The dictator dictates some more.

Thanks to the many people who leave comments on the site – and if you are one of those who doesn’t really read them then I suggest you do. Some interesting stuff gets said in those comments! We found this one earlier.

This is what awaits ‘members’ who’ve been locked out as I found this morning:

If you cannot find your email confirming your entitlement to a life-time sub or competition prize, don’t panic. I have asked Steve and Co. to draw me up a list of those of you who have lost your info and I promise you I’ll try and find a sensible way of locating your details etc but it could take a bit of time.

Because there are so many idiots lurking around we need to get on record who’s who and how they got here.

I will personally see that everyone who should be in gets in. This may though require you to provide some form of ID or proof of address.

Please note that not everyone has been affected. Those who have provided what we have requested have been let straight back in.

Anyone who is abusive or awkward to any member of KOPTALK who is trying to help you via the ticketing system or telephone support will not be allowed access regardless. Fortunately 99.9% of those locked out have been great but you always get 1 who thinks they can talk to people like sh*te.

We are doing our best to help ya


More than likely, FatBoy has read comments from me on here and decided to lock my account.

Well, I’ll tell you this Fat F*ck: I don’t need to prove who I am because I have a 1yr subscription to your Krapfest which doesn’t run out until Sept, and it’s all documented on PayPal, a service you seem very keen on abusing. Don’t worry Fatboy, I’ve emailed them too. Like I emailed Hotmail for you hacking passwords and like I emailed Adobe and Macromedia’s anti-piracy departments. And like I will be contacting anyone else whose products/services I see you abusing. Just like many, many other people here.

And you know what it’s all about for me? I’m not some internet geek on a crusade. I’m a scouser and your protection and vindication of THAT rag has really fuckin rattled me. Conmen come and go and a fool and his money are soon parted, but i think you’ve picked on the wrong f*ckin crowd this time, Fatty. I hope you’re scared, cos me, I’d be f*ckin terrified.

I changed some “u”s to “*”s. Other than that it’s as it was found in the comments. An angry customer of Koptalk. Not a former customer, because he’s still owed a few months of his membership. At least a quarter, if not a third. So that’s maybe eight or ten quid’s worth.

It’s not the only place where Fatty has admitted he is quite happy to keep paying customers from receiving what they’ve paid for. No matter how poor the product, they are still entitled to it if they’ve paid for it. Trouble is, Koptalk policy is not that the customer is always right, Koptalk policy is that Duncan Oldham is always right.

Truth is, he’s rarely right.

Look at this – not only do you have to pay, but you have to post as and when the dictator tells you – KopTalk Staff
Reged: Jul 28 2003

How To Keep Your Username Etc.
#1536115 – Sun Jul 09 2006 05:31 PM

Any account that shows no sign of activity (no posts) will soon be deleted from the database. If you wish to keep your membership open, please post at least one message or comment in any of our forums.

While we encourage participation, we understand that some members like to lurk. However, there is now an auto-delete feature on the forum software which will delete inactive accounts over a set period of time. This is also applicable on the

If your account is deleted, your membership would remain active but we would need to create a new username for you.

A simple post every now and then will ensure you do not experience any kind of lockout.

Thankyou for your co-operation.

Remember RoboCop? “Thank you for your co-operation” was his catch-phrase. Dunk would make a crap robot though when you think about it. You’d need more steel than the new Anfield needs for starters. When Anfield is built, will be have new nets to score in or will we re-use the old ones? If we are re-using the old ones then Dunk could get that Anfield job he dreams of after all. Here he is talking about his moving of goal-posts again.

Dunk KopTalk Editor
Re: So what is the truth? [Re: GREENHEY]
#1537141 – 10/07/06 01:31 AM

I’m not confident at all on the finance front at the moment. Either people are deliberately keeping me in the dark because I drop snippets to you guys or they’ve made a u-turn.

We saw several approaches/links in April/May but none were what I expected. I was told they were holding back until July. No news since.

As the person who sent this to us points out – maybe he was never in the know. Actually get rid of the “maybe”. He’s not even able to make stuff up now because he’s being watched. Hi again Dunk, we know you’re reading… Will this be Jeana’s job when she starts today – reading our blog?


10 Responses to “The dictator dictates some more.”

  1. Michael K ( Support) Says:

    Dunk seems to think the posters/contributers on the I-I are lurkers. I can only speak for myself but I certainly couldn’t be classed as a lurker with a post count in the 5 figures (sad I know).

  2. Toby Says:

    Koptalk is no different from any other LFC community on the web, in that at least 75% of its members are lurkers, with only the vocal 25% contributing to discussions. Duncan is threatening the majority into posting to help salvage his traffic, yet there’s absolutely no way in the world he would lock out that number of potential subscribers. Just another threat!

  3. Sinon Says:

    From KakTalk’s Goodbye Piedro on the general forum, posted by AnfieldAndfield2 (Jamo):

    “But all the best in the future, I’ve geniunely enjoyed the past two or three years on Koptalk, my overwhelming (and best) memories of Pete (and of Koptalk as a whole for that matter) will be the last couple of months we spent on the the ‘old’ site, with Pete in amongst the heart of it all.

    Koptalk was absolutely booming at that stage, the banter was immense, discussions frantic, and there was an ad hoc approach to the running of the site which was well recieved. ”

    And then Mark1975 replied:

    “I agree, that was THE best time on KT, though I think Pete found his spiritual home when he was given the ‘shoutbox’.”

    Its working guys, well done. The ‘regular’ and valued contributors are leaving now that they know the truth, and the site is becoming derelict. I still have a look occasionally but there isn’t a ‘community’ anymore, in the way that the fat twat wants.

    Last one out please turn off the lights…

  4. univofchicago Says:

    “I’m not confident at all on the finance front at the moment” = Im clueless as fcuk, always have been and still is. My newsfeeds aren’t telling me anything. Other forums have gone quiet. So my guess is that nothing is happening at the moment.

  5. lobster Says:

    the news updates are slow as well these days, he is probably scared of copy and paste too much now and get caught

  6. rupert Says:

    Isn’t “mark 1975” a KT moderator? If so he, himself, “left” KT a month or so in disgust at what he described as “the zoo” but he was back within days. When he left for those few days the likes of Ryan and Brendan said “good riddance”.

    It’s not so hard that he went back. Once a person gets involved in daily communication with a group on the net its very hard to break away – its an addiction. It sometimes takes two or three efforts. I think the trick is to find somewhere else. You might feel like a stranger in a new group for a few weeks but eventually you are one of the crowd. Better still if some of your mates from the old group go with you.

    The decision really is do you want to continue in KT knowing what you know. However much you say “I’m only there for the banter with my mates”, you have to know that Fatso could not continue ripping off the club and its supporters if his hits below certain critical levels. Those who participate at KT significantly are not only putting money in his pocket but also allowing him to boast that his aims and values are being supported by LFC fans.

    Piedro – to whom they are saying goodbye – came on here a week or so ago, asking us to mention him more because he was a KT rebel. Actually he was, in his own way. He used to keep asking Fatso “where’s my ipod” referring to a prize he won but did not receive. That was quite an act of rebellion given Fatso’s dictatorial attitude to anyone who questioned him. I think Piedro was banned a few times for his trouble.

  7. univofchicago Says:

    ah…so its piedro who is leaving…

    i remember a thread in koptalk about a month ago “who would be most suited to the manager’s job at lfc”. i think piedro got most of the votes. didn’t see much of him when i was around but ppl seem to respect him a lot.

    as for mark1975, he is one of the few posters i really liked. like you said rupert, its a shame that he hasn’t distanced himself from KT yet. i think hes smart enough to see the flaws/lies/scams in the site, hes just finding it hard to break away because hes been there for so long.

  8. rupert Says:

    I think its piedro. He announced he wont’ be posting because of his new job. I don’t know any other “peter”.

  9. lobster Says:

    mark1975 is a decent bloke

  10. tj Says:

    mark1975 and piedro are both top lads.

    Ryan20 and Brendan are controversial, but are also very witty.

    Rosco think’s he’s cleverer then he actually is – and is not even a qualified lawyer.

    Dj Sydney is the worst on there. One of the worst posters i’ve ever seen.

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