What others think of Koptalk

I am working my through emails and comments and getting somewhere towards a more “at a glance” guide to Koptalk / Caboodle / Duncan Oldham etc. In the meantime somewhere certainly worth looking is Wikipedia. I’ve not contributed to the Koptalk page myself, but it’s looking like it will a good starting point for some insight into what Duncan has been up to over the years. The biggest problem will be vandalism, clearly he’s already tried to change the entry to meet his own needs, but an army of experienced “Wikipedia-ers” (or whatever they are called) seem to be on hand and awaiting any of this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koptalk

Rather than hearing my views all the time, it’s good to hear what others say. This is something that “Rupert” put in some comments on one of the articles on this site. I think you’ll find it’s a pretty good read. It’s in response to Oldham’s claims as to what motivates us all to write about him…

I am not banned from Koptalk. I visit it daily and post there sometimes. I communicate with the owner on occasions. I am not interested in setting up other web sites . I support this web site because it is dedicated to ridding LFC of the leach that is Duncan Oldham.

I object to his support for the S** in his buying the newspaper daily, using it as a source of information on LFC, providing gossip and scandal to the S** about LFC, its players and administrators in exchange for money, gifts or a mention of KT, and his distortion and belittlling the efforts of the families of those killed at Hillsborough to extract an apology from the S** for its slander of their dead children, brothers and fathers and of all Liverpool supporters there on that day.

I also object to his cynical lies in pretending to have contacts at LFC – in the boardroom, with the Executive Director, with painters and gatemen with members of the Gold Club who are alleged “in the know” – many of whom are simply his own aliases. He uses this technique to tell lies about LFC’s plans and then selling these lies to members of his Gold Club – especially overseas members from Asia and from Australia and the United States and Canada – and then he boasts about how profitable these lies are to him.

I object to his double-billing members and billing them after he or they have cancelled their membership.

I object to his gagging of those who contribute posts – forbidding all criticism of him and his outfit, and doing all he can to block communication between his members so they will not discover independent sources of information and criticism such as this site.

I object to him stealing the domain names of other LFC – including the LFC club itself, and then directing traffic intended for them to his own sites. I object him to raiding online references such as Wikipedia to re-write them to publicise his site and eradicate mention of other sites. I object to him lying about his membership and his hits and the status of his site as No. 1.

I object to him cashing in on the goodwill of LFC supporters to raise money for a variety of charitable causes – some of which are intended to benefit his family – and then to insist on all donations are made out to him, personally, or to his mother. I object to his failure to register any of these causes or charities with the government or follow the normal procedures. I object to his failure to issue receipts or accounts respecting the monies he raises.

I object to his stealing copy from other sites and from other publications and media outlets and not only publishing them on KT but claiming that they are exclusive to KT and using them as justification for charging fees.

I object to his vicious anti-Fowler campaign with all its lies and deceit for the purpose of increasing hits on his site and I object to his “editorial” headline the day Fowler was forced out of LFC “Close the Door on Your Way Out”.

I object to his mockery of Peter Crouch and his introduction of the name “Lurch” in Peter’s first season at the club.

I obect to the bitter anti-LFC tone (players, manager, supporters) of his site which marks it out as different from all other LFC sites. I object to the protection and praise he gives his most frequent posters who reflect his anti-LFC mockery.

I object to his constant promotion of a book “Anfield Exposed” that suggests that Anfield is a place that needs to be exposed. I object to the fact that he takes advance payments for this book from LFC fans (recently suggesting that he has taken 100,000 sterling) when, in fact there is no such book and the tentative publication date has been postponed from one year to the next.

I object to his using the proud name of LFC to attract people to his site to sell them porn, dating services and inflict on them his Little England views and his constant references to a sexual serial killer of children, his sympathy for the rapists (on KT radio) of young girls, his references to his sexual exploits on MySpace, and his sexual pursuits in bars, along with his constant appeal for sympathy (and money) respecting his dysfunctional family life. In other words I object to his attempt to force my attention on him and his life.

I obect to him touting LFC tickets.

I object to him using the profits he makes from LFC fans to set up similar scam sites for Newcastle, Spurs and Forest.

I object to him saying that he attends LFC matches when he does not, and the efforts he goes to to give the impression he is in Liverpool a lot. He does not come from Liverpool and he lives in Mansfield having originally come from Yorkshire. I object to his attempts to report and interpret what genuine Liverpudlians or genuine LFC fans think and feel. I object to his S** like slander of Liverpool people.

I object to his using an LFC site for scams intended to fleece Livepool supporters.

These are just a few of the things to which I object.

I would not be able to hint at any one of them on his site without being banned.

Thanks Rupert – the only thing you may have wrong there is saying he lives in Mansfield – he lives in Walsall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne as far as we know. Mansfield would probably be another place he’d like to live though, it being in Nottinghamshire and not far north of one of the other clubs he claims to be planning on making a fan-site for.

We’d just like to point out that Rupert recieved no payment for that article, because we never promised him anything. Unlike other writers who were offered money by Duncan Oldham to write for Koptalk, only to find he refused to pay them.


4 Responses to “What others think of Koptalk”

  1. kopwank Says:

    Interesting edits on Wikipedia!


    “However, these are rumours circulated by bitter fans who had their registration to the site barred.”

    I think it’s more likely that the first defacing IP is dunc
    Infact I’ve just had a rummage and that IP is static – so even if its not Dunc its one of his bitches

    If he’s not bothered why go and edit wikipedia?
    Other edits:
    – The site owner claims that Koptalk is the biggest Liverpool FC fansite, although this has not been confirmed independently.

    + The site owner claims that Koptalk is the biggest Liverpool FC fansite. This claim has been backed up with quotes from Football365.com, The Daily Star, The Independant and other media giants.

    Err how do quotes from the f’in star equal biggest Liverpool FC fansite?

    More BS

    KopTalk is the only independent Liverpool FC fansite that charges for membership. However similar unofficial websites accept donations from their readers but don’t offer access to any additional content or discussion forums. The site owners offer in return for donations, access to the members only features. As of July 2006 there were approximately 6,000 annual subscribers.

    KopTalk has a unique controversial style which many people suggest is to help create publicity on rival websites.

    Creating a nice hole for themselves on Wikipedia anyway, the truth is getting out

  2. scouse Says:

    He is at it again http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Koptalk&action=history

    # (cur) (last) 13:47, 9 July 2006 Www koptalk com (Talk | contribs) (Copyright material (images) removed along with slanderous material all of which originates from peopel associated to rival websites. The KopTalk Insider typo is a deliberate error. I corrected it.)
    # (cur) (last) 13:43, 9 July 2006 Lfcfan06 (Talk | contribs) (Rv vandalism)
    # (cur) (last) 13:34, 9 July 2006 Www koptalk com (Talk | contribs) m (Copyright material (images) removed along with slanderous material all of which originates from peopel associated to rival websites. The KopTalk Insider typo is a deliberate error. I corrected it.)

    Seems he doesnt like typo domain names which is ironic given that hes got loads himself also reference to copyright images too when he steals them from everywhere else

  3. lobster Says:

    keep him busy

  4. Mark S Says:

    Holy shit. The truth is spreading like wild fire. My god, I cannot believe what kind of lies and deception I have been fed for all these years by the man.

    Tell me this – if the guy is so wealthy (and openly boasts about it) that he can afford to buy himself new cars, new houses, new gizmo’s and new electronics – why the hell does he need to set up a charity site for his sick family member? Why doesn’t the bastard put his hands into his own pockets and pay for her? Remember the Mortgage donation scam on the Gold Club? How much of that money went to his own pockets per month?

    Feck me, I feel cheated. I donated money to that liar – because I thought he couldn’t pay for it.

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