Fat Wallet has nothing in it

fat_wallet_300.gifDear me. He’s still trying it on. The fat wallet is back pretending he’s not Duncan “Liar” Oldham but is in fact somebody else. He’s not pretending to be “Barry” the writer for upthetoon.com, a site he also owns. He’s not pretending to be “Pat McCat” or “The Informer” or “The Anfield Mole” or “The caring North East Employer” or “The Responsible Father”. No he’s “The Wallet” or “Wallet” this time.

Do people still buy this nonsense? (Yes, for thirty quid each, but that number’s dropping now).

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Agent meeting…
#1547929 – Fri Jul 14 2006 01:10 PM
I’ve just been told that a liverpool representative met with an agent in Italy (either yesterday or the day before). The agents name is Antonio ?? and is believed to represent David Trezeguet but I can’t confirm this. The meeting was to discuss the transfer or potential loan deal of the player should Juve be relegated. Terms were agreed in principle but a wage negotiation would be rquired.

I was told, and I quote, “it is not inconceivable that Trezeguet and Alves” could be signed this window”. It is likely that Trezeguet would be good value for money with the asking price for Kuyt being £12m to £14m but it depends a lot on Juves circumstances and bargaining ability upon the verdict.

Apparently Rafa “knows what outcome he wants from his dealings but many others, even those on board are in the dark”.
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wallet    Silver Member
Reged: Jul 22 2004
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Re: Agent meeting…  [Re: Johnny Red]
#1548554 – Fri Jul 14 2006 04:07 PM
We won’t be buying a defensive midfielder this window. Rafa has earmarked Bolo for this role. Look out for where he plays in the friendlies..
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Which phase are we in now then in Oldham’s menstrual cycle? Is it tomorrow he starts making up some more grand plans? Let’s guess. He’s going to buy Stanley Park for Liverpool so they can build their stadium there? Rick Parry’s spending a weekend at Koptalk HQ? He’s invented time travel? He’ll apologise for one of his lies?

All of them as unlikely as each other really.


12 Responses to “Fat Wallet has nothing in it”

  1. Whois Lookup Says:

    Always first with the exclusives 😉

    “wallet Silver Member
    Reged: Jul 22 2004
    Posts: 446
    Re: Agent meeting… [Re: Johnny Red]
    #1548554 – Fri Jul 14 2006 04:07 PM
    We won’t be buying a defensive midfielder this window. Rafa has earmarked Bolo for this role. Look out for where he plays in the friendlies..”

    3 days ago on the Official Website:


    Rafael Benitez has hinted that the fit-again Bolo Zenden could be deployed in a central midfield position at times this coming season. Zenden had his first season with the Reds cruelly curtailed after suffering a knee ligament injury in the Champions League clash with Real Betis at Anfield back in November.

    He’s now successfully completed his rehabilitation and Benitez is delighted to have him back at his disposal as he prepares for Saturday’s opening pre-season friendly at Wrexham.

    “He is training again now and I was really happy with him at the end of last season,” says the Liverpool boss about his Dutch winger. He was injured, but he was always in the dressing room and he was always encouraging his team-mates and supporting them.

    “This year he has started pre-season training really well. I am thinking about using him sometimes as a central midfielder because he has experience at Middlesbrough in this position. He also has quality, and with his experience and his game intelligence he can give us more things.

    “I think he was happier in this position, and with us losing Hamann, we will have Momo Sissoko, Stevie Gerrard and Xabi Alonso for that position – and maybe Bolo, too.”

  2. fat_boy_fay Says:

    Is fat twat vanessa for real with his statement of Zenden playing a role in the centre?????????

  3. fat_boy_fay Says:

    Sorry Whois lookup, just read your reply. Was so pissed off with that supposed inside knowledge that i just had to let it out!

    God that fat loser winds me up so much. I cant believe people are so blind on KT.

  4. Chunky Says:

    Bolo will be an attacking centre mid not a holding player.

    I see ‘the wallet’ has quickly forgotten about Alves and the funds transfers. Strange that.

    Accepted opinion seems to be that Dunk’s info stopped when Houllier left the club. But under Ged news leaked from the club like a sieve.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    My opinion is that he has NEVER had any information from inside the club exclusive to KT. In those days he had different set readers – many of them were professional people. They invented rumours just like his present members – but their rumour mongering was a bit more literate and intellgient.

    The bulk of those readers left him to go to YNWA and RAWK and other sites, or simply stopped frequenting football sites after they had a bellyful of his.

    One of his most frequent contributors – a German-Liverpool guy raised in Kirkby who had an IT job at a southern university – claimed to have had life long friendship with Phil Thompson in Kirkby – and he used to post on the public board (not in an insider). His stuff, allegedly from Thompson, was just more of the usual KT anti-Fowler propaganda.

    Incidentally, that guy eventually withdrew from KT publicly. He declared that he had come to the conclusion that the site was not about LFC but about Duncan Oldham.

  6. Ian Randyman Says:

    The site is lives of people that pay to give info. The only respectable poster is Johnny H and he pays to go in!Anything decent comes in by people copying and pasting via YNWA and Elisha_Scott. Most recently with the Alves situation Figaro is adding to it…..again he post in YNWA and the info is pasted in by a paying member of koptalk.The rest is made up garbage. Simple guesses made up with a copy of Championship manager. And the loons in forums actually think its true. When you put up a case that its bull you get shot down. Im sure these same people feel like tools when they finally realise that its all crap!

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Ian – Why doesn’t YNWA or Elisha Scott or Figaro do something about it? Why let him steal their credibility and goodwill?

    In some ways the contributions of well-informed people – whether it is stolen or donated – helps him fool thousand of fans (if he has thousands of members). A couple of feasible pieces of information allows him to sell a thousand fictitious pieces.

    Surely the guys at YNWA or clever enough to figure out a way to stop him using their stuff?

    I agree it is a loony world when he charges for EXCLUSIVE information and the only source of information is the speculation of those who paid for information. Money for old rope. No wonder he’s terrified of being found out.

  8. univofchicago Says:

    a possible loan deal for some the juventus players INCLUDING trezeguet was mooted yesterday. its quite obvious that the wallet (aka duncan oldham) has exploited this piece of newsfeed to make up another one of his bullshit/made-up stories…

    also, interesting that the trezeguet loan possibility was brought up at TLW 10 minutes before the wallet appeared with this eye-catcher..

  9. univofchicago Says:

    also whats happened to pat mccat (aka duncan oldham)?

    didn’t he say there was going to be a press conference regarding the stadium on friday?

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    univ of chicago: He, or they, got it from a news story citing Balague that Rafa might wait to see what happened and he might then be interested in three players including trezeguet, ibramovich and one other.

  11. Ringpiece Says:

    Horseshit overload!

  12. Ian Randyman Says:

    Rupert- The sad thing is he doesnt post what Elisha and Figaro say, some of his top brass that follow his every word do! He gets the money and someone else gives the info!I wouldnt even think Elisha_Scott or Figaro know that the info is being pasted in the forums because they cant get in to view the pay forums.

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