More reasons to boycott The S*n and Koptalk

The decision by Fat Duncan Oldham to film his young friend burning one of his copies of the S*n was another of his failed attempts at getting back at this blog. Upset that we are driving away his visitors bit by bit, with our revelations of his love for the S*n, the former soldier (he once claimed) had to pretend he hated the paper. The dickhead chose to dress the teenage star of his video in a curly wig and got him to say “Calm Down” in a crap attempt at a scouse accent. The fact he admitted in the accompanying article that he gets the paper delivered every day, and bought an extra copy today to replace the one he burned just added to his latest screw up.

His heroes at the S*n are also not happy when someone confronts them about talking nonsense. Read this from one of the LFC websites that does have contacts inside Anfield. According to The Liverpool Way, the reason why Carra got slated all of a sudden could well have been as an act of retaliation, it certainly has the signs of being.

Talking about the quotes, and especially the headline, in the S*n, the website says, “Why did they choose to do this? Well it isn’t like they need a reason to have a go at scousers, but this really did come out of leftfield as it wasn’t exactly a story worthy of a back page was it? TLW wonders if it may be connected to something which we are told happened in Germany. One of their reporters, Steve Howard, is alleged to have got into an argument with some of the friends and families of the Liverpool players in respect of remarks about Liverpool fans, Heysel and Hillsborough. Word around the campfire is that the scouse contingent, including Carragher’s dad and relatives of Stevie Gerrard, were furious at the comments made and let Howard know in no uncertain terms how they felt.”

See ‘The Truth’ about that S*n backpage today? on TLW for the full article.

The reason we’ve posted this information in this blog is for the benefit of anyone just dropping by who might have believed any of Fatty’s previous pro-S*n propaganda. The boycott on the paper should be strengthened, not allowed to slip. Which is why we say the boycott of Koptalk should continue.

And The S*n sound as pathetic as Fat Duncan Oldham and Koptalk when you get to hear all of the story. No wonder he admires them so much.


4 Responses to “More reasons to boycott The S*n and Koptalk”

  1. lobster Says:

    its funny to see him doing things to try to rebutt the facts thrown at him here, its all futile fatso, the more you try, the more of an arse u are going to look.

  2. rupert Says:

    Fatty “Alf Garnet” Oldham lists the Queen as one of his enthusiasms. Doesn’t he know that she boycotts the S**? Its the only national daily she will not have delivered to her breakfast table.

  3. bigf00t Says:

    is that true Rupert? thats hillarious…

    About what happened in Germany- Did the S*n reporter say something there and then which got Carras dad etc worked up or was it based on the original comments from the S*n, from the original story…?

  4. rupert Says:

    Yes, it’s true about the Queen and the S**. That’s why the S** is always mocking her and trying to embarrass her.

    Diana’s butler – what’s his name – confirmed it in his book – and when the News of the World (S** sister paper) sneaked in one of their reporters posing as an employee – he – confirmed it, too.

    The first paper she reads is the “Racing Record” – so she and Fatso have something in common.

    I’m a bit disappointed that Fatso has not yet claimed that Edward or Harry or Gold Club members.

    As for the Carragher and his Dad story all Iknow is what is in the TLW said in the link that Insider gave above in his piece.

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