Dunk's 'Charidee' Work

A quick call to the Charity Commission this morning confirmed what we suspected; there is not, and never has been, any charity by the name of the Lauren Forsyth Appeal. They advised that a report be made to the relevant police force.

I called Staffordshire Police, who took a report from me. They asked for the web site address and the name of the person that cheques were to be made payable to (YNWA Lauren, PO Box 556, NE28 7WZ). I also gave them the name and PO Box address of the ‘company’ involved (Koptalk.com, PO Box 556, NE28 7WZ… oh, hang on, they’re the same… silly me.)

I advised the police of the call made to Koptalk yesterday where one of our commenters asked Steve for the registered charity number and why the cheques were to made payable to Dunk’s mum, and also the response to that (phone slammed down and the removal of the website).

They are now looking into it and have my E-Mail address so that they can request more information from myself, which I will readily give them.

Hopefully, this will mean that something will be done. When I saw that Fatty was accusing some people, possibly ourselves, of threatening behaviour, I knew it was time to do something.

Dunk knows that all he needs to do is take the E-Mails to his local police station (which I’ve just called!) and they will be able to help him. However, it really would help his case if these E-Mails did exist.


37 Responses to “Dunk's 'Charidee' Work”

  1. Sinon Says:

    Dirty fat twat. I’ll try and spread the word to KT.

    Well done Mr Insider.

  2. Chris Says:

    Well in mate, good stuff.

    Heres hoping him and his disgusting schemes are brought down.

  3. lobster Says:

    Good job! Hope justice is served

  4. chapeau du soleil Says:


    “In general, a purpose is not charitable if it is mainly for the benefit of a named person or specific individuals. It will also not be charitable if the people who will benefit from it are defined by a personal or contractual relationship with each other. For example, if the beneficiaries are related or connected to the person who is setting up the charity”

    That explains that he probably couldn’t have set it up as a charity. I guess that in this case, the money collected has to be treated as income?

    btw Mr Creosote, this isn’t an attack on your family or a denial of a possibly-worthy cause, the actions are designed to force some transparency into what you are doing with the money you are collecting in the name of your tragedy-stricken relative. I certainly have my doubts but I am sure you’ve been keeping an account of where it’s gone and can explain every penny 🙂

  5. Right Insider Says:

    That’s for the police to sort out now. 🙂

  6. Ian Randyman Says:

    3 cheers to you man. Good job

  7. willrobbo Says:

    Nice one, Insider… guess the Charity Commission won’t be needing my E-Mail then!!

  8. Toby Says:

    Cue heart-wrenching editorial complaining of threats to his family, health concerns, boasts of record-breaking stats, delusions of grandeur and thoughts about quitting the whole ‘hobby’ in favour of a limited number VIP-only site…

  9. Mark S Says:

    Holy shit…. I was conned into give money to this scumbag. I helped him pay for his relatives mortgage – whilse he helped himself to a new house and several new motors. It’s a bloody disgrace. Insider, you should be proud of bringing down this class A scam arist.

  10. Chunka Says:

    where does the “paying the mortgage” thread fit into this?

    It used to be on there about a year ago. dunno if it still is

  11. univofchicago Says:

    on one hand, im kind of happy this charity scam is going somewhere.

    on the other hand, its kind of sad that this charity scam is only just a very SMALL part of the big picture. theres been a whole lot more (and much more serious) scams that oldham has participated in.

    i guess its better than nothing…

  12. willrobbo Says:

    As you say, it’s better than nothing.

    Once the police are involved, Dunk’s finished and he knows that. That’s why he’s trying to cover his tracks. Pity there’s a screenshot on this post:


    And it’s a pity that Google cache all the pages that they index.

    If this campaign goes on long enough, Koptalk will have no visitors and hopefully Dunk will be dragged in front of a judge.

  13. silent bob Says:

    I can’t believe that I and a number of other people got conned by this cunt into paying cash every month for the mortgage. Incidentally the paypal account was to Andrew Forsythe, I wonder if the police can get paypal to release information of which account monies pledged to that account went to. I’m sure we can probably all guess….

  14. Mark S Says:

    The mortgage scam fits in perfectly….imagine he was collecting a nice 1000 quid a month – of which he slices off 20-30% for ‘administration fee’s’. Next thing you know, the fat bastard is paying for a new motor and renovation to Koptalk HQ – whilst leaving me to pay for his fking relative’s house. It’s absolutely sick.

    I want to see the recipts for the mortgage payments – as well as bank and paypall details of how much he actually was raising and paying out.

  15. motty Says:

    Top stuff mr insider. I’m a very long term contributor to KT which I now hold in utter contempt. I knew mr creosote was involved is some dodgy deals but all this takes the biscuit big style.

    I will continue to vist KT and start posting *difficult* questions. 🙂

  16. hoff Says:

    Could someone explain the role of the ‘mods’ on the site in all of this?

    Are they unwitting participants in Dunks scam?

    Several of them seem pretty decent folks and a i know that several have season tickets / regularly attend games……

  17. Part Time Poster Says:

    Well done insider, I truely hope that it’s not true, it would be shocking if another human being used something like this for their own benefit. If it is true and Dunk has been pocketing the ‘Wonga’ hope he gets what he deserves.

  18. rupert Says:

    Trying to look at it from an objective “auditing”point of view – it is fundamental that one does not mix private, business and charitable income in the same personal bank account.

    Even if one were well know to be an honest person it would raise reasonable concern that (a) the monies are not being accounted for adequately (b) that the monies are being diverted from their original purpose (c) that taxes or official returns are being avoided (d) that source of income is being hidden from those agencies that need to know.

    Sometimes people stumble into this situation because they take on a fund-raising cause or a business activity as a sideline and it grows quicker than they expected and it is not until they have to make an annual return or declare their income to the tax department of income support or until their accountant warns them, that they adjust and make everything right.

    In Fatso’s case it has been a pattern for many years. He has raised funds for Afghanisthan and African orphans and this and that other community cause. As far as I know he always asked that the money be sent to him personally. Even after questions have asked in public he has continued with this practice. Now it maybe that he has a formal agreement with his bank that they separate out the money he receives into his personal bank account for charities and for business and for himself – maybe they have set up sub-accounts. I find it hard to conceive how this would be done. It would seem to much simpler and more transparent to have different accoutns for each charity and for his business and for himself. In fact, banks would be very careful not to be involved unless it was all very transparent and controlled. Haas anyone ever seen him mention the name or branch of the bank that their charitable where their charitable contibutions or their deposit in trust are deposited?

    It is not as though he is naive. He boasts about being an accomplished businessman. He sues the owners of other sites.

    There is no trace of Duncan Oldham in the register of company directors. So his various companies and enterprises are probably not registerd – at least not under his name. We know his “charities” are not registered either. Therefore there are no public records of his finances.

    We are not talking about a lemondade stand in front of his house. This is a guy who claims an income of 250,000 a year on his MySpace profile, and who boasts of taking in hundreds of thousands of pounds in other contexts on KT, and who boasts about his ability to buy multiple properites and vehicles and expensive audio-video hardware.

    According to his own admission he is holding up to 100,000 in deposits on his book. This money is supposed to be in trust.

    It would be interesting to know if he keeps any accounts and whether they are supervised or audited by a certified accountant. That at least would be comforting for all those who send him money for charity or for goods and services or to be held in trust.

    Any accountant involved who turned a blind eye to oen of hsi clients mixing funds, or not collecting or paying VAT, or filing incomplete or false tax returns or no tax returns or breaching trust would be in serious trouble.

    Perhaps Fatso can reassure us by giving publishing his accounts? . If not perhaps he could give us the name of the firm or individual who keeps his books or audits them? if not perhaps he could just make a simple statement that he does keep books and does have them audited? Or at least that that he does make full returns on VAT, and regarding income tax and to the Department of Employment?

    There are other problems with his public accounting. He repeatedly declares that Steve MacCleish works 16-18 hours a day at KT a day without pay (and then guards the KT office at night also for free) and that his mother works for KT without pay. I fidn this puzzling. Its almsot as if he trying to convince someone that Steve, his step-brother, and his mother do not have any income even though they work very hard. Now who would need to know that apart from Internal Revenue and any other government agency which provides income support or other benefits based on income?

    Its a bit odd really, because by declaring they work for free he implies that he keeps all the income from KT and the charities for himself even if. in fact, heg ives Steve and his mother “gifts” for food and other living expenses.

    Now why would he want to inflate his income in that way ? After all he would have to declare it all to Internal Revenue wouldn’t he?

  19. rupert Says:

    Sorry for the many typos etc – I have a problem with reading the small print.

  20. rupert Says:

    chapeau – the clause you quoted above regarding charities – it really is addressing which “charities” can be registered as tax-exempt. In other words, if the appeal for money is for an individual or relatives or business contacts of the organiser, as stated in that clause, the recipient of the money cannot be granted tax-exempt status. The money has to be declared as income for tax purposes by whoever receives the money – in this case Fatso or the family.

    If someone wants to engage in arms-length charitable work for others who are not relatives or business partners and if that person wants the work to be tax-exempt then that person has to register the proposed activity with the commisioner. If the commissioner considers the charity to be genuine he will grant tax-exempt status and give the charity a registered number which must be cited on all appeals and all receipts. But the charity will then have to make annual returns and prove it is honouring the terms of the charter given it by the commisioner. One of the conditions it must observe is to keep separate and distinct accounts and not to mix the charity’s income with other income. Before a charity is approved the commission vets the history of the individuals who are setting it up.

    As I said a few days ago – it is possible in the UK (or it was a few years ago) to set up an appeal for funds for an individual or for any cause without registering it. But it would not be tax-exempt. The normal procedure in such cases, and the common sense rule, is to ask for donations to be sent to a bank account set up in a specific named bank for the sole purpose of the appeal. It is also normal to provide receipts for donations and to keep books and provide accounts to donors, if requested.

    I have not studied the Fatso case – it might be that he received all donations into his personal account or the account of his mother and then – after questions were raised by us – directed that future monies be sent to an association – Scope – which may be a registered charity.

  21. Fred Says:

    I’ve been a member of KopTalk for a number of years now, and although I find Dunk a bit irritating I still enjoy the site for what it is (my subscription to KopTalk is much more worthwhile than the money I’ve wasted on LFC.tv). I’d never read any of these anti-Dunk allegations before the weekend, but when he made an appeal for support on KopTalk I started to get a little inquisitive.

    I’ve read the comments about KopTalk or more specifically about Dunk on this site/blog and on other Liverpool FC sites and I’m quite shocked. Thinking about some of the things that have been written I have to say that they sound plausible. I’ll certainly be watching this space with interest.

  22. Right Insider Says:


    Thanks for that, it’s cleared a lot up.

    The main question now is WHERE did the money go that was already sent in?

    Or is that a stupid question…?

    Right Insider

  23. Chunka Says:

    I noticed that they are after nightime Moderators now. The fear is setting in.

    Night watchmen………

  24. fat_boy_fat Says:

    I think the Dark side is massively wobbling. The events of the weakend seem to have shifted things in our Favour. Est1892.co.uk has well over doubled its users since saturday.
    And with the good men on this site phoning the cops over his charity scam and myself putting in a benefit/tax fraud form, i think Dunk is about to collaspe.
    I give it a a few months before its over

  25. Rashid Says:

    Glad he’s getting his commupance, I used to be a regular on there as some of you probably know but fucked it off despite his desperate plea’s to get me back. He’s offered me free Gold Club membership and mod duties to get me back. How sad is he?

  26. Toby Says:

    Is Robert Maxwell’s yacht still available? He may want to take a little cruise around the Med.

  27. rupert Says:

    This is from the thread on KT today announcing the appointment of new moderators:

    “In terms of traffic, fame, notoriety, debate-origination, thread-generation and every other on-line community measure that you can think of, there isn’t anyone more important to this site than Ryan and me.

    And Dunkin knows it”

    It was followed by a smiley from “Dunk”.

    It confirms that Brendan is fully aware of his and Ryan’s special relationship of collaboration with Dunk. And it supports my argument that we sould treat the two of them differently from the other posters on the site.

    I didn’t read all the thread but there are a few references to this blog by the increasingly paranoid Ryan.

    He is trying to have it both ways. He wants to imply in ways too subtle for the dense Fatso to notice that he distances himself from Fatso and some of the KT’s practices, while at the same time claiming to be a leading actor on KT. Today he threatened to defect to us because he was not made moderator.

    The moderator Mark 1975 remarked the other day that in real life Ryan is quite different from the persona he adopts on KT. If that’s true Ryan you’d be welcome over here. You have assimilated the Pobitch style of “look at me” communication quite well, but you’re till a little weak on analysis – you need some substance in your life.

    You appear to be groping for a coherent analysis of why you continue on KT even after discovering from us what it stands for in the wider LFC community. You are saying that as bad as posting on KT is, posting about posting on KT (i.e. this blog) is worse.

    I think you are more intelligent than that – or maybe not. You post on KT for entertainment. No harm with that – especially if you have a dead-end job. We post on here about KT activities. If you still don’t know what they are, scroll back.

  28. rupert Says:

    I may not have made clear that the post I quoted above was from Brendan.

    He seems to have overcome his funk after discovering our blog. He is now making tenative appearances on KT again somewhat shorn of his personal insults.

    The image of a plucked chicken – comes to mind.

  29. Lindsay Says:

    I am severely pissed off at Dunk – to the point that I feel like paying a personal visit to Koptalk HQ and demanding some answers.

    If this fat **** has ripped me off he’ll have more than the police to worry about, he’ll have the wrath of every decent red who he has conned.

    Be warned Dunk when you read this – we want answers.

  30. rupert Says:


    Why don’t you tell us some of his dirty secrets? You were his most active contributor and loyalist moderator – you actually appointed DJ and some of the other mods. You stood by him when most of the 200-2002 generation left his site. You defended him on other sites. You took a lot of shit for it. Now he always refers to you in disparaging terms – I’ve seen two such references in the last three weeks.

    I remember you were one of the first to have the guts to come on the old kraptalk.com site and give your reaction to the criticism of him. Bascially you said that if he was guilty of some of the practices we accused you did not condone it. But as far as you know he and his site was genuine and as long as you believed that you would stick with it to talk about football. I then saw you defend his site and adopt the rule that anyone who criticised it from within should be banned.

    In my view your position was principled if wrong. He was guilty. He was lucky to have you during that period.

    If you can help out with the history with ojr project and want to do it privately you could write to Insider or to me or to Right Insider. I’ll give you the emails addys in the next post.

    But it would also be useful if you could make a few public posts, too, and pass the word.

  31. rupert Says:

    E-mail us if you have any information of Oldham’s or KT history, or current activites :

    KT Insider (founder of this blog) – koptalkinsider@googlemail.com

    Rupert (contributor) – rupert.insider@googlemail.com

    Right Insider (contributor) – fatdunk@googlemail.com

  32. Lindsay Says:

    Anyone know where KT HQ is exactly?

  33. rupertinsider Says:

    I got that wrong again. It is rupert.insider@googlemail.com Its all a bit confusing because wordpress changes my user name to rupertinsider. But my email is rupert.insider@googlemail.com

    Thanks for the email which pointed out my mistake.

  34. Lindsay Says:

    Where is the evidence of his contributions every month to Cancer Research UK like promised for Gold Club Members – come on you fat bastard if you don’t provide proof I’ll take you down myself.

    Scum of the earth.

  35. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Lindsay, probably in the same place as the Crouch tape

  36. PoolG Says:

    Have the Bizzies done anymore on this or what?

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