Alternative to Koptalk, by Duncan Mitty.

I thought this comment from “Duncan Mitty” was worth a post all of its own.

duncanmitty Says:
July 14th, 2006 at 10:10 pm

For free Liverpool FC news:

Ignore the bullshit on there from Duncan Oldham’s site, you can get the same story by looking about 30 minutes to an hour previously, after all, that’s where he rips 99.9% of his stories from.
Or see:

For ’secret’ satellite links to all the games:

For football video and audio, register here:

To get the streaming use:

If you want to use these services you might as well get them for free.

For “Insider” news I’d recommend:

Well, there isn’t much insider news but you can’t blame the blog owner for that. Look at the shit he’s got to trudge through and he still hasn’t found a genuine story.

For a “fun, friendly, addictive community packed with Liverpool fans” see:
The LFC SITES box to the right, all are free.

For “priority email support and a direct line to Koptalk”:
Forget it, waste of time, give your mum a ring instead. She hasn’t heard from you in ages and it would make her day.

For “Your own P.A. when you go on holiday – We’ll call you, SMS you, fax you, major LFC news as it happens!”

What’s the point? Enjoy your time in Machu Pichu or Tibet and when you’ve got a spare moment pop into a cybercafe and use the news sites above or have a look on here to see all the “Insider” news Dunk has made up for your pleasure, direct from his mum’s shed, sorry Koptalk HQ.

The rest of his site is worthless rubbish. You can read his minions droning on, trying to create ad hits to keep their free membership, if you so wish but don’t pay anything, use the links above. Send your £30 to the charity of your choice and everyone is better off. Apart from the Geordie conman that is.


4 Responses to “Alternative to Koptalk, by Duncan Mitty.”

  1. Hoff Says:

    Is that taken from KopTalk?

    Quality if it is.

    No doubt the user has been ‘locked out’ of his account by now.

  2. univofchicago Says:

    no hoffy.

    of course not.

    it was one of the comments posted here at insider-insider.

  3. Hoff Says:


  4. Jon Says:

    Why not add koptalk.insider to the newsnow feeds. As fatty uses newsnow as free publicity it is only your duty to provide a balanced viewpoint.

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