Koptalk: Liverpool invited to bid again for Jermaine Defoe

Here’s an “update” from Dunk. This is the first piece of “insider information” published in ages from Dunk. I’m going to hold back on commenting for now – I’ll let you do that underneath.

Dunk KopTalk Editor
Reged: Aug 20 2004
Agent on Merseyside
#1525887 – Tue Jul 04 2006 12:34 PM

Sources on Merseyside today claim that Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez has been invited to make a fresh bid for Jermaine Defoe.

The 23-year-old is represented by Skylet Andrew who has been at Melwood (Liverpool’s training ground) since this morning.

With an hour of receiving information that Andrew was at Melwood, I then received an email from a source at Anfield who said:

“Talks have taken place between Rick Parry and Sky Andrew regarding Jermaine Defoe… (snip) … it would seem that the club are looking at the possibilities of a double deal via Andrew (he represents both players) for Pennant and Defoe… (snip) … Tottenham are keen to sell Defoe and are aware that Andrew is on Merseyside trying to broker a deal.

“Rafa now has to choose which options to go for. He is tired of waiting for Sevilla and wants all his new signings at training for when the World Cup players return. He had wanted them all there this week but Sevilla have held everything up.

“Trabelsi is an option but he cannot sign all of these players… (snip) … the board won’t sanction a deal for everyone (board meeting on Thursday this week) there has to be sacrifices… (snip) … big, big decisions need to be made and I think you’ll see activity and decisions taking place before the weekend.”

I actually think this is great news. Players are queuing up to join us and they’re not holding us to ransom any more. Rafa’s laughing if you ask me, whoever he signs.

I assume he sees Defoe as a cheaper option to Kuyt? confusing isn’t it… loads of options and alternatives and I still believe someone elses name will crop up out of the blue.


Dunk KopTalk Editor
Reged: Aug 20 2004
Re: Agent on Merseyside  [Re: ShaggyAlonso13]
#1525915 – Tue Jul 04 2006 12:41 PM

I can’t see us spending a lot on Defoe, even if we had it. However, he’s a good player and if we could get him for less than £8million, I think we could get him. However, I’m not a big fan but I can see the manager’s thinking. We also have to remember that a player can become much better (or worse) under a new manager following a move.



13 Responses to “Koptalk: Liverpool invited to bid again for Jermaine Defoe”

  1. String Vest Says:

    Should have said – his news item came an hour after the YNWA post, so he is obviously trrawling the sites looking for stuff to generate hits.

  2. rupert Says:

    Since we know from Fatty’s admission yesterday that he does not have any contacts at Melwood and had to bribe a gateman to tip him off about comings and goings, the implication is that he got this information from the gateman. I hope the gateman got the cost of his call to Fatty in Newcastle reimbursed. Brave man – risking his job to service a fat arse yorkie he only met yesterday. Could someone let the gatemen or Parry know about this – they might want to have a word with Fatty Liar?

    Once it is posited that the agent was at Melwood – then its easy peasy to say he was also at Anfield and spoke to Parry etc etc . and that he was speaking not only about Pennant but Defoe.

    The susbtance of the story – that LFC is interested in Pennant and Defoe is well-worn by other more credible outlets than Fatty.

    All the rest of his vague musings are intended to give the impression that he knows the mind of Rafa and Parry – a ridiculous proposition – and to create enough ifs, ands, and buts to give him wriggle room.

    He can’t stop talking—— but this spiv charges for it .

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    The thing about Aurelio is that he actually signed for us on a pre-contract back in about January. Even the Echo reported it on June 28th, explaining that the actual contract kicks in from July 1st. Considering Fatty was at Melwood yesterday, you’d think he’d have a photo of him.

  4. Chunka Says:

    What happened to those photos?

    Incidently has anyone found that photo from yesterday appearing on any news image site such as Getty?

    Also I can;t see the YNWA post you are on about

  5. lobster Says:

    from time to time, some of these websites should feed fatso some fake news to copy and paste and make him look like an arse..

  6. Chris Says:

    So his latest “inside” info is we might bid for a player. Wow, what an amazing insight into LFC. He’s a fucking idiot. No doubt the beauts left on there will lap it up though

  7. Steini Says:

    I’ve been quite a lot to Melwood last 7 years, and I know the gatemans there, and I can promise you that they are not feeding fatty on any info. There are 3 of them that are there in full time jobs, and have been for a long time. Not a chance in hell that they will put their jobs on the line now for this gimp.

    This is made up like all the other stories.

    Transfer negotiations do not take place on Melwood. You wont notice anything there until a players arrives for a medical.

  8. Whois Lookup Says:

    “from time to time, some of these websites should feed fatso some fake news to copy and paste and make him look like an arse..”

    It’s been done before. He fell hook, line and sinker for a fake Jody Morris story, going as far as inventing meetings with agents etc Jody Morris was chosen as the least likely player to join us to test his gullibility. He didn’t disappoint.

  9. univofchicago Says:

    hey chunky, you need to register with ynwa.tv.

  10. alan Says:

    I agree with what steini said, theres no way they would be telling him info, next time i go to melwood (hopefully this week or next), ill ask them if they said tehy would tip him off, and tell them that he is telling people on the internet that they are passing him info.

  11. rupert Says:

    alan – do it! The more times the folk at Anfield – including Parry – hear how he is falsely using their name to fool people and make money – the more likely the club is to take action against him.

  12. KT Veteran Says:

    So his latest “inside” info is we might bid for a player. Wow, what an amazing insight into LFC. He’s a fucking idiot. No doubt the beauts left on there will lap it up though

    Not all will Chris, not all will

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