Domain name dodginess.

We’re working on updating the fixed bits of this blog, under the “READ ME” heading at the top.

One we’ve just added is the part on Dunk’s habit of taking domain names similar to those of his rivals.

See Cyber Squatter for more about one of Dunk’s many less desirable habits.

See Whois Search for for proof that Dunk takes anything he can get his hands on.

And if you wondered why Dunk’s next to Michael Barrymore at the top of this blog, it’s because of this –

Whois info for,

 PO Box 556


Administrative Contact:
    PO Box 556


And if you go to the website for but mistype the url, ending it “”, “.net” or “.org”, you’ll be likely to see something like this – (click the thumbnail for a full-sized image).


22 Responses to “Domain name dodginess.”

  1. alan Says:

    i wonder if michael shield’s family would appreciate that cunt having that domain

  2. Sinon Says:

    This is beyond a joke now. I can’t believe he has cyber squatted that poor lads name, what next, a link to KopTalk on it?

    Can we write to the Liverpool Post & Echo about this? I’m sure that they, and the family of Michael, will be VERY interested to discover this.

    Its bad enough that Fat Dunk reads and purchases the S*n (basically pissing on the memory of the ’96) but now he is trying to profit from Michael Shield’s dilemma.

    Can that parasite get any lower?

  3. chapeau du soleil Says:

    >> Can that parasite get any lower?

    More than likely, yes

  4. Toby Says:

    Some more for your ever-growing list…


    One of his methods is to register an alternative domain name of so-called ‘rival’ Liverpool fan site, point it to their correct domain then threaten to point it to Koptalk if they don’t censor and silence any critics of him or his practices on the site’s forums.

  5. seigneur Says:

    That really is beneath contempt. Just one more illustration of the depths the despicable slimeball is willing to plumb. Yet I’m saddened that, judging by the antics of some of his devotees on TLW, he and his ‘network’ still appear to garner some support.

    Thanks for all your work on this blog, and for God’s sake, don’t let up, keep the pressure on the odious crook.

  6. Michael K ( Support) Says:

    >> This is beyond a joke now. I can’t believe he has cyber squatted that poor lads name, what next, a link to KopTalk on it?

    A while back it pointed to Koptalk!

  7. Michael K ( Support) Says:

    >> This is beyond a joke now. I can’t believe he has cyber squatted that poor lads name, what next, a link to KopTalk on it?

    A while back it pointed to Koptalk! Infact it still does only the link is no longer valid.

  8. Michael K ( Support) Says:

    It points to http://forum

  9. Toby Says:

    I believe was registered under the name Charlotte Oldham, which is ironic considering his defensive stance adopted when other people mention her name. No doubt yet a taxt dodge though.

    Insider – could you alter my comments? Remove the http:// before the names so as not to make them automatically hyerlinkable – we don’t want to be giving him more traffic do we?

  10. Chunky Says:

    also grabbed this month.

  11. Michael K ( Support) Says: are both not yet registered. If anyone wants to register them I will give a discount to members of the blog if they use my website (Use the code: BESTVALUE) to get the discount pricing.

  12. Toby Says:

    Can I register for one month only? I very much doubt there will be a need for it very soon.

  13. kopwank Says:

    No doubt Duncan will say that this pointed to a forum // thread relating to Michael Shields but why not redirect straight to the official site?

    Obviously so he can send more affiliate banners/popups/scams in your face in the meantime, I mean for the sake of a £10 domain you think he’d redirect it to the official site.

  14. Michael K ( Support) Says:

    Hello Toby.

    The minimum we can register domains for is 1 year. These are the rules as set down by ICANN/VeriSign and over which we have no control.

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    It may be entirely coincidental – but I have noticed that when I write to NEWS NOW and complain about the way they link to Oldham’s site, then the links to his site drop off for a few days. But then they start up again – like today his links dominate that site. It must be the single greatest source of hits. Some other LFC sites never get a mention. Occasionally blogs are mentioned on there – why not this one?

    NEWS NOW has a page where you can write it. Its best to refer to a specific news story link to KT, but there’s no harm in adding a comment that KT has a bad reputation for ripping off other sites, domain squatting, copyright theft etc etc

    These are some of the things I have written to NEWS NOW about:

    – KT got the story from another media outlet already linked by NEWS NOW but he never acknowledges that’s where he got it : why do they then give KT a link for these unacknowledge links to their own site? Why are they flooding their site with links to KT which are links to a prior story on their site?

    – KT creates deliberately sensationalist. ambiguous and misleading titles in order to attract attention to its site: give examples:

    – NEWS NOW links indiscriminately to KT including its “editorials” which have no news value: the writer of these editorials is widely criticsed for his lack of reliability, his failure to attribute sources for the information he reveals in his editorials, and for the unfair technqiues he uses to promote his site:

  16. Toby Says:

    In the past I’ve also made NewsNow aware of Oldham’s habit of clicking on his own links as much as possible to bump them up the top 20 list.

  17. rupertinsider Says:

    You may have noticed I have stopped referring to Oldham as “Fatty” and similar so often.

    This is not because he has lost a few stone in the last few weeks – in fact judging by all the “comfort” food he must be stuffing to deaden the pain of the loss of members, hits and money and anxiety from the pending investigations – and judging by his ever more frequent references to his need for pies and peas – I guess he is over the 22.5 stones he claimed some time ago and well justifies the desciption “fat”.

    But I think it is best to refer to him as Oldham. Despite his attempt two weeks ago to deny that that is his name – it is. It’s the name the authorities and credit agencies and LFC and other sites and the press need to investigate him. The more publicised it is, the better. Let’s get it on Google.

    I also think it better not to refer to KT when we really mean Oldham. We are not focussed on KT or its members – but on Oldham. Nor do we want to give KT free publicity because, ultimately, Oldham, personally, benefits from the hits.

    I have also taken to calling him the Yorkshire-Newcastle businessman or similar descriptions. That’s what he is. He goes to great pains to create distrusts of “suits” and repeatedly claims that he could never be one. Its true he might find it difficult to find a suit that fits but that’s what he is – a suit. He’s in it for the money. He lives and breathes “business”.

    Also, although references to his fatness is a good metaphor for how he has engorged himself on LFC and its supporters – especially the kids and the overseas fans – and although his mocking of Crouch and his references to “homos” and derogatory references to women as slags etc has negated any complaint he might have about “fatism” (in fact he frequently refers to his fatness to develop his personality cult ) the fact is our main target is not that he is fat and ugly and repulsive but his exploitation of LFC and its supporters.

    PS while I won’t be using Fatso etc so often I will still get a laugh from any artwork showing a fat man – because he is fat -or hadn’t you noticed.

  18. Toby Says:

    Good point rupert. From now on I will refer to him as Ducan Oldham of Koptalk. Googlebots will find it.

  19. Toby Says:

    In fact, type in Duncan Oldham into Google and see what’s top of the pile 😉

  20. Insider Insider Says:

    Quick update from me – I’ve changed the links in the comments so that they don’t actually link to the sites mentioned. I think the WordPress software automatically turns what it thinks is a link into a link – if you stick a space in the url then it doesn’t work.

    And as for calling fatty, “Fatty”, I’ve also started to use a mixture of his names. But yes, he’s without a doubt called Duncan Oldham, pretending it’s not his real name was another of his pathetic lies.

    He’s like 20 Viz characters rolled into one, appropriate seeing as Viz originates from the North East!

  21. Insider Insider Says:

    Well done Toby – I bet he loves that.

    A little further down I spotted this link – – perhaps someone else would like to review his site.

  22. Chunky Says:

    We should look into the Icaan rules with regard to cybersquatting on this scale. He can hardly claim it to be anything but deliberate.

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