Santa Clause is coming to town

Mr Oldham was extremely busy yesterday. Busy writing to us. Not directly, he’s not got the balls to do that, because he knows we don’t fall for his lies, so he does it through his site. He lies on there every day, as we keep proving.

If you are new to this blog and don’t know where to start, bear with us because we’ll be adding a link to a summary of Fatty’s scams, or at least a page you can use as a quick reference. He’s done a lot of scamming over the years, and any we are aware of are blogged about in here. Also see – a great spoof site set up some time back which exposes Dunk for the liar he is.

One thing Duncan likes is an injured player. He can then tell us how it had been nailed on that this injured player was set to go somewhere else. We know this was true with Djibril Cisse. Now fatty has added Kewell in as though he was told he was on his way prior to his injury. The truth is that Harry’s injury would hardly scupper him leaving Liverpool if it had been on the cards. Fatty’s making stuff up. Again…

Dunk Administrator Koptalk Editor
   Kewell and Cisse haven’t helped + investment + site news
#1534775 – 08/07/06 02:12 PM    

Had Djibril Cisse and Harry Kewell not have been crocked this summer, I think it would be fair to say that the manager would have had another £12million to spend at least. Throw in a couple of million here and there (Barragan) and we could have maybe stretched it to £15million.

When you suffer blows to your plans like that, you can’t afford to be held to ransom by other clubs which is why we’re still faffing around with the Alves negotiations.

We have recruited some decent talent this summer and many fans seem to forget this.

Next week I expect some activity on the transfer front, so much so that I will be in Liverpool all week. (And probably in a disguise. Look out for an unseasonal Father Christmas stood outside Melwood). Everyone else will be at koptalk HQ as usual. But if you’re emailing me, I will take even longer to reply than I usually do. (Especially if you aren’t sending me any money.)

This summer has seen an incredible increase (incredible in that anyone still joined. Half a dozen new members isn’t exactly incredible otherwise) in the number of you supporting the site by joining the Insider & Gold Club features. There has also been a sudden increase in my book which has surprised me as we haven’t been promoting it of late.(We have though – we’ll have 10% on sales if that’s OK) However you will see the book advertised on the site again now due to the fresh interest. (Hoorah! Excellent news chubby. We’re dying to read this book when it comes out. Then we can laugh at your lies anywhere in the world, even in a power cut. It’s just a shame that in reality there will be no book.)

It’s been a long time coming due to a lack of time. (From someone who claimed to bored because there was nothing to do earlier this summer. So bored he wrote – for our benefit – that he’d be spending the day in his paddling pool drinking cider.) If I sat about at home all week (you do though) with nothing else to do it would probably have taken 5 minutes. Anyway it will be published by the end of the season, hopefully at the mid-way point. 20,000 copies will be published in the first run now that we have an idea on numbers. (A few weeks back you had no idea on numbers that had pre-ordered. Now that you do then that’s a few fivers you’ll need to declare).

We have some exciting plans for the forthcoming season but again, a lack of time can limit a lot of the things that I’d love to introduce. (Translation: I’m not doing anything that will cost money or I can’t get Steve to do) However, as we’re no longer scrimping and scraping thanks to the continued success and growth of the site (you keep believing that, we don’t mind), I have been able to recruit some more help. (Back to his mam in a wig again)

I’m desperate for the new season to get underway. (The transfer window closes and Fatty can make more up in the hope people will have forgetten about it when the window re-opens) It’s an interesting time what with all the speculation and that but personally I prefer watching the players we already have week in, week out. (He’s a season-ticket holder at Newcastle) Bring it on!

Oh, just one more thing. I expected some movement on the investment front back in May. I was told that this had been put back until the end of July. I have been trying to make contact with the source involved in the actual proposals but as yet, they haven’t responded. They do go AWOL from to time so this isn’t a concern for me but I just wanted you to know that I’m making noises as often as possible. (Translation: I wish people would stop reminding me about this. I made something up and kept being pushed, so I made a new date up. And I keep getting pushed. I’ll change the details again soon but there’s so many lies I’ve got to fix I don’t know where to start.)

I’m not as confident as I was earlier in the year, simply because the date changed so if I see nothing materialises before August (an official approach), I think it’s fair to say that I will personally be ruling this one out. (Ah – you mean if there is no official announcement on investment that you can spin into being your story you’ll drop this. A quick article about how David Moores was too stroppy or something and you get yourself off the hook. At least, that’s what you thought.)

Thanks for your continued support on the site and don’t forget, if there’s ever anything we can do you for you, just let us know. (It won’t be free either. Services include, cleaning, security, charity collecting, fire-lighting, threatening of violence and much much more.)

Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius…


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