Koptalk admit daily Sun delivery

Koptalk.com and its owner Duncan Oldham support the Sun. Use the search facility on this blog to find numerous pieces of evidence showing this. Our search facility works because we’ve nothing to hide. The search facility on Koptalk doesn’t work.

It’s getting quite funny watching the arrogance of Duncan “Sun Hat” Oldham get the better of him, to the point where he’s losing more and more of his revenue and more and more customers rather than own up to the truth. This site is being promoted (for now) purely by word of mouth, people passing the name of the site onto others. That’s been enough to see a decline in his hits and a decline in his takings from the insider. More importantly, there are many who would be due to renew in the coming months that won’t now be doing so.

People read this site and find it quite a shock at how they’d been conned. If this is your first visit, read it with an open mind. Dunk tries a lot of different tactics to try and worm his way out of a corner, we’ve answered every single one so far and he’s running out of ideas.

Today he’s used his favourite paper to try and win back some credibility. As expected, the England blame machine shifted focus today to Jamie Carragher. It was always going to happen, and this blog isn’t the place to explain how obviously wrong it is to blame Carragher. England’s coaching staff were under pressure from the media because of England’s exit, so they spoke to Dunk’s favourite paper to try and limit the damage against them. Or in fact they may have spoken to press conferences, we’ve not checked yet. We first saw the quotes (from Tord Grip and someone we’ve never heard of) on the Daily Mail website, with no mention of the Sun.

Fatty has the Sun delivered every day. He admits as much today, and also says he bought an extra copy. He chose to film his “step-brother” / teenage friend Steve burning the newspaper.

There’s very little we have to say really other than echo the views of many of you who leave comments or email us – Fatty has lost it.

He spoke of pantomimes recently – he even gets Steve to wear a wig for his little video. If you thought “Koptalk TV” was bad you should see this. He gets Steve to wear a curly wig and gets him to squeak “Calm Down” in what we assume was an attempt at a scouse accent. Fatty’s dulcit tones can be heard as he swears at Steve in a clearly pre-planned attempt at humour. We’ve already said that Dunk’s only funny when he’s trying not to be, the video does nothing to change that.

The video is here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DCEW7zR3pE – and we have to say that Steve and Duncan certainly know how to start a fire. Pity Dunk’s video skills are so poor. As you watch it listen out for three things – 1) Steve’s poor scouse accent, 2) Dunk’s swearing 3) the sound of more and more of Duncan’s site visitors leaving his site for good.

KopTalkInsider.com KopTalk Staff
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Carragher the bottler – The Sun (inc video)
#1525732 – 04/07/06 11:13 AM

The Sun newspaper has dedicated their back page today to calling Jamie Carragher a ‘BOTTLER’ for his World Cup “penalty blunder”. (See video at the bottom of this page)

If anyone was going to have a pop at the Liverpool defender you’d expect it to be The Sun, a British newspaper that is boycotted by Liverpool fans for the lies they printed about the Hillsborough disaster. (Very much like Koptalk.com, a British website which is boycotted by Liverpool fans for the lies they publish day in and day out about everything, including their love of the Sun).

Did we buy the rag? Yes and no. The paper lad pinches a few extra papers for us when we need them. As long as he gets his score at Christmas he aint bothered. (Not sure who he thinks he’s turned into at this stage. We’re guessing it’s his hero Del (Trotter, not Johnson) but it could be Arthur Daley or Peggy Mitchell.)

However, after we fired the rag we realised that we forgot the quotes DOH! So we needed another copy to publish exactly what was said (for your benefit, not ours). (It wasn’t for our benefit – you cut and pasted the quotes from the Sun’s website, but you’d have had nothing to read in the bog otherwise.)

Nobody actually called Carragher a bottler (surprise, surprise) but what they did say is as follows.

(I’ve taken the quotes out – if you want to read them then search google news for “Ivan Carminati” and then you’ll be able to read the quotes on other websites like Sporting Life or Sky Sports).

And that’s it. Fatty gets the Sun delivered and then burns it, without actually going into any details of why he should burn it today, but not yesterday. No explanation of why he continues to publish rumours from it every day, claiming he can’t work out how to delete those lies when he’s finished cutting and pasting the rumours from the BBC website.
Dunk – we and a growing part of the internet know you are an arse. You don’t need to prove it. We already have.


22 Responses to “Koptalk admit daily Sun delivery”

  1. Phil T Says:

    I take offense to an OOT trying to profit from a disaster which took many lives of those from our city.

    Then, mocking our accent.


  2. String Vest Says:

    In a few days he’s veered between asking for sympathy, saying he’s poor, gloating about his wealth, promising the earth to his subscribers & trying to alienate future subscribers.

    Dunc, you elephantine waste of space. If you’re reading this, I urge you to click this link. You need help!


  3. rupert Says:

    Why don’t his KT users complain about the implied insults to them?

    Whenever he wants to deflect criticism he adopts the same Artful Dodger act – ee lads, look at me, encouraging the paper boy to steal a few copies of the S** in exchange for a Xmas tip – arne’t I a reet caution!

    It arises from the fact that (a) he is a dodger – a tax and dole cheat – always on the scam (b) like the S** ,he thinks Liverpudlians are “thieving scousers” and they’ll warm to him as one of their own – and he thinks his KT readers from outside of Liverpool share his prejudices.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if he was from Liverpool – but he hates the place.

    BTW I read the story about Tord Grip and Carragher about 10 hours before it appeared on KT and I read it from several different sources not one of which was associated with the S**

  4. Chris Says:

    The man is absolute scum. Everytime he promotes that scumbag rag he is mocking the deaths of 96 innocent people. One day he is going to get whats coming to him and I cant wait.

    Keep up the brilliant work on this site, you can smell the fat shite sweating from here

  5. Fiddy Says:

    Its pretty sad that he’s made this clip. He clearly feels he has to justify his “hate” for the rag by burning it. Why did I waste 1.5 minutes of my life watching that crap?

  6. Part Time Poster Says:

    God, he is getting desperate isn’t he, he gets slaughtered for reading/promoting the Sun, tries to defend his actions with comments like “i’m not from Liverpool so I didn’t know about the boycott” and now in a bid to win back the love of his followers he decides that burning a copy of that paper will make look a hero.

    If anyone on Koptalk falls for this piss poor PR stunt I feel really sorry for them.

  7. rupert Says:

    There were a few paper boys who died at Hillsborough. When their families were struggling with the loss the S** said they were drinking, or rioting, stealing from each other and pissing on each other.

    I wonder how their families would feel, Fatty, seeing your taking delivery of the S++ daily, brazen promotion of the S** as the source of news about LFC and then your fake burning of it as some sort of PR game, and what would they feel if they knew about how you try to feed the S** gossip about Robbie Fowler and other LFC players in exchange for cash, gifts or mention of KT, and how you defend the wearing of a S** hat on KT?

    Go on – try to win our sympathy again about talking about your wife’s miscarriage.

  8. rupert Says:

    I’ve decided to follow my own advice – I’m cutting down my visits to KT to the bare minimum needed to keep watch on him. And even that is much reduced because we publish all his so-called Insider and Gold Club stuff here.

    Usually I check in many times a day – and I swtich from his .com to .org servers. Obviously this puts money and bragging rights in his pocket.

    If everyone who posts or lurks here reduces their visit to KT or cuts them out altogether – there could be a significant dip in his hits. It might reduce his advertisers or his rates. The loss of cash will cause him to react in crazy ways.

  9. Chunky Says:

    Story behind The S*n headline is on TLW. Poor ol Dunk left behind again.

  10. Part Time Poster Says:

    Rupert – I agree mate, i’ve found myself going on Koptalk less and less and won’t be posting there again.

    Dunk thinks he banned me over weekend – what he doesn’t know is that I’m registered under a different user name and one of my mates is still in the gold club so I can still keep tabs on him.

  11. Toby Says:

    “If everyone who posts or lurks here reduces their visit to KT or cuts them out altogether – there could be a significant dip in his hits. It might reduce his advertisers or his rates. The loss of cash will cause him to react in crazy ways.”

    Did anyone notify Google about his abuse of the Adwords campaign (asking his users to click on the sponsors)? Now that would dent his coffers.

  12. Sinon Says:

    Same here Rupert, I’ve stopped frequenting there as often as i did, only nip on there for some rumours & laughs from regulars – i.e. the true stuff not the shite gossip from the S*n. I hope that fat twat notices his hit rate reducing.

    I think I’ll have to start visiting some cybercafe’s at lunchtime, log in as a new poster and see if I can last 30 minutes before the brown nose brigade ban my IP address. Hopefully even if only one person is removed from his cult it’ll be worth the 50p!

    I urge anyone to do it, just go along to a cybercafé during a quiet lunchtime and try and anonymously tell KopTalkers of this place and of Jaba’s lies, robbing bastard tendencies and love of the S*n. It won’t be your IP address banned so you can still log onto KT later at home/work if you wish

  13. Dunk thinks I am his pal Says:

    Rupert, can you email me, I assume you are a mod and will see my email address. I need your email address to write to you.

  14. rupert Says:

    Chunky: That’s an interseting story on TLW about why the S** ran its “story” on Jamie.

    That’s about the fifth time they’ve TLW have trumped Fatty him with stories in the last week or so. It also shows how far out of tune Fatso is with LFC, the players and fans.

    No doubt he’ll steal the TLW story, re-package it and sell it to his Gold Club members several hours after its shelf-life has expired.

  15. rupert Says:

    To “Dunk thinks I am his pal”. There are no mods on here and I can’t see your or anybody else’s email address. (That’s why its safe to post on here). I think Insider is the only person who can see the IP address.

    You can write to me at rupert.oranmore@gmail.com

  16. lobster Says:

    talking about jabba…….i photoshopped a nice pic of fatso in jabba costume and sent it over to Insider, and theres a few more to come soon….haha

  17. rupert Says:

    “Did anyone notify Google about his abuse of the Adwords campaign (asking his users to click on the sponsors)? Now that would dent his coffers.”

    Toby – why not put the Google address up and a link to where he said this. Then several of us good write it.

  18. Terry Says:

    Easiest way is to click on the ads by google link in one of his ads, from there is a link to leave feedback on an ad you just saw.

  19. rupert Says:

    Terry – yes but we need a quote where he urged people to click on the ads.

  20. Chunka Says:

    Take ya pick

  21. a kt insider user Says:

    Ive only just found this website last week and i wish i had found it last month when i stupidly signed up for KT Insider.
    I find his (lard arse) constant references to the scum newspaper very insulting, offensive and extremely insentitive to the families who lost loved ones in 1989. I nearly lost two cousins that day but for a brave young man who tragically died later on. One of my cousins was an apiring musician who had a record deal he was to sign but after 15.04.89 he gave it up and decided on helping victims of Hillsborough. He is still affected to this day and he will never get over what he saw that horrible day so Lard Arse, i hope you rot in hell you fat peice of whale blubber. (No offence to Whales)

  22. Maldini Says:

    He really is a horrible horrible cunt

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