Koptalk rethink their ill-thought-out "charity" appeal

Our continuing publicity of Duncan Oldham and Koptalk’s various scams has had a few positive results so far, but perhaps this one is the most obvious.

Fatty has taken his website down that he had claimed was dedicated to his cousin Lauren.

Instead of the site that had previously requested donations for Lauren, to be made payable to “J Oldham”, Dunk’s mum, the site now redirects to the Scope Website.

Screenshot of Google cache of http://www.laurenforsyth.com, from July 6th
laurenforsythcomcache.jpg Note who the donations should be made payable to. Note also the address to where they should be sent (Koptalk “HQ”).

Screenshot of http://www.laurenforsyth.com, from July 9th (redirected to Scope):

I’d still recommend you use the real Scope address if you want to donate to them – www.scope.org.uk.

It’s good to see that at last Lauren may actually benefit from the donations.

Someone has been in touch to point out that they got on the phone to Koptalk to ask about the site, and why donations had to be paid to “J Oldham”. They didn’t answer the question, choosing instead to replace the receiver. Perhaps Koptalk would be so kind to explain this to us instead – koptalk.insider @ gmail.com.

And for the record, http://www.laurenforsyth.co.uk still redirects to – Koptalk.


6 Responses to “Koptalk rethink their ill-thought-out "charity" appeal”

  1. Scope Says:

    Yor really do deserve a big round of applause for making this happen. Congratulations.

    At last people will use the official charity from now on.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  2. Neil Says:

    This is what awaits ‘members’ who’ve been locked out as I found this morning:
    If you cannot find your email confirming your entitlement to a life-time sub or competition prize, don’t panic.

    I have asked Steve and Co. to draw me up a list of those of you who have lost your info and I promise you I’ll try and find a sensible way of locating your details etc but it could take a bit of time.

    Because there are so many idiots lurking around we need to get on record who’s who and how they got here.

    I will personally see that everyone who should be in gets in. This may though require you to provide some form of ID or proof of address.

    Please note that not everyone has been affected. Those who have provided what we have requested have been let straight back in.

    Anyone who is abusive or awkward to any member of KOPTALK who is trying to help you via the ticketing system or telephone support will not be allowed access regardless. Fortunately 99.9% of those locked out have been great but you always get 1 who thinks they can talk to people like sh*te.

    We are doing our best to help ya

    More than likely, FatBoy has read comments from me on here and decided to lock my account.

    Well, I’ll tell you this Fat Fuck: I don’t need to prove who I am because I have a 1yr subscription to your Krapfest which doesn’t run out until Sept, and it’s all documented on PayPal, a service you seem very keen on abusing. Don’t worry Fatboy, I’ve emailed them too. Like I emailed Hotmail for you hacking passwords and like I emailed Adobe and Macromedia’s anti-piracy departments. And like I will be contacting anyone else whose products/services I see you abusing. Just like many, many other people here.

    And you know what it’s all about for me? I’m not some internet geek on a crusade. I’m a scouser and your protection and vindication of THAT rag has really fuckin rattled me. Conmen come and go and a fool and his money are soon parted, but i think you’ve picked on the wrong fuckin crowd this time, Fatty. I hope you’re scared, cos me, I’d be fuckin terrified.

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    Hope you aren’t calling me an internet geek! I’m an all-round geek, not just internet… 😉

  4. Michael K (Namecheap.com Support) Says:

    Dunk would have to regsiter under the data protection act if he is collecting info on people. Has he? Please can you find out.

  5. hoff Says:

    He’s collection an awful lot of information of people.

    For several months he has been threatning to ban people from the site who did not provide

    telephone number

  6. jesper Says:

    Dunk is not regsitered under the data protection act.

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