Will the mole be digging up Chris Waddle's garden?

Dunk pretends his contacts at the club include board members, scouts, players, players’ friends, gatemen, player’s girlfriends and so on. The list is never ending. Sometimes he says that’s who his contacts are, other times he leads his believers towards that conclusion.

One of his regular aliases is as “The Anfield Mole”.  He pretends this is a player at the club, so he doesn’t have to bother posting during the close-season.

RedDom Gold Member

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         Anfield Mole??? 
#1542154 – Tue Jul 11 2006 11:23 PM          Reply      Quote

I’ve been an Insider for a while but am relatively new to the Gold Club. Where can I find the Anfield Mole’s info, assuming that there still is some?

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TheStig    Gold Member
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         Re: Anfield Mole???  [Re: RedDom]
#1542169 – Tue Jul 11 2006 11:33 PM          Reply      Quote


I’ve been an Insider for a while but am relatively new to the Gold Club. Where can I find the Anfield Mole’s info, assuming that there still is some?


The last update was ages back.

Dunk says there will be a new one soon.

There was a room for them to go in but that’s gone now, don’t know where.
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RedDom    Gold Member

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         Re: Anfield Mole???  [Re: TheStig]
#1542173 – Tue Jul 11 2006 11:36 PM          Reply      Quote

Cheers mate, I was worried that I might be missing something. Bit of a lurker myself (as have 3 kids 4 and under) so don’t really know my way around the Gold Club yet. 
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lordhomedale    Gold Member

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         Re: Anfield Mole???  [Re: RedDom]
#1542176 – Tue Jul 11 2006 11:41 PM          Reply      Quote

Updates used to be far more frequent. It was widely believed that Danny Murphy was the provider. Obviously, he hasn’t been around for a while. Since he left updates have been far scarcer.
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Dunk  KopTalk Editor
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         Re: Anfield Mole???  [Re: lordhomedale]
#1542185 – Tue Jul 11 2006 11:45 PM          Reply      Quote

Updates will commence when all the players are back at pre-season training.
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         Re: Anfield Mole???  [Re: Dunk]
#1542194 – Tue Jul 11 2006 11:48 PM          Reply      Quote

hey dunk has your misses threw you out? i dident think anyone could post more than anfieldforever or anfield iron
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         Re: Anfield Mole???  [Re: revo]
#1542201 – Tue Jul 11 2006 11:51 PM          Reply      Quote

The transfer window is always busy mate… I daren’t go out. Was supposed to be in Liverpool from Sunday but was told to hold back so I’m kind of restless  

So Dunk, has she thrown you out? Or did she just leave?

As for Danny Murphy being the Anfield Mole, Dunk let his members believe it was. In the end it was pretty obvious how Dunk way lying when Murphy left Anfield without any advance warning given out by Lardie.  Another site got the scoop on that story.

Dunk’s also tried to let his readers think that “Cricket69” is John Barnes – clearly not though as more than once Cricket69’s posts have come at a time inconsistent with his actual whereabouts. Like him posting from the studio on the set of a TV programme he was working for.

Then again, it’s not just Liverpool players he’s mates with…

Dunk   KopTalk Editor  
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Re: Medical whispers – Italian stuff  [Re: PoolG]

Was Waddles house any use?will we be seeing you on fat bloke with pies cribs soon? 

It’s £300k and it’s nothing special I can assure you. I have the papers here if anyone wants them scanning in. I do know that he’ll drop by £60k though!

Jealousy is what fat con-men blame all their criticism on…
Ok Dunk – let’s see those papers then. Better still, give us the name of the estate agents dealing with it. We can take it from there. Somehow, I can’t see that happening.


14 Responses to “Will the mole be digging up Chris Waddle's garden?”

  1. barry wom Says:

    I’m looking for a house and would love to have a look at one that’s being sold at 60k less than the asking price. I wonder how that works though?

    Waddle : Dunk me old mate, I’ve got a house overlooking melwood. I used it years ago to try and learn how john barnes did all his tricks. I don’t need it any more. I want 300k for it, but I’ll take 240k.

    Dunk: Sorry chris your house isn’t really all that, so i don’t think i’ll be paying 300k. even if you only want 240k. How about I offer you a lifetime gold membership and 3 packets of cheese and owen walkers?

    Then Dunk stops dreaming. Fucking arsehole.

    So basically Dunk has found out there are no houses overlooking the ptiches at melwood worth 300k, so he’s on a backtrack. There must be loads of KTers on here. Why don’t you contact him to get the info?

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    I also informed LFC about his ridiculous claims that he is going to buy a property near Melwood and film the goings and comings and the practices.

  3. fat_boy_fat Says:

    I live 5 minutes drive from Melwood. And as anyone who lives in Liverpool will say, there is NOWAY a house there is worth 300K. Virtually all of them are semi’s and although its in west derby, there is the council flats opposite (full of smack heads). Some houses in Woolton aint worth 300K

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    Well all this stuff about whether they’re are players behind user name and which players – all this guessing games – is playing into his hands. He wants to foster this mystery.

    I would really encourage people to write directly to the players every time they see references like this. Cut and paste the reference. If you feel strongly about it you might also point them to this blog.

    If the players he mentions are current players you might also inform the club, through the official site. There are contractual rules about this sort of thing. Both the club and the players and the players agents would be upset if they knew that he was saying or suggestiing that the players were in breach of contract. I don’t think they would be too bothered if it was said on YNWA or TLW or one of the genuine fan sites.

    But they would be upset if this businessman from Yorkshire-Newcastle was putting out this stuff to make money from kids and overseas LFC fans. Hopefulñy they would order him to cease and desist or get a restraining order.

    There were some LFC ex-players who allowed him to use amended copies of their syndicated columns about 4-6 years ago – and the retired Rob Jones once gave and interview and the retired Molby had a fairly bland question and answer column. But that stopped a long time ago. He didn’t pay them or they just withdrew.

  5. Neil Says:

    I remember all the Cricket69 bollocks a few years ago. Knobheads on there getting really excited thinking it really was Digger. And then somebody pointed out that Digger was on telly while Cricket was posting.

    And then Cricket moved to Australia. Adelaide I believe. And people still thought it was him. And Fatty let them. And then he stopped posting.

    You couldn’t make it up……*

    *unless you’re Fatty

  6. Ron Nasty Says:

    Didn’t someone claim to be David James too? Then he was still posting when in goal for Citeh. Maybe it was the handheld PC that was his problem not the Sega….

  7. Ringpiece Says:

    Nice one Ron Nasty.

  8. tj Says:

    Yes, *David James* is better known as the poster AnfieldAnfield2, and has had a lot of stick for posing to be a professional footballer.

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    When he was caught posting while David James was playing in goal for Citeh he said that his brother he was using his computer!

    I thought it was funny! I stillthink of anfield-anfield as David James espcially with that avatar. He aped David’s psuedo intellectual tone really well.

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    Someone told me that Glock is Maradonna.

  11. tj Says:

    Glock is very entertaining, and a funny character, and controversial – therefore his bans are always rescinded so he can continue to post.

  12. PlatinumClub Says:

    How come Chris Waddle lives on Merseyside anyway? Cant be right can it?

  13. chapeau du soleil Says:

    I am really Rick Parry. Must dash, important meeting – got to discuss some er charity work with a rotund tyke

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    If Parry calls put him off…….tell him I’m busy. He want’s something I have but he’s got to give me something first. I wan’t to keep him begging………..tell him I’ll be over to Anfield to see him before the season, if I can fit it in.

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