Some general observations from the Caboodle world…

Some bits and pieces I’ve been meaning to post. Nothing major here really. Just a hell of a lot of it. You’ll need a brew or a beer before you start on this.

I like this one because Oldham, owner of a domain name called “Transfer Whispers” tries to act as if he’s above making football stories up.

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Re: Found This?? [Re: Lpool_Andy]
#1548288 – Fri Jul 14 2006 02:42 PM Reply Quote


Found this whilst searching the net?? Can anyone confirm this is true or parts of it??

“I am new to this so don’t shoot the messenger. Me and my farther are huge fans of Liverpool FC up untill the last couple of years we never went many games because my dad worked abroard. But in 2001 my dad got a job with Lucozade as the head of design. Basically any graphics or adverts have to go though him before they appear on TV or on any Lucozade products. As you well know Lucozade are one of Liverpools major sponsors and since 2001 we are always getting free ticket and invites to LFC events. Im now 27 and my dad is well in his 50’s he’s been down at Anfield all this week with Bryce Morrison the club secretary, John Cresswell and Noel White whom my dad is all good friends with. He’s just been checking out the advertising space for next season. Well heres the news this is hot and i havn’t seen anything in the papers yet, i had to tell someone cause stuck down in london nobody is interested so here it is for you all to see. Dani Alves has already been to anfield the deal is done, the cash just needs to be exchanged. Friday i belive and my dad mentioned Alves will travel to wrexham. I’ll be there can’t wait. Also Klass Jan Huntelaar is a done deal to my dad seems to think a liverpool player is included in the deal to and this is why the deal has not been completed as the liverpool players contract had not been agreed with Ajax as yet. My dad also seems to think that our financial troubles are all a smoke screen and there were alot of money deals done down in warwickshire in some huge estate just before the end of the season. My dad attended one meeting but that was it but he said there was some very important people there. He asked about the new kit but was told the samples should be at anfield this week although Steven Gerrard has been winding the lads up about it though texts messages. He is the only one to have seen the kit, just before the world cup he had his own personal meeting with adidas in germany and well lead the new kits advertising campaign, he will also lead a huge advertising campaign later this year with Lucozade. Well thats about all i know. I’ve only just resently got into the web anyone know any good LFC website??”

[url removed. Against AUP)

Someone has posted this all over various forums in an attempt to create a rumour
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Re: Found This?? [Re: Dunk]
#1548540 – Fri Jul 14 2006 04:01 PM Reply Quote

It would be nice to know the guys name who posted that. I dealt with Lucozade last week over one of their sponsored races.

And if his dad is head of design, the logo they provided was [censored] [censored] and looks bloody awful on the page.
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Re: Found This?? [Re: Dunk]
#1548548 – Fri Jul 14 2006 04:03 PM Reply Quote

The only fact that has become apparent this summer is that… there are no insiders and no-one has anything more than an educated guess as to what we’ll be doing in the transfer market….
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That was the other reason we liked it – “there are no insiders and no-one has anything more than an educated guess as to what we’ll be doing in the transfer market” – one poster sums up the truth about insider information on Koptalk Insider in one sentence.

Next up, the only sort of feedback Duncan Oldham will allow on his site. Positive feedback. And note the use of Oldham’s words and phrases from his brainwashed cultees –

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FAO Dunk – RE MS & LF post
#1547282 – Fri Jul 14 2006 09:26 AM
Read your post in the news section, it makes me mad, i dont know what the rival website is and really don’t care ive been visiting koptalk for about 8 years was insider member for year now in the gold club i can say easily the best Liverpool website around. All adminstrators of the site have always been friendly, helpfull i.e yourself and steve, and have never had many problems from any other members obviously difference of opinions but you will always get that when people love Liverpool FC so much, any way back to point. Members that have been kicked off the site have obviously been dumped with good reason as,as i understand an apology would usually get your membership reinsated so why don’t they get over it and stop acting like idiots, i respect the good work you all do at koptalk Hq and one thing’s for sure

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Re: FAO Dunk [Re: keeganspoodleperm]
#1547299 – Fri Jul 14 2006 09:33 AM
Completely agree

I wouldnt know what to do without Koptalk – & I’m a lurker, I just like to read EVERYTHING!
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Re: FAO Dunk [Re: Greebo]
#1547822 – Fri Jul 14 2006 12:32 PM
I agree with you, my subscription ran out the other day and I didn’t realise that my credit card i’d setup had expired so my subscription got cancelled.

I made it my mission to get signed up again as quickly as possible!

I’ve been a long time lurker but I am determined to post more regularly now, although I still love to read..

Koptalk is the best Liverpool FC Site by far
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Re: FAO Dunk [Re: smudgens]
#1547875 – Fri Jul 14 2006 12:50 PM
I have never really visited other LFC forums. I stumbled across Koptalk, liked the info so signed up. I had no idea of the preposterous actions of other forums towards Dunc. I am discussed that fellow reds can act in such a manner. These really are just jealous individuals who have nothing constructive or intelligent to say. Keep up the good work Dunc.
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Re: FAO Dunk – RE MS & LF post [Re: hocko]
#1547899 – Fri Jul 14 2006 01:02 PM
And there was me thinking everyone loved Dunk
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Re: FAO Dunk – RE MS & LF post [Re: RichWilks]
#1547974 – Fri Jul 14 2006 01:21 PM
can i just say im a relative new member here but dunk this is a top site, and ignore the other jealous websites
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Re: FAO Dunk – RE MS & LF post [Re: Donkey]
#1548000 – Fri Jul 14 2006 01:27 PM

Totally agree mate!
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Re: FAO Dunk – RE MS & LF post [Re: hocko]
#1548022 – Fri Jul 14 2006 01:33 PM
Thanks very much for the feedback. We make mistakes but we go to great lengths to put things right. If people come to us and are friendly and genuine then we help them, if they are abusive or if they try it on, we bin them. It’s a rule which I adopt with the site and in my personal life. Treat people like they treat you.

We really do try our best to try and keep everyone entertained but sometimes people take things too seriously and too far.

Personally me and Steve laugh it off but I know Lauren’s family have been upset by these people. I also have received a lot of emails from people mainly in Liverpool who are tired of people using the Hillsborough/Sun thing to try and gain brownie points.

Thankfully we have on our side the only people that matter… you guys.
– – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – –

Is that right about “the Hillsborough/Sun thing” Oldham? If anyone who’s reading this blog has got half an hour to spare would you mind writing to Chris Bascombe at the Echo about Duncan Oldham and his support of the Sun?

One of our readers now calls Oldham “Vanessa”, but I think the TV celebrity has more balls than the embarrassment to Yorkshire who still hides behind his mum at the age of thirty-odd. Now he’s had a new member (670 posts in 3 weeks) suggest the idea of a party for the Gold Club members. Spot the Oldham u-turn all in one paragraph…

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Gold Club Xmas Party
#1545641 – Thu Jul 13 2006 03:28 PM Reply Quote

Me and someone (think it was Charlie_B or DeeGame?) was discussing this a couple of days back in another thread and I thought I’d post it as it’s own thread to see what people thought.

Just wondering how many GC members would fancy having an Xmas bash in Liverpool or somewhere??

Also depending on how many people wanted to do it we could invite Silver members too??

Any suggestions on where we could go or how we could organise it would be greatly appreciated.

I think it could be a good laugh.

FAO Dunk – What do you think boss? Could we make it official?
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Re: Gold Club Xmas Party [Re: pacman]
#1545679 – 13/07/06 02:39 PM

Reply to this post Reply Reply to this post Quote

We were talking about this a few days ago. It was decided we didn’t have the time to organise it. We would look at paying for a function room in Liverpool though if that helped. If people paid a few quid a ticket we could maybe also organise some grub

Again, someone else would need to organise though as it’s simply too busy here at the moment. There’s 9 people in here today which is a record… will have to hook that webcam up as Katie is attracting interest

Did you see the U-turn? He hasn’t got the time to organise it, bit then he has a rethink. If people are paying for it he’s happy to find the time. We’re still waiting for that function room to be booked at Anfield Mr Oldham, so that we can meet you as you offered. Scared? Chicken? We’re waiting.

Looks also like Dunk and his mum and step-brother are all playing three parts each in the Koptalk pantomime. Poor Steve’s now having to wear drag too so he can pretend he’s Katie. And this webcam – will it be switched off when Dunk’s kids are in the Koptalk Shed?
And finally (for now) some members wondering what happened to one of the members they liked on the Koptalk Insider site. He musn’t have agreed with fatty and now he’s gone…

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What ever happened to GerrardsSocks17?
#1547085 – Fri Jul 14 2006 03:28 AM
I think that was his name? He used to write what I thought were really entertaining match reports, but I didn’t see his towards the end of last season, or having posted anything recently.

Is he ok?
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Re: What ever happened to GerrardsSocks17? [Re: newclear]
#1547086 – Fri Jul 14 2006 03:43 AM
Banned IIRC
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Just found some more – so it wasn’t “finally” after all. Sorry about that. From the “main” site as he often calls it, praise for fatty from, well, mainly quite new members. Have some of his bigger posters cleared off? Seems like it…

Post: Dunk – You legend (Topic#17846)
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13-07-06 09:55 PM – Post#265855

Your a great bloke – yeah, its just the muppets who dislike Koptalk . Keep the great work up, buddy

Some may say this is a complete waste of a thread, but hey fudge it

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13-07-06 09:58 PM – Post#265856
In response to Hardcastle

second that – koptalk is easily the best lfc site on the interwebby
(dunk feel free to send us complimentary merchandise for our rampant enthusiasm haha). I want to see one last game at anfield before I go back to australia in october. Liverpool vs Westham

Edited by CrazyHorse on 13-07-06 09:59 PM. Reason for edit: No reason given.

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13-07-06 10:05 PM – Post#265862
In response to CrazyHorse

Ha ha… thanks Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius…

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13-07-06 11:19 PM – Post#265919
In response to Dunk

Yeah great job Dunk, av u got any mugs with your mug on them???

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13-07-06 11:22 PM – Post#265923
In response to bensuruncle

Sure Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius…

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13-07-06 11:27 PM – Post#265928
In response to bensuruncle
I did’nt realise what you were always going on about all these years with all the “anti koptalkers” stuff thats been said, but i went on the liverpool way the other day and there is more posts on their about Dunk than their is football. Very sad i think. Koptalk is the best.

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13-07-06 11:29 PM – Post#265932
In response to kajdean

Definatly the best LFC sit on the web! kkep up the good work Dunk!

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13-07-06 11:29 PM – Post#265933
In response to Dunk

JESUS imagine that greeting you in the morning whilst having a coffee!

Posts: 47

13-07-06 11:42 PM – Post#265950
In response to Rebel County Red

Took a gander at Liverpool Way not too far down, an this greets me. Someone starts a topic’Pirlo for Gerrard’ and someone says’ The poster is a WUM using a proxy address, they will be one Dunk’s minions. Ignore it.’

Dunk’s turned into the witch from Wizard of Oz!

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14-07-06 01:26 AM – Post#266056
In response to Hardcastle

I agree.
I dont post much but have been on Koptalk for years.
I left but now I’m back and we all appreciate the work you put in.

LeGeNdArY rEdS
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14-07-06 01:28 AM – Post#266058
In response to .

Whats up with the . display name man? (INSIDER: AH, HE DIDN’T ACTUALLY PRAISE FATBOY, he was just querying why user has a period for a display name. It’s not a fake user is it?)

Le chacal
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14-07-06 04:19 AM – Post#266132
In response to Hardcastle

Hardcastle Said:
Your a great bloke – yeah, its just the muppets who dislike Koptalk . Keep the great work up, buddy
Some may say this is a complete waste of a thread, but hey fudge it

Are you trying to get a free Gold Club membership?

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14-07-06 04:25 AM – Post#266133
In response to Hardcastle

I would like to abuse you for ass kissing… But I might get banned. (INSIDER: Not the lowest post count, but not really praise either)

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14-07-06 06:01 AM – Post#266160
In response to NotLikeYou

Your avatar!!!!

Greatest show ever. Can’t remeber the name now.

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14-07-06 06:48 AM – Post#266167
In response to SALK

instead of sleeping (which i realy should be doing) i’m here .. that says everything ..

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14-07-06 07:46 AM – Post#266194
In response to Hardcastle

U-19 Player

14-07-06 08:34 AM – Post#266213
In response to kajdean

kajdean Said:
I did’nt realise what you were always going on about all these years with all the “anti koptalkers” stuff thats been said, but i went on the liverpool way the other day and there is more posts on their about Dunk than their is football. Very sad i think. Koptalk is the best.

Actually that is a great website.

I stay out of the pro-dunkanti-dunk debate myself. Koptalk, The Liverpool Way, RAWK, RAOTL, ********, YNWA etc are all good websites but for different reasons. I probably use this the most but each site has its core users and each has its own flavour worthy of a read.

U-19 Player
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14-07-06 08:47 AM – Post#266220
In response to M_B

i have to add that koptalk is an outstanding website. I never read the opposing websites and rarely read the offical website unless i know there is a transfer imminent and i want to know if it is gone through. All the others seem to be lacking in content Cochyn Cymraeg

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14-07-06 08:50 AM – Post#266224
In response to Hardcastle

Although I don’t post that much, and even when I do, people tend to leave me alone (LoL), I do lurk a lot. I’ve frequented a lot of boards in my time and Koptalk has the lid on things pretty well.

Being in commercial IT myself, I know what a complete pain the a$$ e-commerce can be. Hat’s off Dunk & co., it’s all humming rather well.

KopTalk Legend
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Loc: Belfast
14-07-06 08:52 AM – Post#266225
In response to eisaac


If this thread had have read ‘Dunk – You Loser’ it would have lasted all of 0.4 seconds, as it is the big man’s getting ring-licked from all directions, so it stays.

Aint Koptalk swell?

Fair play to you Dunker, you take enough guff from certain quarters of the Interweb, enjoy the plaudits when they come.

I guess that thread’s been locked now because people had the gall to mention other websites. One of those websites, which remember can’t be a rival because Oldham maintains he has no rivals, has had its name blocked out by the software used on Dunk’s site. You can find out what it said prior to censorship though by pressing the “QUOTE” option on the post it came from. So….

Actually that is a great website.

I stay out of the pro-dunkanti-dunk debate myself. Koptalk, The Liverpool Way, RAWK, RAOTL, ********, YNWA etc are all good websites but for different reasons. I probably use this the most but each site has its core users and each has its own flavour worthy of a read.

Had originally said…

Actually that is a great website.

I stay out of the pro-dunkanti-dunk debate myself. Koptalk, The Liverpool Way, RAWK, RAOTL, TalkLFC, YNWA etc are all good websites but for different reasons. I probably use this the most but each site has its core users and each has its own flavour worthy of a read.

Just so you know.


12 Responses to “Some general observations from the Caboodle world…”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    We should try to get into the Guiness Book of Records as the answer to the question – “which website creates the most reaction from Duncan Oldham and his supporters without ever once being mentioned on his site?”

    If they were genuine posters wouldn’t you think they would ask him – “which website are your referring to Dunk?” We know he hasn’t got the guts to tell them, but still, don’t you think they would ask?

    One caveat in all of this…. we don’t know how many of them are under 16.

  2. A Koptalk Gold Club Member Says:

    Just noticed that the “Caboddle Network (or Dunk)” have removed links to Upthetoon and Spursarmy from the site:

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    He’s covered a lot of tracks since we exposed him. But I wonder if that particular action has anything to do with the fact that one of us went unto the Fusion BB support site to inform them that he had startedthe Newcastle and Spurs sites without paying a licence for the Fusion BB software? I wonder if he got a “pay-up or cease and desist” notice from Fusion BB?

  4. fat_boy_fat Says:


    Sent an email to Offical site regarding Oldhams posting of articles from the offical magazine and programme.

    Here is the sent email :-

    Hi, i was just enquiring as to whether you know your copyright on the articles Rick Parry and Alan Hansen do for your magazine are being breached. The site is pasting these articles onto their site, yet only in the Gold club section were supporters have to pay £30 a year to subscribe to.
    They also post the programme notes from Rafa and Steven Gerrard each time there is a home game.

    Another area that may or may not be of interest to you is a section in the gold club were they proved live illegal feeds of every liverpool premiership and european game.
    Again as this is a charged area of the site he is recieving money from services he himself has not provided

    And got a reply earlier :-

    Thank you for your email.

    We are aware of this and is currently being looked into.

    Kind regards

    Sonia Knight
    Customer Services

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Nice work agent fat_boy. You may be getting a call from the recruiting sergeant of the ringpiece regiment.

  6. bigf00t Says:

    its so obvious those “lurkers” and “new” members are dunk…

    notice how the lurkers (usernames he had already created earlier) post first and then the new members post?

  7. duncanmitty Says:

    FAO: fat_boy_fat

    That’s great work and a great result but can I make a suggestion? If you paste replies from anyone, can you delete their names (or any contact details). I may be speaking out of turn here but it’s only fair on them really, also, they may get contacted by the fat Geordie protesting his innocence which doesn’t make their job any easier.

    It might be worth passing the name/contact information on to Insider Insider so that if anyone needs the contact details he can pass them on?

    Apologies in advance if no-one agrees, just delete the post.

  8. rupertinsider Says:

    duncanmitty: I agree. I understand that in the world of lies created by Oldham, people feel they have to prove what they have done.

    In my case I sent copies of my correspondence to and from LFC to Insider so there is some back-up, but I do think its best not to mention names or even departments, addresses or phone numbers on the public board.

    As a general, guarded comment, people should know that LFC is aware of what he is saying and doing – but its good that specific, concrete examples are submitted to the club promptly, as fat_boy has done.

    The same is true regarding Internal Revenue relative to VAT, personal income tax and corporate tax – and to Deparment of Employment regarding benefits and the Charity Commisioner regarding charities and Dta Protection and so on. Also write to News Now, Google Ads and any other agency he is ripping off or any media outlet he is stealing from.

    The club will take care of him – and remember WE are part of the club – we supporters – some of us for most of our life. Oldham is not the club he is a small-time businessman from Yorkshire-Newcastle who is trying to exploit OUR club.

    Years of claiming he bribes employees of the club, or that employees risk their jobs to provide him with privileged information for no other reason than they want to support his obnoxious site is a slander on the club and the employees and also designed to create the feeling that players and other employees are not to be trusted.

    In my view the whole concept of KT as an alternate to the club – he talks about the club as being “on the other side” – has gone on too long. Those that participate in it are collaborators. They may have been fooled in the past becaue they didn’t know – but with this blog, ignorance is no longer an excuse.

  9. Ringpiece Says:

    Great work Fat_boy_fat.

    The Ringpiece movement are monitoring your actions with great interest.

    No surrender.

  10. fat_boy_fat Says:

    duncanmitty & Rupert. Your comments are noted for future complaints about Oldham.
    Dont wish to give him any kind of advantage.
    Sorry fella’s

  11. duncanmitty Says:

    fat_boy_fat, It wasn’t aimed at you personally, just a thought for the future really.

    Anyway, the main thing is you’ve got him worried as he’s been taking evasive action 🙂 Good result, hopefully the official site will get on his case more, keep it up!

  12. Toby Says:

    If anyone wishes to contact the head of Football DataCo, who own the rights to Premiership fixtures here’s his details:

    David Folker:

    He is the top bloke and will come down like a ton of bricks if shown Koptalk’s fixtures page. I don’t think it needs to remain confidential and believe the more correspondence he gets the better.

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