Exposed – 100k from pre-orders for the book that never was

Oldham ExposedFatty seems to be hinting that he’s made £100,000 from his invisible book. He charged a fiver a copy as a deposit for anyone who wanted to pre-order. He only asked for pre-orders so that he could gauge demand, so he said. I doubt anyone else would want a copy (except that half-a-dozen we asked for to use in a competition).

How much would we make if we wrote a book? Maybe we should order the domain name now too. Thanks to “our contact” for providing an image of the book for you to see now.

Back to fatty’s book. From the “Official Koptalk Blog” at http://www.koptalkblog.coN, this is an update from his roundness. (Don’t forget to look at the lookalike site at

The editor’s book Anfield Exposed is attracting fresh interest. We haven’t been promoting the book of late due to the uncertainty over the date of publication but despite this people have been emailing us to enquire how to reserve a copy.

Full details can be obtained from http://www.anfieldexposed.coN – which is the only place you will be able to purchase a copy.

20,000 copies will be pubished in the first run now that we have an idea on the level of interest. If they sell out, we will naturally order more so there’s no need to pre-order any more.

Posted by KOPTALK at 4:57 PM

Or another version of the message, from the .coN site.

Anfield Exposed – latest 
#1533562 – 07/07/06 05:40 PM          Reply

There has been a sudden increase of interest in the Editor’s book again despite the fact we didn’t intent to push it again until around Christmas.

To save replying to those of you who have emailed in asking if you can order a copy, you can find details and the latest news at http://www.anfieldexposed.coN

If you have placed a deposit on the book you will be pleased to know that it will be published before the end of the 2006-07 season, but we are aiming for January.

Thanks for your support and interest!

He said it would be out in March of this year, now it won’t be until May next year – and it will be delayed again by then. Even Wembley’s going to be ready be next May.

Here’s a better address to find out about the book from Dunk –


4 Responses to “Exposed – 100k from pre-orders for the book that never was”

  1. Toby Says:

    I love how he puts on that ‘third person head’ when he posts as Koptalk.

  2. Mark S Says:

    Insider Insider…. Mate, I have just been alerted to this sick shit that Duncan Oldham has been pulling off. I am in total disgust to the charity Scam as I previously donated to it.

    PLEASE put a TAB at the top

    – called something like

    “Oldham’s SCAM’s – Read here.”

    Then simply list all his Scams over the years.

    The info on this guy is absolutely mind blowing, but when people come into this site, it’s hard to find all the stories.

    I am in shock.

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    I know what you mean Toby. I can imagine him sticking his feet on the desk, leaning back, holding a sausage roll like some sort of fine cuban cigar and saying, “Take a note Miss Hargreaves – The Editor has asked all staff to please book a time-slot for the toilet in future blah blah” At that point his mum cracks him one and tells him that Miss Hargreaves left him months ago for the mechanic at the Mercedes dealers.

    Mark S – I’m hoping to do something of which you speak as soon as poss.

  4. lobster Says:

    Yes….dunk likes his third person perspective very much. He is a sad individual

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