Dunk claims he spoke to Owen about moving back to Anfield

Another old post from Koptalk Insider. Again from March 16th, this time he was making stuff up about Michael Owen.
I thought that this was the funniest part. Oldham claims to have got his Owen story from the horse’s mouth – “How do I know this? Because Michael told me HIMSELF. One of my mates is attached to his sister (not by paperclips or tape) – can’t say any more than that. Shouldn’t be too hard to work out who my mate is if people know the family around Michael. I don’t think the long timers here expect me to justify this but I’ll mention it anyway.”

I wonder how many of those “long timers” are now either locked out or have just cleared out?

Update 2 – Michael Owen

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Update 2 – Michael Owen
#1319950 – Thu Mar 16 2006 10:24 AM

Michael Owen’s agent is already in hush hush talks with Rick Parry. The duo are discussing the technicalities of the player’s deal.

Michael CAN walk out on Newcastle in the summer if:

1) Newcastle fail to qualify for Europe. There is a £12million release clause.

2) If a club bids £12million or more in cash, not staggered payments, Owen is allowed to talk to them.

3) If Liverpool make any offer, Owen has be informed regardless of what fee they offer i.e. Newcastle cannot hide any bids that don’t meet the release clause

4) He can walk if Newcastle are relegated

5) He has an option to walk if the manager (then Souness) is replaced. He can only do this when a new manager is confirmed and in position.

6) Outside the clauses/trigger fee, if anyone bids £15m+ (doesn’t have to be cash upfront) he can speak to them.

Trust me, it was very complicated when the above was put to me so I hope I have explained it properly without confusing anyone.

Newcastle are trying to get him to sign an extension but there’s no way he’s interested. They know they’re exposed now that Souness has gone and because they expected to be challenging for Europe.

How do I know this?

Because Michael told me HIMSELF. One of my mates is attached to his sister (not by paperclips or tape) – can’t say any more than that. Shouldn’t be too hard to work out who my mate is if people know the family around Michael. I don’t think the long timers here expect me to justify this but I’ll mention it anyway.

Rafa really likes Owen but wasn’t so keen before because Parry and Moores wanted the deal. Rafa did but he was annoyed because he wouldn’t have had the money for other players hence the refusal to stump up the cash. If the board finance a move for Owen without touching Rafa’s kitty, then deal on.

Owen wants back, the players want him back, the board want him back and Rafa would like him. Only one thing can stop it… $$$$$

If they back Rafa fully, and I believe they will, there is a strong possibility of this happening.

HOWEVER, there’s one obvious condition. Michael has to get back playing again following his injury. The World Cup finals will decide if he returns to Anfield.



11 Responses to “Dunk claims he spoke to Owen about moving back to Anfield”

  1. Michael K (Namecheap.com Support) Says:

    If I remember correctly (please note, at my age, memory cannot be trusted), someone from Dunks family (or something like that) married Richie Partridge and he went to the wedding (or so he claimed at the time).

  2. String Vest Says:

    I think Partridge married Owen’s sister – or someone from Owen’s family.

  3. willrobbo Says:


    The Wikipedia entry for KopTalk (http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koptalk) is to be deleted. You can stop this from happening by going to:

    Edit the page and put:
    ””’Strongly oppose””’ –

    Followed by your reasons for wanting to keep the article.


  4. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Why does he always say he cant give us anymore info? for example. Ive heard from my source that billy bloggs will join. Now my source shagged billy bloggs’ sister last night and she confirmed it. But i cant reveal the name of the source incase he gets found out. …………………… WELL FFS fatso! its always going to be obvious to the person you commenting about who it was who (supposdly) told you. i mean who else would have shagged billy bloggs sister the night before! 🙂

  5. Barney Says:

    Whats the name of the pub the FAT CUNT claims to visit before games.

    Might have to start having a few in there before games next season.

  6. DelBoyOldham Says:

    The Flat Iron

  7. fat_boy_fat Says:

    This is the pub

    Doesnt look wide enough for him to fit into.

    So as the lighting seeds once sang Dunk …………. Your lying again, just give it up and tell the truth

  8. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Actually, looking at the pic again, who is that fat geordie walking around the corner? 🙂

  9. rupert Says:

    Anyone who has any genuine familiarity with LFC will know that his Owen story was a lie. There was no interest at LFC in bringing Owen back this year or next.

    I tuned into KT radio last season when LFC was playing at Newcastle and Fatty went to the match (using his Newcastle season ticket) leaving the broadcast to his 16 year old unpaid servant Steve. After the match he came back to the KT van saying that he had just heard something at the match which led him to be certain that Owen would be a Liverpool player by the start of next season. He wanted to sit down at his computer there and then and tell his Gold Club members.

    As time past it became even more clear that Owen was not wanted by Rafa or the Board of Directors or the majority of match-going Liverpool supporters.

    So Fatty went quiet on his exclusive and produced alternative exclusives – such as the board’s approval of 20 million for Torres and 12 million for Kuyt and as time past there were more….such as a fee having been agreed for Alves in early July and others. If anyone has the patience to tot up the cost of his exclusives we must be reaching about 60 millions by now.

    Occasionally in this time he would go back weakly to his Owen news – “Don’t write off the possibility of Owen coming” “I still think Owen might come”.

    Before he went to the World Cup Owen said decisively more than once that he was committed to Newcastle. There was no possibility of him coming to Liverpool. His no tcoming has nothing to do with his being injured.

    Being a full-time conman i.e. liar – Fatty knows that the bigger the lie the more believable. The soviet union communists use to call it the Big Lie Technique. Novelists know that to make fiction convincing you have to supply the details. So Fatty always sourrounds his Big Lies with details such as his source in this story.

    We have already written about how he tried to co-op 16-17 year old Partridge at a youth team match when he first came from Ireland to Liverpool and got him to write a diary, for nothing. (There is a spoof on it at http;//kraptalk.com which is linked on here and there is a foto of the two on the link to the 2000 KT also linked earlier here).

    Partridge eventually got warned about Fatty and cut the relationship . Fatty continued to write as though he was in contact with Partridge at least a year after he was cut. When KT readers would ask him why nothing was coming from Patridge he would reply words to the effect “I’ve been busy I’ve not seen Ritchie for a bit”.

    I heard that Partridge was going out with Owen’s sister – I’d not heard they were “attached” – anyone confirm that? If Patridge was his source on the Owen to LFC story I’m sure he must be mortifed that Fatty is using his name again years after he cut him.

    Actually the story is very Owen-like – Rafa and everybody wants me – they always wanted me. That’s what he always says in public. Anyone aware of what he says in Newcastle could have reported that. Fatso just converted the PR stance into a detailed scenario.

    Can anyone explain Fatty’s logic – why not say Partridge is hsi “mate” if everyone knows? And how does he go from saying he heard something from a mate (at a Newcastle match) to saying he was told by Owen himself?

    “Because Michael told me HIMSELF. One of my mates is attached to his sister…”

    But that’s what Fatty wants – he wants us to discuss the authenticity of the details of his lie. It produces more hits.

  10. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Partidge is engaged to Owen’s sister

  11. Ringpiece Says:

    The Alves deal was “done” on the 22nd of June…..apparently

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