The amazing story-telling wallet strikes again

Dunk’s added another of his updates where he pretends to be an accessory used by men to carry money in. True or bullshit? From his own sources or stolen from elsewhere? You decide. And if it turns out true and not stolen from elsewhere we’ll finally be able to update that number in the sidebar.


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Transfer saga update…
#1531210 – 06/07/06 04:15 PM

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I’ve just received quite a detailed update so I’ll try to pass on as much as I can for now:

1. Rafa wants to sign Alves and Alves has told his agents to make it happen. There is a differential of approx €2.75m between what we want to pay upfront and what Seville want to receive up front (full transfer fee is agreed). Essentially if we fork up the required initial installment it will restrict our cash flow and Rafas kitty in this transfer window.

2. As a solution Barragan and Cisse will be sold / loaned out. Rafa wants to keep Barragan for the future so this sale is for all intents and purposes a long term loan. Should he be a success we can buy him back for more or less the same fee (some clauses to be rubber stamped). This should raise approx €1.25m. The Cisse deal is a year long loan resulting in €2.75m (give or take) off the wage bill with Marseille having an option to buy this time next year.

3. Rafa wants to sign another striker with Kuyt being a target. Bellamy has been banging them in this week pleasing everyone but there are concerns over Robbies fitness. He missed training already to see the physio this week. Defoe is the other option and would be cheaper (marginally).

4. Talk of signing Joaquin is just paper talk. Rafa likes him but he would not suit our style.

5. Rafa is a huge Harry Kewell fan. He doesn’t want to sell him but if funds need to be raised he would have to consider it. There is little interest in Warnock, Traore, Kromkamp or Zenden so far this window.

6. Decisions are being made re all of the above today at a meeting. Rafa wants his full squad together by the time the world cup players return to training.

Till I know more…

YNWA Lauren – Liverpool’s No.1 Fan

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21 Responses to “The amazing story-telling wallet strikes again”

  1. willrobbo Says:

    Why am I not suprised?

    He sets it out like its a soap opera! “J isn’t happy with Z, and Z’s just got married to A. Meanwhile…”

    Fucking fat cunt.

  2. Whois Lookup Says:

    He’s like a chef. Take two spoonfuls of the Echo, a knob of Sky Sports and throw in a pinch of common knowledge and you get a beautifully baked Wallet Update.

  3. rupert Says:

    All of that was laid out in detail and better English on TWL, YNWA and RAWN two days ago. How long does it take this Wallet geezer to read?

  4. rupert Says:

    Sorry guys that should have been TLW, TNWA and RAWK and most of it was also in the mainstream press and other footy sites. One of the above sites gave the exact figure LFC was prepared to put up front and the date when they would pay the final installment.

    As for Rafa “liking” Joaquin – he came out specifically and said he did not rate him about 8 months ago.

  5. Ringpiece Says:

    More horseshit.

  6. univofchicago Says:

    Man…what can I say?

    ‘News’ that has been out earlier by just about every other LFC website and koptalk, yet again, claiming to be first on the ‘inside’ news.

    The sad thing is…an insider member with no knowledge of this blog and other LFC forums, will really believe it to be ‘insider’ news.

    Sad…very sad indeed…

  7. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Has anyone noticed over the last few weeks at how there are very few different posters. Almost every thread has the same blind faith crew in it. Looks like the numbers are dwindling FAST


  8. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Thanks wallet, you’re a legend…now where’s that cuntish worshipping smiley?

  9. fat_boy_fat Says:

    if i wish to send dunk a email from a email addy that he doesnt know. but dont want him to find out my IP address and then boot me how would i go about it?

  10. Chris Says:

    another beaut from kraptalk has tried his luck on tlw tonight, this time it’s “Rosco” without the e remember, and once again a koptalk member has made a total arse of himself, he’s tried to discredit Dave by actually……….wait for it…………………….. making things up, who’d of guessed it eh? I wonder where he got that from?

    He tried to have a go at Daves info of trabelsi but has ended up making a total twat of himself and in the end resorting to lies. poor lost soul.

  11. univofchicago Says:

    thanks for the info chris,

    i read read it and had a good laugh myself…hahahaha

  12. rupert Says:

    fatboy: Use sombody else computer and log into the email adress. Send it from that computer. Or go to an Internet Cafe. Pay for 15 minutes.

  13. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Cheers rupert.
    keep up the good work lads!
    Mr feltz is shiting himself in his Scarbrough hole

  14. rupert Says:

    “another beaut from kraptalk has tried his luck on tlw tonight, this time it’s “Rosco” without the e remember, and once again a koptalk member has made a total arse of himself,..”

    I just read it. He’s probably drunk – he is half the time. Otherwise why would he confuse TLW with this blog – is that the conclusion they’ve come to – the KT shoutbox secret email ring?

    And why would he confuse Fatty’s U-Turns over Alves with the Tablesi story?

    And why would he imply that TLW said that Tablesi had signed when they said no such thing.

    But his technique is typical KT shoutbox quality – all piss and wind. All he had to do was go the the TLW news page and read the Tablesi story. He could have saved himself a lot of embarrassment.

    Rosco answer me a question – why would a bunch of lads on a football chat board have an email ring which they keep secret from the site owner?

  15. rupert Says:

    I remember a few years ago a lot of KT members worried about Fatty tracing their IP numbers. There was quite a discussion about it. The conlcusion was that if your internet access is through AOL or or a cable company – he could not see a unique IP address. I’m not a technie. What is the situation now?

  16. Insider Insider Says:

    If you want to send an email without the sender knowing the IP address of the computer you were using then try a webmail system, for example Gmail. Test it out by sending an email from your gmail address to your normal address. Look at the headers and see if your IP address is there anywhere – I know with Gmail it won’t be.

    That is of course if you choose to use a computer that way. There are packages and websites that help you to disguise your IP address too. Look up anonymous proxy on Google to get you started.

    Some ISPs, including AOL, have what are called dynamic IP addresses – you get a different address every time you connect. AOL can work out who was connected to which IP address at any given time if they need to, but wouldn’t release this info for any old fatty who was a little upset at being asked “Where’s my book?” If someone has a legitimate complaint against you then they might be able to persuade AOL to do something about it, but in all likelihood they’d do nothing worse than close your account with them.

  17. rupert Says:

    On the old KT – Fatty’s cockney mate – the owner of the Blue Bar at the Pier Head who pulled some of the strings in Fatty’s smear campaign against Robbie Fowler, triumphantly announced that he knew who one of Fatty’s critics was because his AOL IP at that minute was the same as another poster who was logged on at the same time. He said the chances of that happening were several millions to one. He was wrong of course, but the critic let him think he was right.

    BTW, in those days, they also developed a secret email ring to avoid the scrutiny of Fatty – just like the present day Shoutbox crowd. Eventually all kinds of clique fights broke out on KT over who was in whose email ring. The same will happen again – mark my words.

  18. Part Time Poster Says:

    Rupert – which thread on TLW does rosco make a tit of himself

  19. univofchicago Says:

    hey part time poster,

    below is the link:

    rosco appears midway through the page…


  20. Part Time Poster Says:

    Ignore that – found it

  21. Part Time Poster Says:

    Cheers – bless him,

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