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Just an old post from Koptalk’s insider club from back in March. We’ve a few of these old ones that we blogged elsewhere and I just want to get them all under one roof.

I wouldn’t buy a crystal ball off Koptalk either by the way…

Update 1 – Rafa’s meeting with the board

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Update 1 – Rafa’s meeting with the board
#1319903 – Thu Mar 16 2006 10:06 AM Reply Quote
I’ll try and keep it brief and to the point with no opinions just facts. Ok…

Rafa has held his meeting with the board where he requested that everyone try to be present and they were. It wasn’t a condition or demand by the manager, he just wanted to discuss the summer with everyone present.

How do I know what was said? Because we have a source on the board that I have referred to many, many times. He doesn’t speak directly to me but he feeds me things (not pies) via a mutual friend. Why does he? Because he favours a shake-up at Anfield. He’s outspoken but he’s on his own. Others are comfortable enjoying the perks where as this individual is more focused on advancing the club. He isn’t though out for personal gain and has no interest in the chairman’s position or anything silly like that.

Now according to said source the meeting earlier this week was very positive. Rafa came clean with anything his agent had received from other clubs (approaches – soundings out). He wanted the board to know that he wasn’t speaking to anyone but that they were trying to speak to him.

Rafa was very inquisitive with regards the club’s purse for the summer. He presented estimations on his proposed spend for major targets only. He knows he’s going to get the usual kitty and that will cover the normal additions. However he has identified two major signings and expressed the importance of trying to bring them to Anfield.

Michael Owen was not one of them but I will touch on him later today as I have news from him. Basically Rafa would welcome the re-signing of Michael but not if it affects his own plans (financially).

Without going to deep and confusing, the board have given the green light for the proposed signing of Atletico Madrid striker Fernando Torres. David Moores has personally requested Rick Parry to start the ball rolling giving this target urgent priority. By this, it means Rick Parry will now communicate (if he hasn’t already this week) with the agent of the player and/or his club. Developments on that front are expected within a week. Developments as in ‘contact’.

Rafa has Torres as his major summer target. Now please, this is important, some people don’t read things or understand how these things go. It doesn’t mean we WILL sign him and it doesn’t mean that we will EVEN make a bid. Buying a player is a long and drawn out process. It’s very complicated and things can change over night.

What it DOES mean is that the club have pledged to Rafa that they will meet the asking price within reason (depends if Chelsea get involved). We have to keep it real but the club will provide funds of approximately £15m > £20m purely for this signing alone if Parry can pull it off.

The other target that Rafa would like to sign IS Dirk Kuyt. These are the two players he has classed as ‘MAJORS’. The board have also sanctioned this attempt to the tune of £15million.

That’s £35million without even touching on the others.

All the usual names were noted as possibles etc (SWP, Defoe, Pennant, Simao) so there’s no need to quote them all but one name of interest that was mentioned was Beckham but only in the sense that he would be available and Real could sell. I can’t see that one but it’s not up for me to decide what will or won’t happen.

Some player from Corinthians was also discussed but no name was provided. Carlos Tevez?

As many as 15 players were discussed as possibles (to pick from). The chief executive informed the board that he was working on negotiating new deals with several of the present staff but would be spending the next 4 weeks attending various meetings with regards players the manager is interested in.

Other matters discussed were finance (see today’s other bulletin) and Robbie Fowler. The manager said he was happy with his training, attitude etc and it looks like he will be rewarded with a year’s extension providing he doesn’t mess it up or get injured.

Without going into the finance stuff yet, Rafa left the meeting confident that he will have the full backing in the summer that he desires.

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Re: Update 1 – Rafa’s meeting with the board [Re: Jess]
#1319957 – Thu Mar 16 2006 10:27 AM Reply Quote
Sorry, can’t see us spending 35 mill on two strikers.

Yeh I thought the same. We’ll see though. Money is going to be there though. Depends if the chief executive can make it work. Plus what if we get £10million for Cisse?

Ifs, buts, lets see what happens.

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Dunk KopTalk Editor Reged: Aug 20 2004 Posts: 6334

Re: Update 1 – Rafa’s meeting with the board [Re: ElRobbie]
#1320048 – Thu Mar 16 2006 10:43 AM Reply Quote
There’s every possibility that Rafa could get the fee down. My concern is Chelsea.

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Dunk KopTalk Editor Reged: Aug 20 2004 Posts: 6334

Re: Update 1 – Rafa’s meeting with the board [Re: Scratch]
#1320360 – Thu Mar 16 2006 12:07 PM Reply Quote
Read the thread entitled; Update 3 – Finance

It tells you bugger all really, but still gives you hope.

I can spill the beans but what’s more important to you? Knowledge or the club? I’ll go with it if you want

What’s more important to most of us is the club Duncan. Your continued slurs against the club aren’t helping it are they? If you had inside info then yes, you’d be protecting the club by restricting who sees it. But you don’t have insider info.


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