Has "911" Duncan been taken to the cleaners?

A selection of Duncan’s rants and rambles for this evening. I think we also get to work out the link between Fatty’s house and “Koptalk HQ”.

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Re: Basic run down of today – nowt exciting  [Re: karim787]
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When we get the house (and these things don’t take 5 minutes) then things like photos and videos will be on all the sites. However, all the snippets of juicy stuff will be kept just for here. Obviously they’ll be leaked anyway, we’d be naive not to think that, but even when people do that, it’s still promoting the place.

A lot will depend on where we buy. I fancy a house overlooking the training pitches but I also know that having the gate monitored would be very handy. It’s all down to wonga. I was quoted £250k today for a house at the gates and £150k for a house that overlooks the pitches.

Do we want a CCTV on the gates fed into our office or a webcam showing the lads training?


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Re: Basic run down of today – nowt exciting  [Re: nigecardiff]
#1525099 – Mon Jul 03 2006 10:18 PM          Reply      Quote


dunk, its about time you got some real insider info mate

If we get any more inside we’ll get arrested.

I know a lot of people concentrate on transfers and stuff but I tell you what, for me I’d prefer to see training all week to see formations, injury recovery and so on. Watching practise matches will be superb.

I think it would be great to have a dedicated server used simply to power a webcam overlooking the ground with live streaming. However that can be costly so it may have to be static images. I really don’t know yet.

All I know at the moment is I’m fecked and I’m about to settle down for the night. I was going to stay over but when I checked my emails today there were some threatening ones from some anti-KopTalkers… not aimed at me but my family (daughter and mum). At the time I thought it best to come home (as me mam lives opposite me and I wanted to make sure she was ok) but having spoke about it with her tonight and having chilled a bit, I’m ready for tomorrow now.

So time to recharge and back at HQ in the morning

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Re: Basic run down of today – nowt exciting  [Re: Jimmy_The_Red]
#1525131 – Mon Jul 03 2006 10:32 PM          Reply      Quote


would having a webcam of our boys trainging every day be a good idea? although very interesting and I’d be glued to it, surely it would leak out. you can’t imagine the club being happy with it, seeing as opposing teams could just view our training whenever they like, set piece routines etc.??
just a thought.

Yeh I know all that mate and it’s already registered in my brain as to what we could and couldn’t show. Let’s not forget though that anyone can turn up at Melwood and see what’s going down. There’s no way any webcam I set-up would be open to misuse. I think I favour watching the gate as we can obtain video footage any time and splice it so nothing is leaked etc.

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Re: Basic run down of today – nowt exciting  [Re: Cookster]
#1525147 – Mon Jul 03 2006 10:37 PM          Reply      Quote


Wouldn’t the use of a web cam be some infringement of privacy like with the papparazzi taking sneaky photo’s of you on the beach in the Bahamas?

Dunk knows best

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Re: Basic run down of today – nowt exciting  [Re: TheStig]
#1524986 – Mon Jul 03 2006 09:15 PM          Reply      Quote

The guys on the gate see every in and out. They are also instructed to close the gate when the club don’t want the outside to see in. Fans are not at the gates as much as you think. I saw one lad all day today and he was only there ten minutes if that. He aint gonna know the ins and outs but when people say “Is such and such at Melwood?” we now have someone who can assist us… that is until I buy the house at the back that looks right in


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Booked meself an old woman (Rooney Style, not)
#1525016 – Mon Jul 03 2006 09:26 PM          Reply      Quote

Sick of parking tickets on match-days? Sick of having your car scr*wed? Just knock on one random pensioners door and offer to boost weekly pension by £20 per home match for use of drive and or garage. (although make sure kick-boxing son and grandson also agree!)

Advice, if you were originally only going to offer £5 or £10, do not melt when you see a little old lady come tottering to the door and getting excited about an extra tenner.. and then double it.

Top tip: Secure space within 100 yards of stadium if excessively overweight.

Seriously though… she says “Oohhh Sandra next door has visitors from Hull and she always makes them a bacon sandwich before the match. They’ve been coming for years now. They only asked if they could use her toilet once, now they come all the time.”

If only I’d called at Sandra’s first…. emmmmmm bacon.


So old ma Oldham lives over the road from Fatty? And fatty has referred to Steve as his step-brother in the past. In other words, Dunk’s mum got shacked up with Steve’s dad at some point, and that’s what “Koptalk HQ” is – the shed in the back garden of the house lived in by Ma Oldham, Pa MacNeish and Steve MacNeish. Fatty lives over the road. Not quite how he tells it, but sounds about right to me.

Also interesting tonight – when someone in the comments pointed out this piece of classic Dung Oldham,  we did a quick google on the post code (Y011 1QT) and address (1 Princess Terrace) mentioned. It seems a company called 9 1 1 Security were based there. See Touch York listing, including the phone number 01723 355884.

Dunk also used “911” as part of his email addresses when he was searching for information on Islam in his Usenet days – see Help:Islamic Theme Posters. If you go to this page on ufindus you find this entry part way down the page – “911 Cleaning Services Tel. 07010 709116 P O Box 145 , Scarborough, YO11 1YD”. Yes it’s Dunk’s old PO Box 145 address again, the one he still uses in the registration information on the majority of his domain names.

The mobile number is an Orange mobile phone.


12 Responses to “Has "911" Duncan been taken to the cleaners?”

  1. Fat Tax Says:

    I know these webcam plans are just pie-in-the-sky rubbish, but I assume the club are aware that someone is planning to beam unlicenced, voyeuristic footage of our lads training across the www?

  2. rupert Says:

    So Dunkin Donuts was in the cleaning business before he became the confidant of Rick Parry and Steve Gerrard?

    Those Islamic worry beads must be useful these days..

    As for all the inbreeding in his extended “familY – have a look at some of his reputed relatives on the front page of http://www.kraptalk.com

  3. rupert Says:

    That will be his excuse – he will try to whip-up artificial enthusiasm for his mad-scheme and then collapse it by saying that LFC, Sky, or the PL have banned the cameras.

    He really doesn’t have much respect for the commonsense of KT members does he?

    His first choice is to put cameras in the players toilet cubicles – but he can’t squeeze in to fix it up.

  4. univofchicago Says:

    he does this every year to get people ‘excited’ and join up…

    and every year it turns out to be a load of bull…

    its quite effective though, when i was a koptalk newbie, i remember getting all excited reading fatty’s proposed revamp…that excitement didn’t last long tho.

    hes doing it more often this summer, largely because of this blog. his usual ploy to come up with fake and bullshit ‘exclusives’ and, therefore, entice the news-hungry foreign readers aint working well because this blog is getting the truth out.

  5. lobster Says:

    we just wait and see all his promises fizzle out and gone with the wind (from his big ass)

  6. String Vest Says:

    Insider – might be worth publishing here more explicitly that the real exclusives (or “insider” information) comes from places that do actually have contacts like TLW and YNWA. Maybe linking to real examples such as the YNWA Pennant news story and the TLW Trabelsi one, the fact that YNWA has a member with links to Gerrard or that the TLW editor to Carra/Reserve players etc.

    If the Koptalk members that come out of here through curiosity actually see that its these other sites that actually have info, I am convinced they will move on.

  7. alan Says:

    This guy really is bullshitting, outside the gates of melwood there are 3 houses together, then to one side is a housing estate that is a bit out the way, and to the other the next house does not overlook the gates. No disrespect to the property owners, but they are not worth 250k. Last time i went by there was only one house for sale that overlooked the very back of the place, hes talking shit again. next time i go ill get proper pics of waht houses are for sale and put them on here

  8. chapeau du soleil Says:

    According to rightmove.co.uk (using L12 8RW + 1/2 mile) , theres one over Bellefield..perhaps he’s going to open an Everton site?

  9. Sinon Says:

    I’ve just looked on ‘ononemap.com’, an online Estate Agency site (which includes almost every property in the country) and there aren’t ANY properties for the sale overlooking Melwood.

    There is a house on Minver Road for just under £170k, but he’d have to train pigeons to carry a camera and do fly by filming…

    Lies, lies, lies…

  10. Toby Says:

    Are you saying his ma’s a scrubber?

  11. Ringpiece Says:

    If that horseshit spouting fat cunt puts any webcam over Melwood I’ll personally rip the fucker down.

    Jeopardising Liverpool’s tactics for his own benefit just shows what he’s all about.
    He’s a fuckin helmet.

    Ringpiece MK2 and myself could be there within 10 minutes.
    We’re ready to go!

  12. rupert Says:

    The two of you – that’s frightening!

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