Duncan pats a cat

One of the original reasons this blog came about was to show people how ridiculous the Duncan Oldham “insider” information really was. It’s always made up or taken from elsewhere. ALWAYS. I’ve yet to see anything that he got an “exclusive” on that came true.

If you’ve not paid for it, it’s very, very funny. If you have, then it’s probably annoying, but you’ll see the funny side one day.

He also likes to make stuff up pretending to be someone else. Look at these –

Dunk     KopTalk Editor
Reged: Aug 20 2004
Friday’s press conference
#1546742 – Thu Jul 13 2006 11:14 PM

… another signing was due to be paraded tomorrow which is why I was told to be in Liverpool.

Said target did NOT jet into the UK for a medical which would have been performed today/tomorrow. It was never finalised but it was pencilled in. I can’t see this happening tomorrow now although I expect the PC to go ahead.

I’m told Rafa is 1 (one) week behind with his transfer plans, read into that as you will. I’ll have more info on Monday/Tuesday.
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Dunk KopTalk Editor
Reged: Aug 20 2004
Re: Friday’s press conference [Re: Dunk]
#1546757 – Thu Jul 13 2006 11:17 PM
Can I just add that I have heard nothing back (yet) from the ‘May/July investment approach’ source. This source is concrete but he/she is currently not contactable by email (possibly overseas). I could call but this oversteps the relationship in my opinion which is far more important than a bit of gossip. However, it hasn’t slipped my mind and I will continue pushing for the next week or so.
– – – – – – – – – – –

(He was telling us he was going to be in Liverpool from Sunday to Sunday, now he tells us it was actually just Friday. And that he’s not going to be there at all now.)

Look who suddenly appears on the forum one minute later! Just one minute later. Maybe the mods would like to compare IP addresses (although Dunk’s probably edited the entries on the database first). I don’t want to ridicule Koptalk members really, but the few below really do need to try harder to see through Dunk instead of believing his every word. Don’t worry, nobody will laugh at you when you finally do see through it, many of us have been victims of it.

Pat McCat Silver Member
Reged: Nov 30 2002
Loc: Liverpool
New Stadium
#1546764 – Thu Jul 13 2006 11:18 PM
I have been told that Liverpool will make an anouncement tomorrow regarding the building of a new stadium.

Apparently the costs will be underwritten by the American millionaire Kraft.
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Anfield_Iron     Honorary Member
Reged: Aug 21 2005
Posts: 12438
Loc: Returned
Re: New Stadium [Re: Pat McCat]
#1546868 – Thu Jul 13 2006 11:52 PM
Can someone please clarify “underwritten” in this respect.

Doesn’t it mean he will be guarenteur on the costs but will not actually be paying it himself?

Anyway thanks Mr McCat
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REDSCOUSER    Honorary Member
Reged: Jan 22 2003
Posts: 20239
Loc: Kopranos boot room
Re: New Stadium [Re: Pat McCat]
#1546870 – Thu Jul 13 2006 11:52 PM
Feck me Pat, you dissappear from the site for ages then come back with such a post. Lets hope so mate.

PS: yes i do remember you
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Anfield_Iron    Honorary Member
Reged: Aug 21 2005
Posts: 12438
Loc: Returned
Re: New Stadium [Re: Pat McCat]
#1546884 – Thu Jul 13 2006 11:55 PM
Hmmmmmm I’ve rated you 5 at somepoint but I can’t remember you
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The_Milkman    KopTalk’s Milkman
Reged: May 21 2004
Posts: 18004
Loc: In a float
Re: New Stadium [Re: Pat McCat]
#1546887 – Thu Jul 13 2006 11:56 PM
where did you hear this mate ???

a source in the liverpool side ?? or Kraft side ??

Cheers for the info though

good luck to you if it doesn’t happen though
– – – – – – –  – –
anfieldforever    Honorary Member
Reged: Dec 30 2003
Posts: 16515
Loc: Universe-the Milky Way-Earth-E…
Re: New Stadium [Re: Pat McCat]
#1546927 – Fri Jul 14 2006 12:20 AM
I wonder why we didn’t present Gonzalez and Bellamy at the same time as Paletta and Aurelio?

Maybe they wanted a smokescreen for this second press conference.
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ElRobbie    Silver Member
Reged: Jan 02 2006
Posts: 876
Re: New Stadium [Re: mazchauhan]
#1547217 – Fri Jul 14 2006 08:49 AM          Reply      Quote
Anyone know if Pat is a reliable poster, I haven’t been around long enough?
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redbug1    Gold Member
Reged: Jun 02 2004
Posts: 1726
Loc: VC40
Re: New Stadium [Re: ElRobbie]
#1547280 – Fri Jul 14 2006 09:26 AM

Anyone know if Pat is a reliable poster, I haven’t been around long enough?

he’s Pat McCat – the very famous sports reporter
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ElRobbie    Silver Member
Reged: Jan 02 2006
Posts: 876
Re: New Stadium [Re: redbug1]
#1547303 – Fri Jul 14 2006 09:34 AM

Never heard of him.
– – – – – – –  – –

By the way – Pat McCat has not posted in recent history.  Mods – if you have access, keep an eye on those IP Addresses.


5 Responses to “Duncan pats a cat”

  1. alan Says:

    what an absolute load of fucking bollocks. Are LFC really going to do a press conference regarding the stadium on a matchday that is the debut of all their new signings? are they fuck

  2. Chris Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA Always the same from the fat scumbag. “Oh yeah, theres a medical later in the week, new signing soon then” Then later in the week when nothings happened its “Oh yeah, deal cancelled, target didnt turn up” etc etc. Why does he lie in absolutely every paragraph he types? Is it some sort of mental illness? Thats a serious question, he lies and lies and lies and lies all day everyday, something has to be wrong.

  3. bigf00t Says:

    you have to admit though… its rather a bit specific… which is unusual… i would’ve expected “the stadium will/might go ahead- an announcment will be made within 3 years time… some guy/girl/group are funding it”

    although i guess thats why he didnt post under his own name…

  4. univofchicago Says:

    i don’t think he is mentally ill.

    he was just cunning enough to realize that he could get away with making up ‘insider’ information. credit to him, it has worked for almost 4 years and netted him a handsome profit.

    what he probably did not foresee was that one of his own members would start a blog to reveal all his shady dealings and methods for everyone to see. i don’t think he expected it and hes having an awfully hard time dealing it as a result.

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    “Apparently the costs will be underwritten by the American millionaire Kraft.”

    It is the Kraft family group of companies that was allegedly interested, not an individual. In any case, Kraft senior is billionaire, not a millionaire.

    Anyone getting involved in the stadium deal would not “underwrite costs”. They would contribute cash, arrange financing in the form of mortgages and loans, and secure sponsorships.

    If there was a major deal in the offing of this nature, the UK securities authorities would be informed first, before any press conference at LFC. The shares of LFC are not listed on the stock exchange but they are sold to the public.

    What strikes me about Oldham’s meanderings on this subject – whether from his own mouth or the mouths of others proving his EXCLUSIVE information, is that after all these years and the hundreds of thousands of words written on the subject, they still lack an understandings of the fundamentals.

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