Koptalk's latest response to criticism

It seems someone has emailed members of Koptalk. I’ve not seen the email, but I imagine it’s telling those members about this blog.

I have got a big list of email addresses of Koptalk members, it was sent to me some time back by one of the visitors to this blog. I’ve not done anything with it yet. That’s not to say I won’t do anything with it, I just haven’t yet. I think it’s also safe to say that I’ve promoted other LFC sites – there’s a big list of them on the right-hand side of the blog if you scroll down, plus another set up at the top under “FORUM”.

I’d also like to point out that I’ve not been banned from Koptalk. I chose to speak out here where I can’t be censored and restricted from telling the truth. I would have been banned if I’d even scraped the surface of what I think of Koptalk on Koptalk.

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Thanks for the heads up + Feedback
#1535340 – 08/07/06 10:18 PM
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Thanks for the info with regards who’s doing the spamming etc. (Remove your email address from your profile to save getting spammed – do this in MY HOME). (This will stop anyone who doesn’t already have the email address, but we’ve still got them if we need them)

It’s interesting to note that whenever someone comes out with these emails and/or websites that they’re either former (banned) members either from here or the main site or they’re promoting another LFC site (which is usually their own). (Not us fatboy. We’re telling the truth, and we ask it’s read with an open mind.)

We’ve had a laugh about things this week (sounds like it too) and me and Steve have both decided that from now on we’re just going to ignore these idiots and respond with this statement when needed:

Koptalk does not comment on any allegations, questions, false statements and/or the fabrication of any factual event(s) or detail(s), when the original source originates from a rival website or previously banned forum member. Any such posts that originate from rival websites or previously banned members will be edited to include this statement, closed and then removed for the benefit of our members who have no interest in site rivalry or forum rejects. (As we’re neither banned nor a rival website then if anyone puts stuff onto Koptalk from here then he’ll not be taking this action will he?)

Moving on… each summer we always seek fresh feedback from our existing members for both The Insider and Gold Club features.

Examples can be found here:

http://www.koptalk.misinfo/goldclubfeedback.shtml (If you see any of your comments in there and want them retracted now in light of what we’ve shown you write to us and write to him)

Please feel free to email me editor@koptalk.com with a few lines that you’d like to see included. Remember to include your username.

Everyone who submits feedback (everyone?) will receive a free LFC/koptalk badge (you can request a couple if you want one for a partner or the kids etc, just let us know when you email in).

If you have negative feedback, you don’t need to hide in a corner or spam everyone else because you haven’t got the balls to come to us. We appreciate all feedback be it negative or positive but if you don’t include a username we can’t treat you seriously. (It’s not a lack of balls Duncan, it’s the fact you’ve not the balls to respond to fair comment and fair questions. When was the last time you saw your balls? If anyone does write to Koptalk with negative feedback and you include your username, let us know how soon you were banned. And tell us whether you got your keyring or not).

Feedback is usually about:

a) offensive posts
b) duplicate posts

This is something we’re clamping down on all the time. Only this weekend I have mentioned this to the moderators here and on the main site. (Offensive posts and duplicate posts are banned, but you must post five times a month. Imagine the quality improvements).

You can at all times contact us in confidence also. It doesn’t matter if someone’s old skool or a newcomer, everyone is of the same importance. (And we too can be contacted in confidence.)

Thanks for your time  (Thanks for yours too.)


6 Responses to “Koptalk's latest response to criticism”

  1. rupert Says:

    I am not banned from Koptalk. I visit it daily and post there sometimes. I communicate with the owner on occasions. I am not interested in setting up other web sites . I support this web site because it is dedicated to ridding LFC of the leach that is Duncan Oldham.

    I object to his support for the S** in his buying the newspaper daily, using it as a source of information on LFC, providing gossip and scandal to the S** about LFC, its I players and administrators in exchange for money, gifts or a mention of KT, and his distortion and belittlling the efforts of the families of those killed at Hillsborough to extract an apology from the S** for its slander of their dead children, brothers and fathers and of all Liverpool supporters there on that day.

    I also object to his cynical lies in pretending to have contacts at LFC – in the boardroom, with the Executive Director, with painters and gatemen with members of the Gold Club who are alleged “in the know” – many of whom are simply his own aliases. He uses this techniqe to tell lies about LFC’s plans and then selling these lies to members of his Gold Club – especially overseas members from Asia and from Australia and the United States and Canada – and then he boasts about how profitable these lies are to him.

    I object to his double-billing members and billing them after he or they have cancelled their membership.

    I object to his gagging of those who contribute posts – forbidding all criticism of him and his oufit , and doing all he can to block communication between his members so they will not discover independent sources of information and criticism such as this site.

    I object to him stealing the domain names of other LFC – including the LFC club itself, and then directing traffic intended for them to his own sites. I object him to raiding online references such as Wikipedia to re-write them to publicise his site and eradict mention of other sites. I object to him lying about his membership and his hits and the status of his site as No. 1.

    I object to him cashing in on the goodwill of LFC supporters to raise money for a variety of charitable cuases – some of which are intended to benefit his family – and then to insist on all donations are made out to him, personally, or to his mother. I object to his failure to register any of these causes or charities with the government or follow the normal procedures. I object to his failure to issue receipts or accounts respecting the monies he raises.

    I object to his stealing copy from other sites and from other publications and media outlets and not only publishing them on KT but claiming that they are exclusive to KT and using them as justification for charging fees.

    I object to his vicious anti-Fowler campaign with all its lies and deceit for the purpose of increasing hits on his site and drumming up business for the Blue Bar and I object to his “editorial” headline the day Fowler was forced out of LFC “Close the Door on Your Way Out”.

    I object to his mockery of Peter Crouch and the his introduction of the name “Lurch” in Peter’s first season at the club.

    I obect to the bitter anti-LFC tone (players, manager, supporters) of his site which marks it out as different from all other LFC sites. I object to the protection and praise he gives his most frequent posters who reflect his anti-LFC mockery.

    I object to his constant promotion of a book “Anfield Exposed” that suggests that Anfield is a place that needs to be exposed. I object to the fact that he takes advance payments for this book from LFC fans (recently suggesting that he has taken 100,000 sterling) when, in fact there is no such book and the tentative publication date has been postponed from one year to the next.

    I object to his using the proud name of LFC to attract people to his site to sell them porn, dating services and inflict on them his Little England views and his constant references to a sexual serial killers of children, his sympathy for the rapists (on KT radio) of young girls, his references to his sexual exploits on MySpace, and his sexual pursuits in bars, along with his constant appeal for sympathy (and money) respecting his dysfunctional family life. In other words I object to his attempt to force my attention on him and his life.

    I obect to him touting LFC tickets.

    I object to him using the profits he makes from LFC fans to set up similar scam sites for Newcastle, Spurs and Forest.

    I object to him saying that he attends LFC matches when he does not, and the efforts he goes to to give the impression he is in Liverpool a lot. He does not come from Liverpool and he lives in Mansfiled having originally come from Yorkshire. I object to his attempts to report and interpret what genuine Liverpudlians or genuine LFC fans think and feel. I object to his S** like slander of Liverpool people.

    I object to his using an LFC site for scams intended to fleece Livepool supporters.

    These are just a few of the things to which I object.

    I would not be able to hint at any one of them on his site without being banned.

  2. Ringpiece Says:

    Well said Rupert.
    A sterling piece of writing and well presented.
    Well done.

  3. lobster Says:

    echo my thoughts exactly rupert.
    hehe..couldnt write it any better myself

  4. Mark S Says:

    Where did my donation for the Mortgage go Oldham?

    Why didn’t you pay it yourself if you’re so wealthy?

  5. Mark S Says:

    I feel like a class A Mug. I donated to his cause. He sold hundreds of people a sob story, used his www site to raise money – then never showed us any evidence of what happened with the funds. God knows if he pocketed a % for himself.

    There was a monthly thread in the Gold Club which asked for donations to help the family pay for the mortgage. People used to pledge hundreds of pounds a month to help him out. What did he contribute? My bet is nothing. Whilst he was busy buying himself new cars, new houses and new gadgets – we were fronted with bills for his sick family memeber.

    That’s just low.

  6. chapeau du soleil Says:

    @ Mark S
    That was scandalous that the fat fuck took advantage of his position** and went begging for mortgage payments for a member of his family. Why couldn’t Creosote himself stand them the cash out of his ‘6000 x £20 or £30’. Or was he poor again that day?

    ** i.e running a site that sells fiction

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