Should Koptalk be removed from Wikipedia?

Just found this in the comments for one of the articles here…


The Wikipedia entry for KopTalk ( is to be deleted. You can stop this from happening by going to:

Edit the page and put:
””’Strongly oppose””’ –

Followed by your reasons for wanting to keep the article.


Off you go, but remember to be careful in what you write. Mr Oldham is (like he does on pretending to be a fine upstanding member of the community. You need to sound like you are too, if you know what I mean? If you can think of examples of other wikipedia articles similar to Koptalk (or perhaps a replacement “Duncan Oldham” entry) then you have more arguments to use against the person who wants it deleted. Try to resist the temptation to refer to his weight – you can do that here instead!

See also for a discussion on the Koptalk page itself.

UPDATE: Remember, be sensible with what you write, it’s not a vote, it’s a way of putting your point forward.

16 Responses to “Should Koptalk be removed from Wikipedia?”

  1. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Is Dunk or his family benefit cheats?????????
    Well since we aint sure maybe we should tell the government, in confidence, just incase he is.
    Would be great if you could do it on-line………..
    well knock yourself out

  2. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Is Duncan paying the tax man like he should????
    Well duncan we can all phone the tax man for you, just incase you forgot to do it. see it as us doing you a favour, leaves you more time to reply to your emails and talk with your insiders (yourself in the mirror)

    whistle-blowing hotline to oust suspected tax dodgers is 0800 788 887

    Maybe a hounuary membership for me dunk?

  3. fat_boy_fat Says:

    You and you lot paying your council tax etc dunk?
    i’ll tell you what, i’ll do a complete audit for you.
    Ive sorted out a visit from the tax man
    The benefit office
    and now the coucil ….. and im doing it for free for you dunk, not 30 notes.

    Some others may wish to help you anonymously, and the can here,


  4. Ringpiece Says:

    I laughed that much i’ve just followed through.

  5. Dunk Smells Says:

    Please don’t traipse over to Wikipedia to try and influence the decision. This site is an excellent resource for highlighting Dunk’s odious dickishness. Wikipedia is not the right place for that.

  6. String Vest Says:

    Having the Wikipedia article deleted is no bad thing – he just used it to try promote his site.

    Why not start a Wikipedia article for this site instead?

  7. chapeau du soleil Says:

    he has stated himself that he has 6000 paying members @ between £20 and £30 a pop so I am pretty sure he is obliged to register for VAT.
    Anyone in a position to check this out?

  8. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Lets see if he is declaring his VAT

    You can report this by phoning the Customs Confidential hotline, 0800 595 000, open 24 hours, seven days a week.

    Why not call, its free!

  9. Will Robbo Says:

    The best thing is, if KopTalk is deleted by admin, you’re not allowed to recreate it!

    KopTalk’s entry will die, and RAWK, TLW and RAOL will triumph. Muhahaha!

  10. Andrew Lau Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Please don’t waste your time trying to rig the “vote”. It is a not a vote, but a discussion. Anything you post will likely lead to you being ignored (or banned from Wikipedia for persistent vandals/trolls) if:

    1) You do not sign your post with a username that has some substantial history of previously contributing to Wikipedia.
    2) You do not base your reasoning on Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines (many of which are already being cited and linked to in the AfD.

    Yours sincerely,

    Andrew Lau (Netsnipe)
    Wikipedia Counter-Vandalism Unit

  11. Ringpiece Says:

    The threshold for VAT is a turnover of 60K I believe.

    If he hasn’t declared his business to the customs and excise he’s in deep shit, he will have to re-invoice everyone to get his VAT. Although they wont wait for him, they will go straight for the jugular (If they can find it through the folds of flab)

    The’ve got more power than the police.
    He’s walking straight into a shitstorm.

  12. Chunky Says:

    I disagree that it’s a ‘personal attack’, Koptalk claims to publish exclusive stories in exchange for money and for the most part this blog attempts to expose his lies. Oldham himself only see’s Wiki as another promotion platform.

  13. duncanmitty Says:

    Thanks for the information Andrew.

    I see you’re from Sydney, you’re not a DJ over there are you?

  14. Toby Says:

    I agree that the Wikipedia entry was hijacked for promotional purposes and for that reason alone should be closed. Thank you for the input Andrew.

  15. rupert Says:

    May I be the first to report the demise of Koptalk on Wikipedia .

  16. TPC Says:

    Changing the subject slightly, I see that Dunk is claiming an exclusive re: Ian Mackintosh which was reported on the Daily Mail website yesterday afternoon.

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