Koptalk want your idea. How can they get more of your money?

This was posted in the Koptalk “Gold” club tonight.

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Suggestions for next season – (lotto, pools etc)
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Is there any other kind of thing you’d like us to enter next season?

We’ve got the lotto syndicate and the pools but I wondered if you wanted anything else?

I think that Millionaire coupon by Ladbrokes is pretty good.

Also, do you think we should vary the way the Lotto is done? We currently do Lucky Dips? Should we stick to set numbers based on LFC dates or anything else?

We don’t have much time to deal with these things so it needs to be workable.

Someone suggested earlier about running a comp/raffle/draw for an LFC share.

We could do this but we’d need just under £3100 i.e. 310 members x £10 max or another calculation.

I’ve also thought about doing a Christmas draw like we have down the local but it could be late to do this now as you need to get a few quid in to buy prizes and stuff. We pay 20p a square and all the money goes into prizes. Might think about this next year.

I also thought about us starting the season with say a £500 betting pot and we all (collectively through suggestions and polls), use that to place wagers during the season to see if we can get it up higher and split it or donate to charity e.g. HJC, Alder Hey etc (not Lauren’s cause before anyone starts raising their eyes!). I think this one would be a good idea.

Remember, this is your site and we’ll do what we can to make it fun and enjoyable.


Let’s have a closer look.

Dunk asks, “Is there any other kind of thing you’d like us to enter next season?”  Maybe it’s just some sort of ringing in my ears, but I could have sworn I heard people shouting “the canal” or “prison” in the distance then.
He talks about having “the lotto syndicate and the pools” – but does he actually do them? Maybe it would be a good idea to ask him to prove that he actually does do these things. If he gets the lotto tickets when he’s down at the newsagents paying his paper bill (including 12 copies per week of the Sun) then he can prove it very easily. Every week, before the draw takes place, he can post a scan of the tickets on the site. It’s easy enough to tell if he’s tried faking the scan of the tickets. If he shows every week that he really is spending that amount of money on the lotto as he has claimed to do all of these years then it will go towards improving his shattered credibility. We’re trying to help you there Dunk – scan the lotto tickets every week and you’ll look less of a bare-faced-liar than you do right now. Don’t forget the season ticket scan while you’re at it.

Word of warning though fatty about this idea you have – “do you think we should vary the way the Lotto is done? We currently do Lucky Dips? Should we stick to set numbers based on LFC dates or anything else?” Sounds to us like you may be thinking this will get you out of having to prove you have bought the tickets. It won’t – you still need to scan them every time you buy them so people can check them out. And we’ve contacts at the pools companies by the way – I’m sure we could find out if a “Duncan Oldham” or “Del Johnson” does the pools each week. In fact most syndicate entries tend to have some kind of indication on them that they are a part of a syndicate, sometimes because the person running the syndicate wants to separate his own personal entries from his syndicate’s entries. So we’d expect to find entries for “Duncan Oldham – Koptalk” or similar. And how long have these entries (supposedly) been on for? In fact if you are telling the truth about the entries, you won’t mind members of your syndicate contacting the pools company directly just for confirmation will you? Is it Littlewoods, Vernons or Zetters? Let us know.

memamandgiannete.jpg The next bit we highlight sounds also like a veiled attempt at trying to avoid having to show any proof – “We don’t have much time to deal with these things…” Well you do now don’t you fatty? You’ve just taken an extra member of staff on so you tell us. Her name’s very similar to your mum’s in pronunciation though, so careful you don’t mix them up! Still I’m sure that she’ll be able to help you in your cutting and pasting duties enough so that you can spend five minutes scanning a few bits of paper.

This one made us laugh a little bit. Sounds like Dunk fancies the idea of becoming an LFC shareholder. “Someone suggested earlier about running a comp/raffle/draw for an LFC share.” To save you some time Dunk I can already write the article for you for when you announce the winner: “Congratulations to Steven MacNeish of Wallsend, the lucky winner of our Koptalk LFC Share raffle.” Don’t ever say we don’t try and help you.

Next up Dunk says this about the idea of using his member’s money to help him keep feeding his gambling addiction – “donate to charity e.g. HJC, Alder Hey etc (not Lauren’s cause before anyone starts raising their eyes!).” Dunk’s visit to Liverpool last week jogged his memory about Alder Hey children’s hospital obviously, and his extreme PR cock-ups involving the Sun newspaper mean he’s desperate to try and win back some respect from the point of view of the HJC. Too late though really fatty, you’ve made it clear too often and too regularly that you have no respect for the views of all of those who were impacted by the Hillsborough tragedy. You support the Sun. And as for the mention of Lauren – you are criticised for that for so many reasons, no need to go into them all now, but why are all cheques for Lauren’s cause to be made payable to your mum? Why not Lauren, or Lauren’s parents, or even an account under the name of “Lauren Forsyth appeal fund”? If you aren’t bent (as in on the fiddle rather than homosexual) then you do yourself no favours with this sort of thing. In fact the cheques are to be made payable to “J Oldham”. I wonder how many of those cheques could have been easily changed to “D Oldham”?

Finally, entry number three from the Duncan Oldham book of clichés – “Remember, this is your site”. If that’s the case then why are we always banned for asking perfectly reasonable questions?

If this is one of your first visits to this blog and you have been given the impression (from Koptalk) that the blog is here only for reason of jealousy, you’ve been misinformed. To test it out, go onto Koptalk and ask the following questions:

  1. Can Koptalk please post evidence of the purchase of Lotto entries from now on?
  2. Can Koptalk please post evidence of their past pools entries, and future ones from now on?
  3. Can Koptalk please explain why they say they might consider betting for the HJC yet continue to support the Sun? 
  4. Can the Oldham family please explain why donations for Lauren Forsyth are to be made payable to “J Oldham”?
  5. Will I be banned for asking these questions?
  6. Will this thread be left open to allow others to discuss your answers?
  7. Will those who discuss your answers be banned for any signs of dissent or disagreement with those answers?
  8. Will you answer some other questions we have?

When you’ve asked them email us at koptalk.insider @ gmail.com and tell us how quickly you were banned.


17 Responses to “Koptalk want your idea. How can they get more of your money?”

  1. rupert Says:

    I find it highly suspicious that donations to charities should be banked in his own personal bank account.

  2. KT Veteran Says:

    classic Oldham

    Its your site lol

  3. willrobbo Says:

    Rupert: Surely as he is not a registered charity, he shouldn’t be allowed to take charitable donations?

  4. rupert Says:

    “Its your site” – and – “is there any other kind of thing you want us to enter” is his way of spreading mitigating his guilt if and when he gets caught.

    “Honest m’lud, I only did it because my members asked me to….”

  5. KT Veteran Says:


    I am going to investigate some of this charity stuff (Lauren and the Blind thing). I have the contacts :insidersaucegraemlin:

  6. univofchicago Says:

    “this is your site” my a*s!!!!

    so fatty is telling me its my site…

    yet i say something that fatty even remotely disagrees, then i am banned…

    what a f*ckin hypocrite…

  7. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Gets funnnier by the day over at the KT shed

    I reckon Eastenders should pinch a few of the fat ones story lines.

    Infact Duncan your so good at making up storys you could probably make more dosh as a screen play writer………………………. then again i think they only get paid £400,000 a year. You wouldnt want to take a pay cut really would you? Or pay tax for that matter.

  8. willrobbo Says:

    Interesting page…
    Could this be the same blert?


    Run with it, Insider! 😛

  9. willrobbo Says:


    Cheers, buddy. If that sick fucker’s robbing charities, he deserves to swing.

  10. KT Veteran Says:

    Just been doing some reading up.

    YO11-1QT is another post code of Dels..I mean Dunks. 911 Security.

    Anyway if you go to Google Groups, you can find a load of funny posts some of which look like Dunk being Del in an attempt to fob people off.

    Brilliant fun

  11. rupert Says:

    On the question of raising money for good causes – I once was asked to raise money for an overseas cause I was helping in the UK (see how I say “asked” – very Fatso like!).

    I had appeared on national TV and people sent in letters asking how they could contribute to the cause. It so happens that the solicitior I had hired for this cause was one of the UK’s leading. He said there was no law requiring registration of an appeal for money for a cause – all I needed to do was set up a bank account in the name of the cause and get the bank’s approval to receive donations directly into the account from donors – or people could make out cheques to that bank account send them to me and I could deposit the donations. He also said that there was no requirement to issue receipts or keep accounts although for obvious reasons, I should.

    I was astonished it was all so easy and open to exploitation. That’s why “good causes” usually employ a spokesperson who people trust and have a reputation for integrity.

    Now that was a quite a few years ago and I would be surprised if the law has not been tightened by now.

    That “bank account” model was suitable for fund-raising appeals that arise suddenly before there is time to go through the formalities of registering a charity.

    If someone wants to raise money for charitable causes on a regular basis then they have to register the charity and apply for tax-exempt status. The goals of the charity and the personal background of the directors and other aspects will be checked before they are given registration. To maintain their tax-free status they must observe all the terms and conditions of their charter inlcuding the filing of audited returns annually.

    It appears that Fatty relies on the first of these models – fund-raising causes. But he does not set up a dedicated bank account.

    Questions should be asked (a) why does Fatty have the donors write cheques to him and deposit them in his personal account? (b) what records does he keep about the amounts received and paid on behalf of the cause? (c) Does he provide the donors with copies of receipts when he pays their money to the recipients of the appeal?

    If someone were to keep the money received or spend it for other things than that for which it was donated, then this might be considered breach of trust and criminal deception. A complaint from one of the donors could be all it takes to start a criminal investigation.

    If it is believed that such a person had benefitted from the monies raised – then in addition to any criminal sanctions that may apply there would also be tax consequences. It would be classifed as income.

    Criminal sanctions would also apply to anyone who runs a lottery or betting syndicate and fails to perform the task entrusted to him by those who have contributed the money. If such a person were not to use the money to buy the lottery ticket or make the bet then this would be criminal fraud and breach of trust and would also have tax consequences.

    Anyone contributing to such schemes should check that the organiser is not in a position where he can delay or hide what he does with the grubstake and keep any winnings if there happen to be any. For example, if it is set up in such a way that they don’t know the lottery numbrs or the names of the horses or the dogs before the results – how are they to know (a) he placed any bets or (b) that he did not keep the winnings he made with their money?

    As for starting a fund to buy a share in LFC – this may be a response to my commentary the other day that unlike his LFC site rival Russhian (RAWK) Fatty does not have any shares in LFC. If his talk of how much money he makes is true he could easily afford a few. This is a very Fatty-like response – to get his punters to buy him one. Then he will demand information from LFC and attend the shareholders meeting and no doubt exaggerate like hell what happens there. It will also get him to crave what he most wants – to rub shoulders with respectable people and actually enter Anfield.

    I think that one of us should write to the specialist broker in Liverpool who handles the sale of LFC shares and inform him of Fatty’s scheme. I would think they will not like it and he may find it impossible to buy a share. I think a similar letter to the LFC Registar should be effective.

    From time to time I see the name of the brokerage firm posted on forums – if someone knows it let me know. In the meantime we can keep an eye on Fatty.

  12. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Rupert, the brokers are Blankstone Sington

  13. rupert Says:

    Thanks chapeu – a letter is on the way.

  14. rupert Says:

    Its seems like the haplesss KT mod Rosco and his visit to TLW stirred up a lot of anti-Dunk emotions over there. If you have not seen it try this link then scroll forward or back. The link points to posts after Rosco left with his head between his legs.


  15. scully Says:

    About four months ago Dung was getting all dewey-eyed at the prospect of Dave Moores leaving Liverpool and floated this idea of all Reds fans raising £100M themselves, each donating about a grand and Dung passing it along to the LFC board.


  16. rupert Says:

    “…….Reds fans raising £100M themselves, each donating about a grand and Dung passing it along to the LFC board.”

    He probably learned a trick or two from all those solicitors he uses to purchase his many properties. Think of the interest $100M could earn sitting in his “escrow” or what he describes as “holding” account, not to mention all his administrative fees. Come to think of it though, he’d probably have all the cheques made out to Duncan Oldham as he does with all his other charities.

    But his idea does confirm my opinion that he is on the same development track as most cultic Daddy conmen – there is always that dream of making one big final killing and then leaving all the punters behind – and its the greed that is their undoing.

  17. lobster Says:

    lol….this your site as long as u line up my pocket. – dung

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