The "pyramid" scam on the website

Dunk’s internet scams have been many and varied, and go back a long time. Here’s one we’ve not covered before, unearthed by on of those who leave comments on this site. It’s always worth looking at those comments!

From one site Dunk would love to see banned, “The Wayback Machine”, this is the original entry for a pyramid selling scheme promoted on Fatty’s site in 2002. “Andrew’s private page“.

The infamous Steve from Koptalk is Steve MacNeish. The person who these cheques are payable to is Andrew MacNiesh. The postal address is that well-known “PO Box 145” in Scarborough.


Earn £600+ a month!!

Instant Web Site Business Package

Thanks to this business package I’ll be able to see Michael and the lads in action home and away due to my extra income!

Last month my own internet site brought in approximately £600 while I was at work in my normal day to day job.

The total earnings from this new site since January 1st 2002 has been just over £5,000 and your about to discover how I pulled it off and why I am preparing to leave my part-time job and concentrate more effort into this business.

Thanks to my initial investment of £15.00 I didn’t have to worry how I was going to renew my season tickets to see the Reds in action next season!

Heard it all before?

Not this one you haven’t!

You can do it too!!

Now, like me, you don’t need to be an internet guru, a computer wizard or a marketing genius. You can cash in on the internet as soon as you buy this package. You will be earning money while you are watching the Reds home or away, while on the move or even sat in the pub! This is because as soon as you have received the package it will automatically begin to run itself and it requires no effort from yourself once you follow the simple instructions which are sent to you by email. It should take you less than an hour to have your own business ticking over and revenue should then start to generate while you sit back and monitor the results.

What you get and why it will make you money…

You may find the whole concept hard to believe, however when I tell you that I have a tiny web site which receives well over 10,000 visitors per month without appearing in search engines, and on average 1 in 30 customers generating extremely high revenue, you will soon begin to see why this package is so profitable.

You will receive this very same web site along with the total package that I have designed and used for myself to great effect. Due to the tremendous amount of visitors your site will receive, and the way your site appeals to your visitors, on average 1 in 30 of these visitors will contribute towards your revenue of £600+ per month.

Due to the content of your site, visitors will be keen to sign up for the items you are promoting. All your sign up revenue you receive will be placed in a separate internet account for which you will receive a cheque at the end of the month in your specific currency (You do not have to be in the UK). Payments are not held by myself but by one of the world’s largest payment handling companies so you will not be ripped off!

Why am I selling this incredible package at such a low cost?

My friends tell me I should sell this valuable package for about £350, and people would still buy it. But I’m not going to sell it for anywhere near that much because a high price attracts less business and a lower, more realistic price attracts more custom and more happy customers means more money for me by word of mouth and future sales.

That’s why I’ve decided to practically give this package away and charge you a one-time fee of just £15.00

At the low, low price of £15.00 you can easily make back your investment in your first day.

There’s another BIG bonus I’m going to include

I am so certain that you will make healthy profit using this package that I will gladly refund your purchase of £15.00 if you have not made at least £150 in the first month!!

Now how’s that for assurance that this package will bring you in a substantial income!!

Full re-sale rights!!

Yes, there’s more!! I am giving you this package with full re-sale rights. Just think how much money you are going to make from simply selling this package on yourself? As I am sure you are well aware this package is going to be one of the most sought after products on the internet and before everyone has it you are going to have made quite a substantial income!!


ONLINE VIA PAYPAL – (£15.00 approx $23.00)

SAVE £5 – ORDER BY POST (£10.00)

As I do not have to pay any third-parties for handling credit or debit-card payments, I am able to offer a saving of around £5.00 if you order by post. Send a cheque/postal order made payable to “MR. A. MACNEISH” or cash (ensure it is secure and not visible) with your full name and email address written clearly to ensure that I can email you your important details, to:-

Mr Andrew Macneish
Internet Development Services
P.O. Box 145
YO12 7XU


Upon receipt of payment I will email you the very simple business package that will allow you to trade on the internet. You will be able to begin generating revenue immediately as the package is ready to go. All I ask is that you keep me informed of your progress. Although I do not offer on-going support as part of the sale I will help you as much as I can and if you are not entirely satisfied I will refund you the purchase price. Good luck. YNWA. Andrew.
Kop Talk © Copyright 2002

So Duncan, we know you read this, any comments for us? We are guessing this is your step-dad, Jeanette’s other half. Is there any scam you’ve not turned your hand to?


46 Responses to “The "pyramid" scam on the website”

  1. KT Veteran Says:



  2. willrobbo Says:

    Definitely. How much more proof do we need to nail this cunt?

  3. univofchicago Says:

    my goodness…

  4. KT Veteran Says:

    doesnt really matter Robbo

    He’s never going to made accountable. As soon as it gets too hot, he’ll tidy up and disappear with the money.

  5. willrobbo Says:

    Fuckers like that made me sick. Where does he live, Scarborough or Newcastle?

  6. univofchicago Says:

    andrew mcneish. thats steve’s dad isn’ t it? so that would make him fatty’s step-dad. wouldn’t he be living together with fatty’s mama then? in anycase, this really is fucked up…

  7. rupert Says:

    I could see him going somewhere beyong the reach of the UK law but continuing to run things over the net – using Steve as his stooge.

    I think he would go somewhere where he can get steak and kidney, chips, brown ale and HP sauce.

    That’s an idea for a new competition. Where will Fatso bolt to?

    My entry is Malta.

  8. rupert Says:

    On second thought – he’d want to go somewhere where (a) there were no foreigners or (b) lots of English. So maybe an ex-patriate conclave on the Costa Brava.

  9. Matt K Says:

    Who is Dunks mrs? Chloe or Maria? Im sure these days he goes on about his mrs Chloe, yet on his old site he got married to a Maria?

    Whos who? They both look the same? Name change?

  10. willrobbo Says:

    The editor’s book Anfield Exposed is attracting fresh interest. We haven’t been promoting the book of late due to the uncertainty over the date of publication but despite this people have been emailing us to enquire how to reserve a copy.

    Full details can be obtained from – which is the only place you will be able to purchase a copy.

    20,000 copies will be pubished in the first run now that we have an idea on the level of interest. If they sell out, we will naturally order more so there’s no need to pre-order any more.

    WAYHEY! No more pre-order. A minor victory in my view.

  11. willrobbo Says:


    As mentioned on here, it says in the top right, “Make cheques payable to J Oldham”.


  12. willrobbo Says:

    No sooner had I posted that, I got this message when trying to go to the Lauren Forsyth website:

    access from has been denied


  13. Fiddy Says:

    Taken from;

    “7 JUL 2006

    The book will be published before the end of the 2006-07 season. A further announcement will be made during week 1 of the season.

    There has been a sudden interest in the book over the summer with people asking how to secure a copy which has surprised me as I haven’t been promoting it.

    Anyway, you can put a deposit down today or wait until the publication date. There shouldn’t be a problem with obtaining a copy as 20,000 will be available on the first print.”

    The link to pre-order is still there though.

  14. Fiddy Says:

    I wonder if he has put back the book so he has time to write a chapter or ten out Kraptalk and Koptalk-Insider?

  15. willrobbo Says:

    Access to is now restored. Questions for Fat Arse:

    1) Why is your mother getting the donations to her bank account?
    2) What is the registered charity number?
    3) Why the fuck have you got a link to Koptalk on the site?

    Never misses a chance to get more traffic, money or pies. Fat bastard.

  16. willrobbo Says:

    Methinks that posting on this blog gives you a 403 error if you then try to go to the charidee site.

    Paranoid fat arse.

  17. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Its fucking unbelievable what he gets upto.
    If everyone on koptalk saw all this evidence then maybe he would be left broke, with a office with nothing in, and a merc that he cant put petrol in.

    MR Vanessa Feltz is a total turd.
    Your getting brought down fat boy from WITHIN!!!!!!!!
    Thats rite you fat shit, we will be the last members standing on your Con site. So save yourself time and quit now. you will have to BAN EVERYONE before you reach me

  18. rupert Says:

    The statement that there is revised interest in his book and requests about it are probably true. I know Insider has written him asking about it – when it will be out and so on.

    He is trying to get a bite from us and if he can also rustle up some deposits at the tiem from the gullibel so much the better. He’s needs money deperately now as his hits fall-off and awkward questions are being asked .

    Newbie Fatty-watchers should understand that this is a typical response. This is no shrinking violet, no poor misunderstood fat person, no bumbling fool who doesn’t understand what he is doing – this is a conman hardened by years of fighting back investigations and complaints and people leaving him in disgust. He has backed into his little bunker in Mansfield trusting only his close relatives. He has learned to stay in there, promising pie in the sky in the knowledge that people will forget what he has promised or lied about or can’t be bothered collecting their 15 or 30 quid. He is a hardened bastard.

    This time will be different – but we have to hit him where it hurts – in the pocket. Keep focussed.

  19. dunkin fingers in the till Says:

    fat_boy_fat are you a major poster on the koptalk site?

  20. univofchicago Says:

    hey insider insider,

    maybe you could enlighten us newbies on ‘other’ scams by fatty…not now but later…i think it deserves a whole new thread….this particular scam should do it for now tho…

    im learning new stuff about fatty everyday…its ridiculous…how fatty has been getting away with all this shit for so long AMAZES me…

    when you have this amount of evidence in front of you, its hard to understand how ANYONE can still side with fatty…

  21. Dickster Says:

    Why the hell would he print 20,000 in the first run, even if this book did exist?!? Would his loyal servants all purchase 40 copies each?!? Maybe he’d do a deal, that if you bought 39 copies, he’d throw in one FREE. Generous scheme….

  22. univofchicago Says:

    of course hes lying dickster….

    there is no way hes printing out 20,000 copies…its all part of his usual bullshit…

    he claims to have 5,000 subscribers, a lot of them either have been kicked out or have canceled their subscription because of this blog. i also reckon theres a considerable number of idle members who don’t even bother visiting the site anymore.

    so that would leave us with about 3,000-4,000 potential buyers of the book (assuming fatty wasn’t lying about his 5,000 number) tho i reckon the number is closer to 500.

    so there you go dickster, its all about LIES LIES LIES

  23. Someone Says:

    Guys, you’re forgetting one more thing: he gets paid for all the hits he gets to kraptalk. He has 5 ads on each page, they all deliver something.
    My advice: either completly ignore this fuck, or at least when opening the pages use some sort of flashblock/adblock or sth like that.

  24. rupert Says:

    Relax, he hasn’t written a book. He can’t write.

    He can’t get away with cut-and-pasting othet people’a work as he does on his site – he will be sued.

    He can’t get away with making up gossip and stories about Fowler and other players – he will be sued.

    If he writes about KT and his money and his legal victories against other sites – he will turn off his members and he will also put on the record all the information Internal Revenue, VAT and other regulatory agencies such as the police need to nail him.

    He’d never get a book published by a regular publishing house, he would have to pay for it himself in a vanity press. He would have to give it away.

    The final idignity for him is that the S** might get on his case, lable him a love rat and dole cheat and splash his foto all over the net. I don’t think even Fattie wants S** style treatment.

    The only reason he might want to concoct a book is to make money. He won’t make money.. Even if he paid to get a book out fans would boycoot it like tney have boycotted the S**

    He’s juat digging himself a deeper hole.

  25. scully Says:

    Yes, but if The S*n did expose him then he’d use it to side with rightfully S*n-boycotting Reds. Then again, he’d be so thoroughly discredited it’d be beyond him even trying that on as there would no longer be a website or audience. So: send all the material you have to that rag, and the Inland Revenue would take more notice as the hacks there would make sure of it. One devil bringing another down – delicious!

    The funny thing is, a couple of months ago some KoKtaKer printed something in the Chill Out Room about some sort of Paypal chain-letter (send £3 to the person at the top of the list of 5, put your own name at the bottom and send it to everyone you’ve ever dealt with on Paypal, who will all do the same), and boy was Dung annoyed, accusing him of spamming people etc, when all that really happened was that people couldn’t believe how naive the poster was to think that something like that would work. I guess Dung saw an opportunity to appear all honest and KoKtaKer-protecting.

  26. chapeau du soleil Says:

    scully, he was probably just so mad that he hadn’t posted the scam himself first

  27. String Vest Says:

    Surely there must be some government body where you can report non registered charitys?

  28. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Dunkin fingers in the till i am still a gold club member. I do post but only a few times a week

  29. KT Veteran Says:

    String Vest, I am going to ask all these questions next week. I will be speaking to major charities who have the answers I am sure.

  30. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Hey Insider Insider

    Any chance of a button at the top, next to the ‘right clicking’ one, that has a brief outline of all fatboys scams and lies.
    Just that a few newbie people i have spoke to who visit this site dont know were to turn 1st regarding all the info about the fat one (because there is so much).

    A quick link to a brief outline of them, may get them intrigued more to have a look through the months

    BTW does anyone know if the benefit cheat hotline still exsists?????? Can phone in confidence and possible give the address of KT towers?

  31. univofchicago Says:

    das a great idea fat boy.

    perhaps insider insider could get rid of the ‘PM it on’ button (since fatty has disabled it) and replace it with a list of all his scams and lies (going to be some list i think) and have it linked to the relevant thread.

    as fat boy fat said, there is way too much info here for an impatient newbie to digest.

  32. Sinon Says:

    I was wondering, would it be worth having a cut and paste area on here somewhere along the lines of “10 questions we want answering?”. Whenever someone infiltrates Koktalk or speaks to another member on there we could cut and paste these questions that haven’t been answered?

    If it just makes a few people question Dunkin’s morals and maybe check out here for the truth, it’ll be worth it. I’m going to login next week anonymously from an Internet Cafe and ask a few questions, prior to the inevitable ban for simply wanting the truth.

  33. Sinon Says:

    Ignore that last comment, I’ve just read the ‘8 questions’ bit on another page!

  34. rupert Says:

    The folks at Anfield must be trembling in their boots at the thought of being “exposed” by this two bit conman.

    But I think the title summarises very well what Fatso is all about – the “exposing” of the club, it s glorious history, its owners, managers, players and supporters by a fat Leeds supporter, turned Newcastle, Spurs and Forest supporter who would do anything to be mentioned in the S**. Let’s all hope he gets his wish.

  35. rupert Says:

    Did you see that small print statement above the Pyramid Scheme.

    “Koptalk Approved Advertisment”.

    So that’s alright then. For an advertiser, its as good as getting a Royal Warrant from the Queen as the purveyor of goods and services.

  36. Shop Dunk Now! Says:

    Here’s one scam that Dunk isn’t into yet… join the Fat Dunk Fat Club today!!

  37. rupert Says:

    Fatso has another whopper today. Talking about Anelka:

    “We struck up a fairly close relationship with the player while he was on Merseyside and we thought he was nice bloke. He certainly convinced us he wanted to be a Red.

    In our opinion, he was bombed out purely for financial reasons.”

    Whose “we” Fatso?

    The truth is that Fatty made the acquaintance of Anelka’s dodgy brother-manager who was hired as a DJ by the Blue Bar – by the co-owner who joined Fatty in the anti-Robbie campaign. Anybody who visited the Blue Bar could have made the acquainitnance of Anelka’s brother – that was what he was there for.

    Anelka was not “bombed out for financial reasons” and Fatty knows that. But Fatty used to suck up to Houllier in those days. Houllier made Anelka an offer. Anelka accepted. Houllier then withdrew the offer after thinking about it for a few weeks. He made it clear that it was his doubts about Anelka being subservient enough or fitting in. Houllier has a bad history of not being able to handle flair players or characters who are different than the norm. Of course, we all know that Houllier really wanted to spend ten million on Diouf.

  38. fat_boy_fat Says:


    this is a unbelievable one. Take a deep breath…………….

    FATTY claims to be having a meeting with rick parry next week. He wont say what about. HAHAHAHAH total tosser.

    He also says he has been offered the job as a journo for the offical site, but turned it down

  39. Dave K Says:

    E-Mailed the charities commission re Dunk’s involvement in Lauren Forsyth’s charity. The fact that ‘Aunty Nettys’ house is referred to as ‘Koptalk HQ’ convinces me that he’s writing the entries on that site. Also, there’s a link to Koptalk on the right.

    Asking for payments by cheque to J Oldham is taking the piss.

  40. rupert Says:

    fat_boy: Can you cut and paste that. I’m sure Parry and the Official Site would like to be notified what he is saying.

  41. lobster Says:

    lol………that pig dung stinks

  42. Insider Insider Says:

    fat_boy_fat Says: “July 8th, 2006 at 10:21 am Hey Insider Insider. Any chance of a button at the top, next to the ‘right clicking’ one, that has a brief outline of all fatboys scams and lies. Just that a few newbie people i have spoke to who visit this site dont know were to turn 1st regarding all the info about the fat one (because there is so much). A quick link to a brief outline of them, may get them intrigued more to have a look through the months”

    It’s a good idea – I’ll try and get some time together and do it. If someone wants to do it for me I’ll not complain – email me something! I will do it though, we need a “signpost” page effectively.

  43. Mark S Says:

    Holy shit, this is absolutely unbelievable. I cannot believe that Dunk has been cashing the Cheques for Lauren into his own account.

    I bet he’s been slicing off thousands of quid into his own nest egg. That’s just the sickest thing I have ever heard.

    How can we investigate this? It’s a disgrace.

  44. Ringpiece Says:

    46 replies!

    This site is catching on.

    Dunkin the doughnut is monitoring everything going on here, he can see his empire crashing round him.

    Dunkin Doughnut…’re goin down kid.

    Start looking for a job you helmet.

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