Koptalk Gossip: Medical midweek?

An article from yesterday. We missed it, thanks for pointing it out (you know who you are). And it’s free as always…

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People are saying Balague has mentioned a couple of Italian based players that are under consideration and according to someone who deals with the transport side of things at the club, Parry and Clayton are going to Italy this weekend.

I don’t know if the Balague stuff is gen as I was out this morning but I have no reason to doubt the Italy trip but I can’t nail the days/dates down yet. The Italian whispers have been going on a while (before the legal stuff over there but maybe Rafa knew what was coming).

As we know someone from the club (top brass) are/were in Madrid. I don’t know if this is RP and KC or someone else.

Meanwhile I’m told we have a medical pencilled in for this week (Weds, Thurs?). I’ve also been provided with details of specific flights to watch and we’ll be mobile during the week as a result.

I will be on Merseyside/The North West all week. I’ll be there from Sunday > Sunday.


6 Responses to “Koptalk Gossip: Medical midweek?”

  1. duncanmitty Says:

    Talking of medicals, check this out


    I’m no psychologist but that’s 99.9% spot on for wor Dunk’s problem.

  2. rupert Says:

    I as looking for an internet site to buy some gifts for Afghanistan/African/Wallsall orphans and I came across this. Some genuine Kraptalk rip-offs:


  3. Toby Says:

    So Dunk’s got a medical this week? His eyes must have been playing up again, or maybe he’s having trouble breathing again.

    From the archives…


  4. Chris Says:

    HAHAHAHAAH He knows full well Rafa wants his squad sorted for the Monday after the Wrexham game as thats when all the World Cup players come back so he’s just thrown in the “Medical next week” line in the hope we’ll get someone in then he can boast how he was right. And the mugs have to pay for this info.

    Tune in for his Monday insider exclusive of “We’ll make a signing before the window closes”

  5. rupert Says:

    Toby those pies look delicious – but I don’t think Fatso cuts them kneatly with a knife like he just stuffs them in three at a time and imbibes them by osmosis.

  6. lobster Says:

    lol rupert

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