Where's fatty? Another sighting.


Hooray! Another sighting of fatty, sent in this time by Toby. Click the little picture for a big picture of the bigger-bellied-bullshitter.

If we get enough pictures sent in we’ll be able to bring our own book out. Maybe Duncan himself will choose a winner and supply a prize.

I wonder where he’ll turn up next?

Your templateHere’s a blank fatty courtesy of “willrobbo” – he tells us that this “picture is a transparent PNG. Don’t try to copy and paste it into Fireworks/Photoshop… it’ll only end in tears. Save it to your hard disc and open it up in your image editor. That way, the transparency is preserved and you can start ‘photographing’ the lardy fart!” Now you can put this to use and create your own interpretations of where Dunk might turn up next. Send us your sitings to koptalk.insider @ gmail.com or upload them somewhere and stick a link in the comments.

And if anyone’s got any higher-res photos of Scarborough’s happiest loss send them in so we can all make good use of them.

Some sad git from Scarborough pretending to be something elseAnd better use than this surely? This is fatty’s attempt at humour. Now he’s pretending his new home will be in Liverpool he’s decided a new avatar is in order. Will someone tell him that he’s only funny when he’s trying to be serious? We laugh our socks off at some off his deadpan comments about his plans for hotels. When he tries to be funny it just doesn’t work.

11 Responses to “Where's fatty? Another sighting.”

  1. lobster Says:


  2. willrobbo Says:

    As and when the high-resolution photos are uploaded, I’ll be more than happy to crop em. Perhaps Jeanette has some family photos she’d like to share?

  3. rupert Says:

    If he’d leave off the wig, keep the tach and stick his arm up – he’d look more Führer-like.

  4. rupert Says:

    Well, a fat Führer.

  5. rupert Says:

    Allegedly, this is a foto of his Ma. Scroll down the thread. In his recent tube video showing her in a mock violation of young Steve, she looks a bit older and more “bonny”. They may be the only mother and son who can share the same size bras.


  6. univofchicago Says:


  7. String Vest Says:

    Some interesting stuff about the S*N from the engorged one today.


    (Warning – links contains quotes from the the S*N)

    Its Ok though he doesn’t buy it, just gets the paper boy to steal from the newsagents and slips him a fiver at Xmas.

    He’s bonkers.

  8. Chunka Says:

    Oh and now he’s burning the Sun……

    That makes everything alright Dunk

  9. Former Koptalker Says:

    What’s with the stereoptypical scouser wig and “calm down” eh?

  10. chapeau du soleil Says:

    @ Former Koptalker, our man is a chunky funster filled with mirth….or a knobhead

  11. bigf00t Says:

    And im so sure burning it will prove to us your not a huge fan of the S*n…


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