The words the blob forgot

A lazy Sunday afternoon in Fatland was coming to an end. The late afternoon snacking session was nearly over, soon it would be time for afternoon tea. Fatblob was wondering what to do with that five minute gap between the two eating periods. ‘I know!’ he thought, ‘I’ll go and see if there’s anything left of my site!’

He arrived to find his site was still shrinking. He found a small scrap in a corner though, and tried to feast on it –

joseph46  Gold Member
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updates from parry meeting dunk?
#1536058 – Sun Jul 09 2006 04:52 PM

Was there any updated from the meeting you had with Parry dunk? or did i miss the post…..

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richt71Moderator   Moderator
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Re: updates from parry meeting dunk? [Re: joseph46]
#1536061 – Sun Jul 09 2006 04:55 PM

Was there any updated from the meeting you had with Parry dunk? or did i miss the post…..

He’s not met him yet mate. Next week. I’m sure Dunk will post after if he can!!


Rich-tea was a believer, he trusted Fatblob. He’d shown Rich-tea the inside of the insider at a racecourse once and Rich-tea was hypnotised. He’d surely implode should he learn the truth about the message from the insider of the insider having really been sent by Wannabeblob or Old Mamblob.

Poor Fatblob. What could he do? In his anger at trying to avoid the attack of those nasty Blogtrotter monsters he had made another story up. He couldn’t even remember what he’d said any more, his fibs confused everyone. Fatblob had said that the Parry of Anfield was at his command, and begging for them to meet. Truth be known, Fatblob had no contact details for the Parry, something which had always troubled him. But what had he said? What had he made up?

‘I need a stock answer’ thought Fatblob. He looked in his book of magic – the Insider guide to hiding the truth. This was the only book Fatblob had, other than his imaginary friend, who was also a book. He went to his control centre, and tried to urge his followers to continue to believe in him. “Make it all out to be somebody else’s fault, then say you can’t say now” said the book. (Not the Anfield Exposed book – that’s imaginary as we’ve already said). He typed the message in –

Dunk Administrator KopTalk Editor
Reged: Aug 20 2004

Re: updates from parry meeting dunk? [Re: richt71]
#1536104 – Sun Jul 09 2006 05:23 PM

No. There’s too much attention on my posts at the moment so I won’t be commenting further.
Not commenting further? Fatblob thought he had found a way to get out of his made-up story. He thought that saying he’ll not comment further because of attention on his words would let him off the hook. Poor Fatblog, he was wrong. He wasn’t off the hook, the Blogtrotters were on his tail.

Why was he posting at tea-time on Monday anyway? For in the Blogtrotter blog of legend it was written of the Fatblob’s travel plans. The Fatblob had promised he would travel west to meat the Parry of Anfield, and to see the metal birds landing. This would be on Sunday he’d said. See – in /2006/07/09/koptalk-gossip-medical-midweek/ on the Blogtrotter blog of legend was this entry from the Fatblob –

“I will be on Merseyside/The North West all week. I’ll be there from Sunday > Sunday.”

Oh dear.  Fatblob had forgotten another of his tall tales. Or perhaps he was travelling later in the evening.

But alas! No! Fatblob had still not remembered his tall tale by the time another five mealtimes had passed. It was now lunchtime on Monday, and as Fatblob was eating his third small pig of the afternoon, his loyal friend RedAlSevenSeven was handing out orders on Fatblob’s behalf.

Red_Al_77  Moderator  Honorary Member
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Loc: The real world

TLW, Koptalk, and all that
#1537719 – Mon Jul 10 2006 12:03 PM

Yesterday a Koptalker went onto TLW (who are very anti Dunk and Koptalk) and ended up being abused right, left, and centre by their members. There is no moderation over there and as such the abuse continued unabated. The KT member gave as good as he got. (That’s different to what I saw – Narrator.) In my opinion and having spoken at length to Dunk over the weekend I feel such inter forum incidents are entirely counter productive.

We all want to defend Koptalk but the members on TLW are not for turning. Some are so obsessed as to have lost all reasoning and ability to have a sensible argument. Not all TLW members are so inclined, in fact some are also members here, but there are a number who have a distinct apathy to this site.

Getting into an argument with them only fuels the current animosity and this current round of attacks on Dunk and Koptalk. It is best if we left them to just grow tired of it all.

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Oh dear, it seems some of the children of the land of the Blobs have got the wrong idea about the Blogtrotter monsters. They no more wear the TLW badge than Fatblob speaks with Steven Gerrard or has a recording of Peter Crouch. Still, it’s no surprise that the TLW people are on the side of the Blogtrotter monsters. Sanity and full knowledge of the truth are not compatible with anyone wishing to stay a Fatblob follower.

It seemed the Blobbie called “kaip” was confused. His knowledge was not yet full, his comments not yet accurate –

Honorary Member
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Re: TLW, Koptalk, and all that [Re: Red_Al_77]
#1537763 – Mon Jul 10 2006 12:21 PM    
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Yep…….that site is sh!te but they do a good fanzine

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Fatblob could not resist a chance for a speech. He was still forgetting he was meant to be in the North West of the country of England, his lie now a distant faded memory for him. So he blew his cover and shouted out – ‘Do not acknowledge us anywhere else. Do not speak anywhere else. For I am the one true Blob and you will obey me.’

Dunk Administrator
KopTalk Editor
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Re: TLW, Koptalk, and all that [Re: kaip]
#1537777 – Mon Jul 10 2006 12:25 PM    
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God yeh, don’t lower yourselves to anyone elses standards. It’s pathetic and even though you want to get stuck in, we just ignore them because it’s what happens here that counts

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

And with that, yet another brick fell from the crumbling empire of the Fatland Blob HQ.


3 Responses to “The words the blob forgot”

  1. lobster Says:

    cant believe that bunch of idiots, with a massive amount of proofs showing the cheating fat dude, they still want to believe in him, listening to his “gospel”

  2. Toby Says:

    “Don’t stray to the dark side”

  3. Fat Tax Says:

    I love the way he’s still justufying not giving out information to his paying members because people are “paying attention” to it. Sensitive little soul, isn’t he. Although I am a member over there, I’ve never given Jabba a £ of my money and it’s a good job too. If I had, I might be inclined to say something like:

    “Listen you soppy twat, I couldn’t give two fucks what people are saying about you on a blog, I PAY for a service that you’re refusing to provide! Where’s my refund? And whilst we’re at it, where’s my fucking boooooooookkkkk? Bastard.”

    Come on Dunk, peddle your lies. Dig your own hole. Best make it a big one though.

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