Koptalk get paid, they don't pay

We’ve spoken before about the way Dunk likes to try and pretend he’s running some multi-million pound concern. In fact I think we probably mentioned it yesterday.

In reality, everything’s done on the cheap if he can get away with it. Steven and his mum don’t get paid for their work on the site (he still calls them staff), he has someone translating stuff for free (calls him the Koptalk professional translator) and has a member of his forum supplying him with the info for football feeds he uses on his Koptalk and Foot4Free sites. Does this member of his forum get paid? Doubt it, but he probably gets a free Gold Club membership for his troubles.
In fact that’s what you’ll get if you write a load of articles for Dunk. A free gold club membership. If you would have bought one anyway then I suppose it costs Dunk 30 quid in lost income. If you weren’t planning to buy one then it costs him nothing. Still, that’s the way Dunk works – you do, he profits.

And the equivalent of a Gold Club membership is available here too, free of charge.

Dunk KopTalk Editor
Free Gold Clubs sub on offer
#1545270 – Thu Jul 13 2006 12:24 PM

Anyone want to help compile some profiles on the current squad and former players?


Anyone want to submit some articles to boost our history section on the main site?

If so please email me editor@koptalk.com

Anyone that can provide some great content (if they have the time) will be given a free upgrade to the Gold Club for at least a year and beyond if they continue to assist etc.

I want to imporve the history section on koptalk.coN and I also want to get all the current squad’s profiles up to date. I simply don’t have the time.

It’s not of great importance to the site but if anyone wants to help submit articles by email there will be some rewards
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Dunk KopTalk Editor
Reged: Aug 20 2004
Re: Free Gold Clubs sub on offer [Re: tb2002]
#1545375 – Thu Jul 13 2006 01:16 PM


Original profiles or compiled from various sources ?

Not lifted. Researched. Own opinions on strengths, weaknesses etc.

Is that a first? NOT LIFTED? Not stolen from elsewhere? Not copyright another website? Original? Well it’s not Dunkie doing it himself, is it? It’s nice to know that your hard work is not considered to of great importance too. Why doesn’t Dunk have time? He was going to disappear to Liverpool for a week this week (including the meeting he’d arranged with Rick Parry). What’s he done with all the time he’s freed up by not going on that trip?

Or was he never going in the first place? I know what my money’s on. Talking of money, or more to the point not paying it, Dunk’s decided to avoid paying a professional designer hundreds or even thousands of pounds to have a new ad designed. He’s decided instead that he’ll pay one of his users a few hundred instead. No he’s not, he’s offered a DVD. In a competition. Probably one of his own – he prefers watching his Newcastle ones nowadays anyway.

Anyone fancy doing one for him? Could be fun…

Dunk KopTalk Editor
Posts: 8355

COMPETITION: Design an ad
#1545061 – Thu Jul 13 2006 10:43 AM

Anyone out there fancy designing a KOPTALK ad?

All entries will be entered into a draw and the person who has their ad selected will receive a FREE LFC DVD of their choice.

The size needs to be: 105 x 155mm (Landscape)

The website url koptalk.coN needs to be included and/or the KopTalk logo (the one above top left).

You can include other artwork etc and/or a statement e.g. For everything LFC blah blah blah etc etc – you can fill the space with info or you can try the basic look – it’s your choice.

You can submit entries by emailing steve@koptalk.com – ideally these will be in PDF format.

The closing date is 23rd July. The winner will be announced on site and by email.

Tens of thousands will see the winning ad so make it good!

Your tasks blog-readers are to find out where these ads might be appearing (so we can save up to include our own maybe) and also to design some logos. Send some to us, in a format we can use, koptalk.insider @ gmail.com. To make it more fun for Dunk, send a competition entry in to him with some form of coded message in your “statement”. For example – “Bringing Us Liverpool Legends”, or “B.U.L.L” for short. Now he’ll have to check all the entries carefully, or risk looking silly when his ad comes out.

When we said above that Koptalk seem to have turned over a new leaf with regard to stealing content from elsewhere we obviously spoke too soon. Somebody had their post edited because it included a link to another site. A mod removed the link.

richt71 Moderator

Reged: Jul 09 2003
Posts: 11195
Loc: York
Re: Anfield Subsidance [Re: MadSeason]
#1545310 – Thu Jul 13 2006 12:47 PM Reply Quote


Is Dunk going to sit on me for this??

No but you can be banned mate for posting such links.
– – – – – – – – – – –
MadSeason Silver Member

Reged: Feb 28 2006
Posts: 90
Loc: Essex

Re: Anfield Subsidance [Re: richt71]
#1545327 – Thu Jul 13 2006 12:52 PM

Sorry, i didn’t realise.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
richt71 Moderator

Reged: Jul 09 2003
Posts: 11195
Loc: York
Re: Anfield Subsidance [Re: MadSeason]
#1545344 – Thu Jul 13 2006 01:01 PM
Sorry, i didn’t realise.

No worries mate. Now you know. You can copy and paste the article. Just state from another site and don’t link.
– – – – – – – – – –

Does that not strike you as a little bit naughty Rich Tea? If it’s from another site it belongs to another site. It may actually be wrong to take it in the first place (depending on how much you take) but to take it and then not acknowledge the source? Wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s theft really. So if that’s in the AUP then Dunk is asking his members to steal for him. This may sound a little pedantic, but it’s true. Either don’t cut and paste stuff from elsewhere at all, or take it with an acknowledgement.

Rich Tea was the poor victim who Dunk used to convince his whole forum he had insider news from investors. Jeanette sent a text to Dunk, Dunk said it was from his insider people.

One of the reasons why Dunk is only interested in getting hold of stuff on the cheap is because he needs to use his dwindling funds on himself. His membership levels are dropping, but his poor, poor eyes aren’t getting any better. He wants a big monitor, and he want an expensive one too –

KopTalk Editor
Reged: 20/08/04
Posts: 8355

PC Monitors – Anyone use anything HUGE?
#1545381 – 13/07/06 12:19 PM
Reply to this post Reply Reply to this post Quote

I currently use 19″ screens but I’d like to get something bigger. What about these flat screen tv’s that can be used as monitors? 26″/27″ for example?

Any experience?

That’s where all those thirty quids go, to helping Dunk view his photographs more clearly.

By the way, has anyone seen this new 18 year old he’s signed up? When she was still called Gianna she was going to feature on a “staff” page. Any signs yet, or is that as likely to happen as his meeting with Parry?


26 Responses to “Koptalk get paid, they don't pay”

  1. Chunky Says:

    Does the fat fuck do anything? All these ‘staff’ in ‘Koptalk HQ’ and they can’t even profile the squad.

  2. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Whats the score with him using articles from the offical magazine?
    In the gold club he has different sections for Rick parry, Rafa, Stevie G and alan Hansen.
    ITs all pinched from the magazine. I wonder if he is allowed to do such a thing. Maybe should Email them just incase

  3. rupertinsider Says:

    He’s so barefaced.

    Last week someone wrote in and asked why there was no LFC history archives at KT. He lashed back that that’s not what his site was about. It was about entertaiment – a drop-in for chat – and went on again to say that’s why he did not want to feature the Hillsborough campaign or the Michael Shields campaign (not revealing that he had squatted on domains belong to the MS campaign redirecting traffic to his site).

    When the poster persisted he snapped back “you start your own site then, with archives. You can link it to KT”. And here we are a week later – and he wants an LFC history archive on KT – but he wants someone else to do it for him.

    He is seriously disturbed by our analysis showing that his site is further and further removed from LFC and is increasingly about him, porn, adult date finding and his various money-making schemes.

    He’s losing members left and write and the site is suffering. He’s appointed a raft of new mods. He’s instructed them and the visitorso to stop the personal attacks which are charaterristic of his site, reigning in his performing seals, Brendan and Ryan.

    He wants to get rid of members who are not profitable.

    Expect a lot more reforms. There is pressure building led by Ryan and others to create a forum to deal with the history of KT.

    They are not bave enough to come right out and say they want to discuss the history of Oldham’s scams, his anti-Fowler campaign and the allegations made against Oldham on this site and others – they know their OWNER won’t allow that – so they soft-peddle it and say they want a forum to discuss the site format – why the new format is worse than the “old”.

    They want to re-arrange the chairs as the Titanic sinks.

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    fat_boy: You could email them about that through the official site. When they ask for the category of your communciation – put “unsure”. Its also good if you can cut and paste samples and urls. That way it will be directed to the approrpate person.

  5. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Emailed he off site

    Your getting brought down from the inside fatty!!!!!!!!!

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    Well done fat_boy. Keep a watch on that scam ……it is outright stealing from LFC and from a site whom he has repeatedly claimed is trying to destroy him. They already know about his claims that he has turned down workign for them because he does not want to “defect to the other side”.

  7. duncanmitty Says:

    Has anyone mentioned he’s disabled the post count on the forums?

    He claims it’s because of performance but I think it’s more likely he doesn’t want to flag up the dwindling activity on the forums. If you take into account his minions are creating a good percentage of posts it’s looking pretty bad for Mr Duncan Oldham.

    Chins up Dunk, it’ll only get worse.

  8. Chunky Says:

    Would be a good idea to mail screengrabs of stolen content to the publishers. Dunk probably thinks hiding behind a members area means he can avoid copyright – it doesn’t.

  9. Ringpiece MK2 Says:

    Fatty is one big fraud. He is creating a dictatorship on his site,soon everyone will get onto this and we will soon have another gold member to add to operation Ringpiece!we have many things lined up for Mr Oldham,at the moment we are recruiting,once the cell is complete.STAND BY……

  10. jj_sawyer Says:

    the latest rant of Duncan Oldham, more propaganda to fool his visitors into believing he’s an ‘alright kinda guy’.


    The Michael Shields campaign team have been in touch with me this evening informing us that they have been contacted from some anti-KopTalkers – former (banned) forum members and/or others asociated to rival sites – who are trying to spin some yarns about your host.

    What these people don’t know is that Matt from http://www.freemichaelshields.org and myself, have been in touch behind the scenes on a regular basis.

    Not many people know this but I personally arranged a £1000 donation from my own pocket, to try and help Michael’s cause, just like you guys helped Lauren and her family when she was paralysed in 2004.

    When I make donations I don’t ask for publicity. For example, when I donated a new PC to the HJC, I didn’t ask them to mention this on their website, just like we haven’t asked for any publicity on Michael’s campaign website.

    In an email to myself today, Matt informed us about these idiots and explained that Michael’s family wanted to distance themselves from them, just like Lauren’s family has done by having to take down the Lauren Forsyth website following threats.

    Matt said: “I’ve asked them to make it clear that the michaelshields campaign have no problem with you or KopTalk. In fact we’re grateful for the support and the donation.”

    He added: “If I see anything on other LFC forums I’ll put the record straight.”

    It was because of him tipping us off that I thought I’d throw something up on the site.

    As Matt can confirm, KopTalk owns http://www.michaelshields.co.uk – this is used to route to our own campaign pages about Michael. He has been aware of this since day 1 when I discussed it with him.

    However, since our site makeover, our campaign pages haven’t returned fully yet and until we receive a fresh update from the family, they won’t. They will be added when I decide and not before.

    Rivals of KopTalk have not only been targeting myself, my mother (a widow), my son (6) and my daughter (13) but they have also targeted my paralysed cousin Lauren.

    A decision was made earlier this week to simply move Lauren’s website to another URL and restrict access to friends and family only as a result.

    There have also been suggestions that fundraising for Lauren was some kind of ploy for me to personally benefit from. ALL administration and donations have been handled by my mother Jeanette who can verify this along with Lauren’s parents. All of whom are available to meet personally. This can be arranged at anytime.

    The reason postal donations went to the same address as KopTalk’s North East office is because I’m hardly going to put her home address on am I you fecking numpties doh… which looking at the last couple of weeks shows why. Shame on you for including her in your agenda.

    Website rivalry sadly exists, which is a shame considering all Reds should be one united family. I don’t class KopTalk as a rival to anyone, you won’t see me bad mouthing ANY other websites or communities – EVER. And the rejects? Well they have to go somewhere and over the years there’s certainly been a few of them… so many infact that numerous sites have spawned up from them as a result.

    During the last few weeks some of these individuals have played on the following issues to try and have a pop at me:

    The death of 96 Liverpool fans
    The Michael Shields campaign
    An 18-year-old paralysed Liverpool fan

    They have also exchanged, distributed and manipulated photos of my 6 year old son, my 13 year old daughter and my late father.

    These photos have been freely available on this website for my friends to see etc but they have been altered and circulated for some kind of perverted reasons.

    Despite all of this I can assure you that thanks to the support of my readers – many of whom have become good friends over the years – I’m as strong as ever. Offers from let’s say ‘underworld’ readers to have them dealt with have been declined.. even though the emails have been humerous

    There is no justification for trying to capitalise on extremely sensitive issues. But if it keeps them amused talking and playing with photos of my children then so be it.

    But I tell you this, I aint going anywhere. KopTalk will continue ticking on until the day my readers tell me to call time. They’re the only people that count to me both here and on the main site. And this summer visitor numbers are up along with people supporting this site. Why the sudden interest in my book? I hadn’t been promoting it of late but they’re helping sales which is why I don’t want to comment too much as a lot of the internet myths will be answered in it when it comes out THIS season.

    http://www.anfieldexposed.com – someone even joked that I was behind the negative publicity to raise the awareness of the site and the book

    What others choose to say doesn’t phase me in the slightest. I’ve had it for years and no doubt it will continue for years so please stop telling us what they’re saying coz I aint fussed. It’s what happens when you don’t tolerate idiots and when you achieve things that they can only dream of.

    Thanks for the emails of support. Without them, I’d probably be gassing myself out in the oven.. although it is electric….

    The reason I’m posting this in the open is because they have access here. Sadly they haven’t got the guts to say what their usernames are, unlike myself who’s at KOPTALK HQ just about every day of the week. Come and visit us.

    I don’t want to bore you all to death with this and I know they’re pathetic but I had to respond as while some of you may think it’s funny, it’s actually hurting people not associated to me. It doesn’t hurt me because if it did, I wouldn’t be here but to target others is a bit sick and a bit gutless.

    Don’t respond to them, don’t defend the site.. just ignore them.

    Dunk knows best

  11. jj_sawyer Says:

    something for you guys to disect and laugh at… this is from last August when he was confronted about his Spurs and newcastle fan site activities.


    Due to KopTalk’s ongoing growth and success not only on koptalk.com (koptalk.org) but also koptalkinsider.com, and the syndication of our resources into new projects through various partnerships, we will soon become a member of the Caboodle Network.

    KopTalk will continue to be brought to you by the same people.

    The Caboodle Network will basically become the parent company of KopTalk.com and the other websites that will operate underneath it.

    The only changes that will be noticeable will be the addition of a link to the Caboodle Network hub site across KopTalk and a change in our banking arrangements. For example, cheques payable to us for subscriptions (we prefer to call them donations) will soon become payable to ‘Caboodle Network’ instead of ‘KopTalk.com’.

    Please note that until further notice we will continue to operate as KopTalk.com

    To enable us to bring KopTalk to you we need to find various ways of generating revenue, especially following the decrease in advertising revenues as a result of the .com bubble bursting several years ago (hence the creation of koptalkinsider.com). Revenue is needed to exist and we are exploring various ways of bringing in more funds to not only survive but to also expand and improve the current KopTalk websites.

    Because of the success achieved with KopTalk we have been approached numerous times over the years to help advise and create websites for other teams. During 2005-06 the Caboodle Network will help three other football websites get off the ground. The Caboodle Network will also continue to work on our gaming site http://www.chavgames.com and a new website focusing on terrorist activity in the United Kingdom.

    KopTalk will not be affected by the other websites.

    The C.E.O. of the Caboodle Network will naturally oversee the development of each member site but that’s about it.

    We just wanted to update you with what was happening behind the scenes. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing editor @ koptalk.info

  12. DelBoyOldham Says:

    Gangland figures threaten to end a cyber war.


  13. jj_sawyer Says:

    If Duncan Oldham has nothing to hide, and as self appointed CEO of Caboodle Network has nothing to fear, then why has he paid (assuming he has paid up of course) for his UpTheToon and SpursArmy websites to be created by an Indian Design company (created by the very people he doesn’t like – foreigners because they’ll do the job on the cheap) and now taken those sites down in response to the critism from this blog.


    also interesting to note from his “editorial” last year is that he was planning on setting up a website dedicated to terrorist activity. Let me repeat that in case you couldn’t believe what was just said, and apologies if you just chocked on your dinner. Yes that’s right – TERRORIST ACTIVITY.

    Shocking! I’d love to see that. Him having contacts in the Wallsend community giving him tips on where the next bomb will go off. If you subscribe for just £30 a year, you might just get advance warnings and be able to avoid the area, thus Dunk saving your life. Duncan Oldham you are a crook.

  14. bigf00t Says:

    the matt guy must have also replied to insiderinsider then to straighten the record?

  15. jj_sawyer Says:

    a little bit more digging – looks like he managed to find someone to do his website for cheaper than the UK MINIMUM WAGE. Despite getting £30 a year from thousands of conned fans he’s managed to find someone that can create his shady empire for less than the UKs minimum wage.


    The guys rates are $10 an hour, at the current exchange rate that is less than £5.80 per hour, and I’m sure he’s also managed to get the guy down to less than £5 an hour.

    Duncan Oldham, with all the monies your customers are paying you each year for a site that doesn’t come as advertised then why are you not putting this money back into the British economy. As a self declared employer why do you not help the already less well off North East economy by contracting a local contractor to put together your sites? Why are you exploiting the cheap labour of a foreign country. You can surely afford to support your local economy.

  16. rupertinsider Says:

    Did you see Brendan’s thread yesterday – “Which Anfield Idols are Overrated?”.

    Brendan likes to think he is the ringmaster. But he is the OWNER’S performing seal.

    His technique is to make an anti-LFC statement (dissing players, manager, directors or supporters) which – when you think about it – is the cheapest and easiest way of getting hits on a site that attracts LFC supporters. Not much wit or intelligence needed to do that – just some Popbitch one-liners and an overweening desire to be the centre of attention. He also shares with Oldham the belief that if you wait long enough people will forget what you said before.

    He has stock of threads waiting for when he next needs to generate hits for the OWNER. Here’s a few of them:

    1. Does Sissoko’s Fcuking Stupidity Reflect Badly on LFC?

    2. Who is the Ugliest Fcuker at LFC Besides Lurch?

    3. What Has Rafa got Against Fcuking Goalscorers?

    4. Thanks for the CL and FA cups (and PL title) Rafa, Now Fcuk- off Back to Spain

  17. rupertinsider Says:

    ” Dunk probably thinks hiding behind a members area means he can avoid copyright – it doesn’t.”

    No, in fact its worse. Because he is explicitly selling that content for 30 quid.

  18. Disco Says:

    See that’s where I lose respect for this site. Dunk, sorry ‘Oldham’, has responded to this site but it doesn’t mean a jot. That’s why it’s difficult to take this site seriously. It’s just yet another bashing site, I’m afraid, until you prove otherwise.

    You almost had me as a semi-convertee, but it’s clear that you’re all just keyboard warriors. (actually, to be fair, insiderinsider (whoever he is), had the right approach…..)

    Rupert – you’re clearly semi-intelligent, but you’re approach is laughable.

  19. rupertinsider Says:

    Disco – I don’t think this site wants your respect. I don’t. I think you are a very weak advocate for Oldham and his shady practices.

    BTW have you told Oldham that you visit us and 1892 to find out how to get back on his site after he cut you out despite your 6,000 posts and fully paid membership? Have you told him that you harbour some doubts about some of his practices?

    If not wny not?

  20. lobster Says:

    I havent seen any edited or manipulated pictures of dunk’s children. But as always, Dunk is good in generating sympathy by lying.

  21. Disco Says:

    Rupert – clearly he’s read my posts on here, which have commented on ‘doubts’ (or rather, issues I’d like responses to), so I’m not going to raise them on Koptalk am I?!

    re. visiting 1892 to get back on. I’m sorry, but you’re mistaken. I have Steve’s mobile number, but couldn’t phone while I was at work. Being locked out was never an issue for me, though I realise there have been several people who have posted on both sites who couldn’t work out the best way to get back in!!

    Actually, I did feed back to him (on Koptalk) what I thought of the lockout – from a customer service point of view – you obviously missed that 😉

  22. Chunka Says:

    Anyone involved with Websites surely must realise you work with pixels and not milimetres

    The numbskull

  23. punt Says:

    I see Duncan has posted fixture lists on his site. is he licensed for this by Football Dataco Limited ? perhaps someone should ask them

  24. rupertinsider Says:

    punt: I doubt it. In Oldham’s world – everyone else pays the cost of doing business including taxes, licenses and royalties – not him. That’s his competitive advantage.

  25. The Platinum Club Says:

    Punt – the licensing laws have change following a court case two years ago. It’s not illegal to reproduce football fixtures anymore.

    Also, with regards to the advert that Dunk is asking for, what the hell does he want them in PDF format for. PDF files are compressed and therefore have a lower image quality than something like a TIF, but then despite his claims, Dunk has never actually designed a website in his life. It’s all done on templates and forum software, so you can’t expect him to have the first clue about it.

  26. Whois Lookup Says:

    “Punt – the licensing laws have change following a court case two years ago. It’s not illegal to reproduce football fixtures anymore.”

    They haven’t changed – the court case you’re referring to doesn’t apply as a couple of major LFC sites were informed earlier in the year when contacted by the Football Data Co to remove fixture lists. The copyright on the fixtures still exists – there’s more information on the Press Association site which administers the licences for the fixtures.

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