quid to get the link to where he hides them on YouTube, we’ll get you the link for free. He’s used another alias – redpaul12 from “MT” – to post on YouTube…


The YouTube version of the video’s embedded below.  He’s also added it onto his servers, see this post:

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#1550692 – Sat Jul 15 2006 07:03 PM
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Windows Media Player or similar required to view.

Please allow time to download. File size approximately 2.2MB.

Link will self destruct within 48 hours as we do not retain an archive of video clips.


He didn’t pay for this, why should you? (The link above is the higher quality version of what he’s added to YouTube.)


8 Responses to “KT Video – Wrexham 0 Liverpool 2”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    Thanks for that Insieer. A really good service you offer here!

    I loved the Anderson volley, and that pass from Fowler was superb. He made it look easy.

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    Why was Robbie wearing 20 and Bellamy 9?

  3. lobster Says:

    i think it was just pre-season, numbers not finalised yet.
    on the other hand…funny to see him putting the name of his site at the beginning of the clip and then claim it doesnt belong to him.

  4. univofchicago Says:

    “putting the name of his site at the beginning of the clip and then claim it doesnt belong to him.”

    i noticed that too. LOL.

  5. Insider Insider Says:

    The first 11 players on the pitch had numbers 1 to 11. The subs had 12 onwards. Risse wore 5 if I remember correctly, not his own number 6 for example.

    There’s probably already an exclusive on Koptalk about Fowler being “snubbed” for the number 9 shirt though.

  6. Fools gold memeber Says:

    I don’t know enough about broadcasting rights but…

    How can you take footage from Sky and then use it on the net. Surely you would need permisson from Sky to do so?

  7. Chunka Says:

    He’s removed it now

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