Koptalk lie about their video clips.

Why would Duncan Oldham produce this statement?

He puts his own clips of copyright TV coverage online. He uses a mixture of YouTube and his own servers to do so.

So why has he decided he’ll start removing stuff after 48 hours? To avoid getting caught? He knows, quite clearly, that he ought to ask for permission before distributing a clip from the TV. For most people I’m sure the copyright owners would turn a blind eye – in some cases they even use the computer video format as a way of spreading the word about their products. I don’t think the Premier League are so keen on someone using his satellite system to record goals and then put them onto his servers, and to then only allow people who pay him to see them.

If the Premier League were happy for this to happen they’d have offered it as one of the packages available to bid for in the recent round of rights-sales. And I doubt an overweight Newcastle season-ticket holder could afford to put a winning bid in anyway.

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Clips we add may be removed within 48 hours
#1544153 – 12/07/06 08:06 PM
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Any clips that we add are likely to be removed within 48 hours of publication. It is not our intention to retain an archive of user submitted video files.

All files added by ourselves are files that have been forwarded to us by members. If you submit any files to us you are authorising us to include it for news purposes.

If you believe a file we have included or a member may have included breaches any copyright, please contact us immediately and we will remove such content.

So Oldham’s clearly got worried about having those videos on his site. He won’t take the blame himself though – it’s easier for him to pretend he only puts videos on his readers send in. Liar, Mr Oldham. This is untrue.

join_kt_gold.gifOn the webpage http://www.koptalk. info/memberoptions.shtml Mr Oldham offers…

** Links to downloadable LFC games (full 90 mins)
** Links to free online LIVE video coverage
** Links to video clips of every LFC goal

…as part of a comparison of why you should choose to join his Gold Club. I’d say that pretty much contradicts what he’s been saying. And as I say, many of those video clips are hosted by him.

*UPDATE July 15th 13.35: It’s been suggested to me that there is some form of legal ruling in place which says that a site owner is permitted to host small clips (which goal clips would be) on their site for a short period of time. They must then be removed. This may be why Dunk is saying what he says above. He may also have been made aware that this is something he’s allowed to do. I doubt he knew this until recently, otherwise he’d not be making this announcement. If someone has time perhaps they’ll be able to find out about this. I’ve also been informed that the length of time considered to be a “short” length of time isn’t defined anywhere yet, and hasn’t been tested in a court of law. Dunk’s site currently contains clips that are much older than 48 hours old. Liverpool haven’t played in the last 48 hours and he’s got clips stored on his servers.


6 Responses to “Koptalk lie about their video clips.”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    He’s not stupid. He’s rapidly trying to clean up his act on several fronts since you started this blog, Insider.

    But he’s between a rock and a hard place. If he does not turn honest he will be caught by the authorities. If he does clean up his act and competes on a level- playing field with other sites – he will lose his profits.

    Imagine KT Insider and Gold Club without stolen content. What is it? A place where suckers who paid $30 for nothing try to justify why they did.

    duncam-mitty made an excellent post evaluating KT – it might be worth making a stickie of something like that so that open-minded newbies can use it when making up their minds whether to become associated with Oldham’s shady anti-LFC empire – or whether it would not be better to join the official site – easily the most popualr of all LFC sites – or one of the other excellent free sites run by genuine LFC fans. We have a list of all of them on the right of this page.

    And those who say they are not involved in Oldham – they are just using his free forums for chat – ask yourself why he gives anything away for free- is it likely? He is using those free forums to make money from advertisements, or from selling things, to diss his competititon and to recruit suckers into his subscription forums. Why help him?

    In the last two weeks he is grumbling again about the lurkers who don’t make any money for him (except the hits they provide) and lookig for a way fo weeding them out. Why not go somewhere you are welcome? Why not enjoy a site where the OWNER is not looming over every post and forcing your attention on his sexual adventures or fantasies and the most intimate details of his family, and his ups and down of his wealth?

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    This is the comment from DuncanMitty I referred to above – its worth moving to the top again:
    1. duncanmitty Says:
    July 14th, 2006 at 10:10 pm

    For free Liverpool FC news:

    Ignore the bullshit on there from Duncan Oldham’s site, you can get the same story by looking about 30 minutes to an hour previously, after all, that’s where he rips 99.9% of his stories from.
    Or see:

    For ’secret’ satellite links to all the games:

    For football video and audio, register here:

    To get the streaming use:

    If you want to use these services you might as well get them for free.

    For “Insider” news I’d recommend:

    Well, there isn’t much insider news but you can’t blame the blog owner for that. Look at the shit he’s got to trudge through and he still hasn’t found a genuine story.

    For a “fun, friendly, addictive community packed with Liverpool fans” see:
    The LFC SITES box to the right, all are free.

    For “priority email support and a direct line to Koptalk”:
    Forget it, waste of time, give your mum a ring instead. She hasn’t heard from you in ages and it would make her day.

    For “Your own P.A. when you go on holiday – We’ll call you, SMS you, fax you, major LFC news as it happens!”

    What’s the point? Enjoy your time in Machu Pichu or Tibet and when you’ve got a spare moment pop into a cybercafe and use the news sites above or have a look on here to see all the “Insider” news Dunk has made up for your pleasure, direct from his mum’s shed, sorry Koptalk HQ.

    The rest of his site is worthless rubbish. You can read his minions droning on, trying to create ad hits to keep their free membership, if you so wish but don’t pay anything, use the links above. Send your £30 to the charity of your choice and everyone is better off. Apart from the Geordie conman that is.

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    Probably the most effective single thing people could do is not to click on his links in NEWS NOW or other news agences. If his headline is enticing and you want to see that story, just skim down the other links on NEWS NOW because that’s where he got his link from 30-60 minutes before. Let the earliest site have your business – not the leech site.

    If the headline seems too good to be true it is. He makes up headlines to fool you into clicking.

    If the story is very controversial – yet nobody else is featuring it – you know he is trying his S** tricks again, and distorting a story in order to get your clicks.

    If the link is to an editorial by him – what’s the point of that – its not news and its not true.

    If you have been tricked into clicking before by one of his made up or distorted or late links – then don’t click again.

    If you click on his links NEWS NOW and others will reward him by featuring his clicks ahead of the more honourable sites who are really busting their guts on low budgets to get you the news on LFC fast.

    Remember he has NOTHING that other sites don’t have first. So just a second or two of your time is needed to get your links from other sites.

  4. Hoff Says:


    Do you continually have to refer to those of us who, in the past, have paid money to Oldham’s site as ‘suckers’.

    Many of us have now seen the error of our ways and, despite paying monies, no longer frequent said website.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Hoff – No I don’t and I won’t if it offends. I thought I made it clear that for him they are “suckers”. But I can see it can be read the other way.

    Part of my effort here is to analyse why people bought into his false sales pitch and his promises and how they become entrapped by the “cultic” aspects of KT.

    Every day everywhere people buy shoddy goods and services. They are “suckers” or “marks” or “punters” to those doing the selling but victims to the rest of us.

    One of the difficult aspects of this situation are those who became members because of his false advertising but then became “addicted” or accustomed to the false news and rumours and more especially to the chat. They get to know other people there (or think they do) and find it hard to break away.

    We can show on here that some of those people are not who they say they are, some of them are Oldham in disguise.

    I had an email yesterday claiming to be one of the principal sources of inside news in the Gold Club and thought by most to be a player or ex-player. In the letter he admits who he is and who his accomplice was – and that it was a game for him. I’ve past it on to Insider.

    On here we are trying to analyse what causes people to join and what causes them to stay.

    At the end of the day there are those who do stay – even though they know the truth. They choose to beleive that the characters who have inside information are real, and that the information and services they are being provided are not false or stolen and is exclusive to members . At some point one has to question their responsibility for what is happening.

  6. punt Says:

    what about his use of the fixture list. is he licensed to publish them by Football Dataco Ltd who charge for doing this on behalf of all clubs, of which, many smaller clubs depend on this revenue stream. I doubt it very much

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