Putting the "broad" into broadcasting

Ok people, if you’ve got access to software that allows you to record off the net – like this example emailed in to us –  then you may like to help us get a podcast together of the return of Koptalk Radio. I only ever watched a short clip of Koptalk TV, something I don’t think I’ll ever recover from, but I’ve not had the “pleasure” at all of Koptalk Radio. If you aren’t at the match, and aren’t watching / listening through the official site, you can try and record bits of Koptalk Radio.

For some reason, after complaining that people were targetting his kids, this target for all North East social workers says he’ll have them in his studio to listen to his dodgy comments “on air”. He only sees them at weekends though of course, so I suppose he’s nobody to babysit for him.

Don’t send us the whole broadcast, send us anything you found funny. Then we’ll try and find a way to get the things hosted. And if you can’t record it, send us some quotes from it. There’ll be a lot of people listening in, not all the type of person he’d have liked though.

Dunk   KopTalk Editor
Reged: Aug 20 2004

Don’t forget!
#1546455 – Thu Jul 13 2006 09:53 PM
http://www.koptalk.coN/radio on Saturday afternoon!

We won’t have a satellite feed so it’ll be even worse than it usually is

Myself and Steve will be on air along with Katie, Charlotte and Robbie.

“Mr Potato Head I hate you” will return and I’m sure we can hook up a call to the ‘hood to have a word with Smoove… who believe it or not has had his internet and electricity cut off!

He has a cellphone though (incoming only!) so I’m sure we can poke a bit of fun at him during the match about his downfall….

Honest he’s sat in the dark lol… but he did say he should be put back on in a few days.

Revo… he asks after you

2.30pm Saturday!

We weren’t going to publicise this but I think we’ll all enjoy it more than he will, so let’s go for it.

Also – if anyone has a spare fiver and they want to help out with the new B.A.D.T.A.F campaign email for details. It stands for “Buy A Domain To Annoy Fatty” and the idea is that you buy a domain name, you become the owner, and for the time being you point it where you like. You can point it here, to kraptalk.com or to anything else that takes your fancy. We’ve a few domains he’d rather you didn’t have, and we can let you know. We don’t get any commission out of it, and the “fiver” is an approximate price – it’s up to you where you buy the domain from. One of our regular commentors has a deal in place to help you get a domain pretty cheaply, but go wherever you choose!

And if you know of domains he’s not got to add to our hitlist forward them on. Put “BADTAF” in your subject to help me find them more quickly…


5 Responses to “Putting the "broad" into broadcasting”

  1. Kopdan Says:


    sounds like a naughty Welshman

  2. Phil T Says:

    Speak of the devil… 😉

    You’re not a convert as well are you Dan? 😉

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    If his family is to be in his van during his next broadcast it will be interesting to see if every second word is “fuck” like it usually is, or if he tells the dirty and racist jokes he usually tells. He usually reads these from the chat room monitor which he maintains at the same time. Also interesting to see if he breaks off every now and then to give his views on politicial correctness or how few English there are in his street and how Robbie Fowler is only a “mascot” and not a serious contributor etc etc.

    He also breaks off now and then to send his Gold Club members news of the goals etc. Hearing him doing this takes the high-tech gloss and mystery off the service. It also helps explain why some of his customers complain that it is a very uneven. Sometimes he forgets and then there’s lots of cursing and shouting as he tries to catch up. So those folks in Australia hanging on for news of the next goal would be better off tuning into a news service on the net. Even his voice commentary arrives 4-5 minutes after the action – at least when I was listening and watching it on tv at the same time.

    Between his reading the newspapers, taking a slash (yes he even announces when he does that) burping, farting, defending KT from the “suits” who are out to get him, pontificating on politics, religion, sex, race and (incidentally) football, calling up someone whom he says is his missus to bring in more sarnies, begging for callers, dealing with chat room, reading out jokes, pouring scorn on his KT “numpties” and “idiots” for their criticism of Cisse – Oldham seems to forget at times that he is on the air. That’s when he becomes incautious and gives us glimpses into his profound thoughts.

    Having said all that it is comical and I do genuinely laugh. It really does have some of the charm of Waynes’ World. First there’s his comical accent – then his old fashioned slang and some of the sayings – he’s a poor man’s Peter Kay – or one of Peter Kay’s dodgy characters. And the act he has with the good-natured Steve about how their broadcast is not a commentary but only “updates”. Apparently he will be in breach of the law if he provides real time commentary. I(I suppose he pays royalties for all the music he broadcasts before and during half time) And there is something charming about the potty idea of this guy and his step brother in a van somewher in Mansfield – occasionally in Newcastle – giving delayed reports on a match which they take from the TV and Radio Five which can be heard every now and then in the background. Sometiems he says he is parked in a street near Anfield – so near and yet so far! And when a chat room person asks him to let them hear the roar of the crowd he plays a disc of YNWA.

    BTW if you’ve ever wonder what Steve’s job is – someone in the chat room once asked him while he was on the air and he said Steve’s job is to do anything I don’t fancy doing. Well it was honest, if a little different from what he says on KT – that the unpaid Steve is in charge of the mods, memberships and just about everything else at the KT multimillion pounds HQ.

  4. Insider Insider Says:

    Apologies for the “BADTAF” thing. It’s Friday.

  5. Kopdan Says:

    Hello Phil, whoever you may be

    I have been reading the blog yes. sure beats reading YNWA

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