Today's one-tenth – Walrus sit-ups

Hints have been made by those nice people at Koptalk that they think I spend my whole life on here and on the Caboodle “Network”. All that time because all I do is try to see what an overweight website owner is up to. They are wrong. It’s not my whole life – it’s just 99.9% of my life.

So today I thought I’d share with you what I did for the other 0.1% of the day. Or the other one-tenth of a percent of the day.

I watched this video. It’s a walrus doing sit-ups, and I found it on a blog belonging to someone from the Liverpool Echo.  It’s not even a sports-related blog. Trouble is though, as soon as I watched it I thought of one person and one person only.

Not because I think anything doing sit-ups would have a similarity to Duncan Oldham, even if it does look like a huge blob. No it’s because if you ever go that bit of the zoo there’s always a particular aroma. Like Koptalk, there’s something fishy about the Walrus area in the zoo. And of course no sooner do you get away from that part of the zoo and you are near an area containing unusual breeds of bull. Which, as you guessed, also reminds me of a certain Newcastle-based website.

Anyway, that’s today’s one-tenth of a percent. Maybe I’ll make it a regular feature, if I can keep allowing myself as much time away from Steve and Jeanette’s handywork.


7 Responses to “Today's one-tenth – Walrus sit-ups”

  1. fat_boy_fat Says:

    How ironic that fucking losers with nothing else to do but pay £30 to fat boy while posting on his website , have a dig at this site
    Ive got a feeling people will be getting a message over the next week.

    Were bringing you down from within pork scratching!

  2. rupert Says:

    At least the walrus tried to exercise – and without being tossed hot dogs as an inducement.

    Fatso is so busy analysing the private lives of highly trained athletes. He doesn’t have time to stand-up never mind sit-up.

  3. rupert Says:

    Our editorial control of KT continues to expand. Anyone remember the comment I made a few days ago about how Fatty (and Ryan and Brendan) are always having a go at Paul Tompkins? I explained the history of how Paul broke up with Fatty – how Fatty tried to use him to draw readers and then ratted on a deal to pay him etc. Paul was so uspet about it he stopped commenting.

    Well today a character on KT named Chazeroo started a new thread criticising Paul – my first thought was it was suspiciously like Fatty or Ryan’s views and might be another “false”poster. And who knows, maybe it was.

    But after a few posts who should come in to defend Paul but Dunk – a totally different Dunk!

    He even paraphrases my comments on here where I criticised Ryan’s attack on Paul because Ryan only knows how to write one liners and does not appreicate how difficult it is to write a sustained treatment.

    I guess Koptalk-Insider is having a good effect. (BTW I’m all for criticising Paul’s views as any other writer’s – I was jusyt trying to reveal the hidden money motivation behind Fatty’s mockery of Paul and how Ryan and Brendan joined in).

    * Chazeroo Said:

    on He offers no insight, doesn’t tell us anything we dont already know. Yes, he may write about lfc but that doesn’t make him any good. Read and compare football reports in any broadsheet newspaper and he comes off looking like an amateur. How he has become a writer i shall never know..

    DUNK I think that’s unfair mate. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him refer to himself as an expert. He just talks from the heart. Have you any idea how long it takes to write something as long as what he does? You can’t keep everyone happy but he’s giving people something to debate.

  4. Insider Insider Says:

    Today Dunk says – “Have you any idea how long it takes to write something as long as what he does?”

    Tomorrow Dunk says – “Have you any idea how long it takes to write something as long as a book?”

  5. bigf00t Says:

    I think Paul Tomkins writing is very good…

    bottom line is it makes you want to read it…

  6. univofchicago Says:


    i had a good laugh watching the sit-ups.

    thanks for the link insider.

  7. lobster Says:

    a couple of my mates have stopped posting in cocktalk as well and visiting this site regularly.

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