Koptalk: The Mole will be back soon

Quick set of updates from the owner of Koptalk, Mr Duncan Oldham.

First of all, another insight into how he gets his “insider” info. Asked about the medicals he’d spoken about last week –

Dunk  Re: FAO Dunk or anyone else? [Re: fatheadmurp]
#1538912 – Mon Jul 10 2006 07:56 PM

There’s a rumour doing the rounds that someone’s due in later in the week (north west airport) for Liverpool.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Thirty quid for rumours. Probably from other sites too.

Here’s an early warning that one of Dunk’s aliases is to be dusted off and given an airing –

Dunk  Re: Where’s all Editors Bits Gone [Re: ChasboyLFC]
#1538567 – Mon Jul 10 2006 05:16 PM

I’m changing all the stuff on the site. Moving things round etc for the new season. Everything will return in time along with the Mole when he answers his phone!
– – – – – – – – – – – – –

A question on the mysterious “Chloe”. She doesn’t really exist as far as we can tell, but Dunk’s got an idea to explain her disappearance. He’s not murdered her, in true soap style, she’s just got a job that she gets paid for!

Dunk  Re: Couple of old pics [Re: lechacal]
#1538126 – Mon Jul 10 2006 02:26 PM
I want to see some pics of Chloe

LOL… she aint been about much recently… too much work at her real job and Steve’s doing much more now bless him
– – – – – – – – – – – – –

And a little more about Chloe. Yep, she’s one of his family. Will he ever employ anyone outside the family?

KopTalk Editor
Reged: Aug 20 2004
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Re: Couple of old pics [Re: kris90210]
#1538447 – Mon Jul 10 2006 04:27 PM

Quote: is she fit then?

She’s family so I can’t comment.

Got a new bird starting this week though as a moderator

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

This new “bird” (name very similar to his Mum’s) was supposed to start today. Then again Dunk told us he would be in the North West starting yesterday. He’s still at home with his copy of the Sun.

13 Responses to “Koptalk: The Mole will be back soon”

  1. rupertinsider Says:

    But he just said she is starting as “moderator”. So are the moderators “headquarters staff” now?

    Maybe the Gold Club members are headquarters staff, too, even the lurkers.

    Maybe we are his staff, too, and all those little fairies at the bottom of his garden – they’re staff, too.

    Its easy to have a large staff when you don’t have to pay them any more than you pay Stevie, bless him.

  2. Redz Says:

    Tonights bullshit post, fuck me why can’t he just fuck off to the big market an shag a slag then die of aids.

    KopTalk Editor
    Posts: 2092

    Loc: KOPTALK
    10-07-06 05:56 PM – Post#261055

    Rumour has it someone’s flying into the North West this week ahead of a proposed transfer to Anfield Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius…

    Crowd Control
    Posts: 1196

    Age: 34
    Loc: Huyton
    10-07-06 06:09 PM – Post#261082
    In response to Dunk

    Get your pies and flask and get going then..

    KopTalk Editor
    Posts: 2092

    Loc: KOPTALK
    10-07-06 06:53 PM – Post#261143
    In response to livvy145

    How do you know I’m not already there Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius…

    1st Team Player
    Posts: 1466

    Age: 27
    Loc: Getting head waxed
    10-07-06 07:44 PM – Post#261249
    In response to Dunk

    Who is it? Don’t spank my monkey!

    Crowd Control
    Posts: 3787

    10-07-06 07:49 PM – Post#261255
    In response to Xability




    Crowd Control
    Posts: 1196

    Age: 34
    Loc: Huyton
    10-07-06 08:17 PM – Post#261294
    In response to robinhood

    I’ve heard that Alves could be signing in the next 24 hours, for £9.5 millions.

    You never know!!

  3. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Now comeon fellers, lets cut dunk a little slack here. He may have lost his Great Britian road map, its not like he has been to the northwest before to know where it is.

    Hey fat boy pie eating Mr Vanessa Feltz i’ll do you a favour. Click the link and type LIVERPOOL in it and it will tell you how you get there. Now all you need is a reinforced car to get you there


  4. Fat Tax Says:

    “Will he ever employ anyone outside the family?”

    That’s the wrong way round surely?

    “Would anyone outside the family ever work for him?”

  5. chapeau du soleil Says:

    is he rich or poor this week? Just wondering whether he will pretend to go to the airport with a Superdrug throwaway (3 for 2) or a Nikon D2Xs

  6. VQ Says:

    Can I just say something here .
    I have no axe to grind either way.
    I don’t pay for the insider, and I have never sent money to the site, nor have I felt any compunction to do so.
    I have fallen out with the man a couple of times, over the years, and tried other sites, and am indeed registered on other sites that I visit.
    However as a matter of preference I have always ended back at KT, regardless of who runs the site, we have quite a nice little community going.
    Yes of course there are some nobs , of course there are on all sites, the one thing I do like about most of the posters on KT is a lack of pretentiousness that is found on some of the more popular “rival” sites.
    By all means continue with your expose, I watch the results with interest, however it is really starting to whiff of personalities, and becoming to sound a little bitter, and and twisted and banal rather than factual.


  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Michael Owen sent over the helicopter to pick him up.

  8. Whois Lookup Says:

    He used to have someone called “Paula” working for him as well. He’s probably forgotten about her too now. Police not sure whether to dig up the patio in Scarborough or Wallsend.

  9. univofchicago Says:

    “shes a family so can’t comment”?!?

    well…it goes against his rationale of commenting on all sorts of family issues to make money and appease his sympathisizers, doesn’t it?

    talks about lauren’s illness to raise money for himself…

    talks about his wife / loss of his son to encourage people to buy his book…

    employs his mom, step-brother, son & daughter and spreads their pics, email and identity all over the web…


    he can’t comment about chloe because shes a family?!?!?!?!?

    what a joke…

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    “Police not sure whether to dig up the patio in Scarborough or Wallsend.”

    Well if they’re bright enough to notice how his editorials are littered with Fred West references, they might start in the cellar.

  11. Lindsay Says:

    Without this turning violent I say we go knocking on his door and ask some question, for a start I want my money back that I contributed towards Laurens charity. It isn’t a registered charity so I am entitled to it back!

    Who’s up for paying Dunc a visit?

  12. Red-Ash Says:

    I’ve been a gold club member for two years, I lurk rather than post but I paid a fiver for the book. I donated money to the appeal for his cousin.

    I’m nearly thirty years old. I have a university education. I earn a living trying to expose stupid, corrupt, mendacious, avaricious, lying scumbags in politics and I FELL FOR THIS FAT TWATS NONSENSE! Thank you for bringing the scales from my eyes and simoultaneously making me more embarassed than I think I’ve ever been! We have to bring this scumbag down. I never expected much for my money, I was content to treat it as an absurd luxury and never really anticipated a lot in return from the “Gold club” but I draw the line at supporting someone’s benefit fraud/internet scams and as for the Lauren business… that just leaves me feeling sick.

    Well done to all involved. Keep going, you’ve got him rattled. There are now almost as many stickies in the insider forums dedicated to keeping members away from uncomfortable truths as there are actual posts. If there’s anything, anything at all I can do to help don’t hesitate to let me know.

  13. LeChacal Says:

    Why do you think i asked for Chloe’s picture….?

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