Dunk reveals source for Insider information

Some stuff from the “.org” Koptalk site from this afternoon. First of all, someone asks where fatty gets his inside info from. It seems they doubt him – he can’t have inside information. Fatty’s answer soon puts “ceaser the geazer” and all other site visitors straight.

Post: A Question on insider info..        (Topic#17050)
ceaserthe geazer Reservist Posts: 538
04-07-06 11:51 AM – Post#252902

A girl I use to work with was close to the secretary of now a prem club. She obviously spoke to the chairmen but was close to the secretary, the girl use to come round to her house.
As for inside info she got jack $hit. If she enquired which rarely did, the reply she would get is somethings happening.
Same with Rick Parry, gave nothing (Dept head new him).

So who would leak info from the club. the players are a good source as they have trouble keeping their mouth shut, but its rare for a club to tell players anything.

So if you’ve had inside info from the past who was it from?
Just name the dept they work in.

Dunk KopTalk Editor Posts: 1999
04-07-06 01:12 PM – Post#253127
In response to Peatcheo

Sometimes the club leak the info on purpose.

Of course they do. And I’m sure they’re on the phone to you every day to leak stuff hey fatty? As well as all your other ways of getting info. Do you bribe paper boys in Liverpool as well as Newcastle then?

Dunk's site gets invadedMeanwhile in the “Shoit-Box” the real Duncan fanclub are all having a chat. It seems there were two brendans (as if one’s not bad enough) and TLW are to blame for anything nasty said about Koptalk. Including the post seen in the screenshot here (click that thumbnail). Well, you silly Koptalk muppets, it’s us and our readers you should be blaming. And at the end of it all Brendan takes his chance to have a little dig at Red and White Kop (RAWK).

<CtrlAltDelete> TLW is at it again…
<CtrlAltDelete> look at medievians new topic…
<brendan> Is the new me another TLW cnut?
<Brendan1> imposter brendan, what kind of footwear do you have on (if any)?
<CtrlAltDelete> its TLW for sure. They love this stuff
<brendan> They banned me so I don’t like them
<Brendan1> flip flops brendan?
<CtrlAltDelete> they most certainly did
<brendan> I don’t they like me much either! I bet they still talk about me on there, sad fcukers
<Brendan1> stop waffling babybrendan and answer the mofo question
<Rosco> one of the longest threads in their history was dedicated to you
<brendan> Who is this fcuking weirdo?
<brendan> Ros> Was it really? Oh, bless. I take it wasn’t complimentary? I wish I could read it
<Dunk> who’s brendan1?
<Dunk> brendans nearly as popular as me
<brendan> I’m honoured…
<brendan> They thought I WAS you, Dunkin
<Dunk> why did you eat their pies?
<onceared> Another day another infiltration!!
<brendan> I dunno, they seemed very sure though….I was banned rather quickly. Is that going to happen to me here, Dunkin?
<Rosco> yeah Brendan I read it once, quite funny too. There all so bitter….and not too clever either
<CtrlAltDelete> They absolutely hate Brendan over there. Almost as much as you Dunk.
<Dunk> brendan’s one of my heroes
<brendan> I was only there for about a week!
<Dunk> you’re really missing out mate
<CtrlAltDelete> I read it too. There is a thread over there right now with the pictures they just used in the thread here…
<onceared> What is this a bizarre love in!!!
<CtrlAltDelete> called: Duncan Oldham
<brendan> Mind you, I lasted about 10 minutes on RAWK, probably don’t like my opinions about Paul Bumpkins…

One thing to learn from this little exchange is that both TLW and RAWK are Brendan-free. Which means if you like Brendan you’ll not like it there. For the remaining 99.9% of the human population you should give them a try.

I know a lot of you are struggling to find a new home you can settle into after getting on well with some of the more sane members of Koptalk’s various messageboards, a lot of the sites on the right have forums.


11 Responses to “Dunk reveals source for Insider information”

  1. rupert Says:

    The “Brendan1” character is genuinely funny unlike the original camp Brendan – the fat one with prematurley thinning hair.

    The other night “Brendan1” claimed to have a foot fetish. If he’s reading this – keep it going – its a gas! (I’d like to hear your comments on the camp Brendan’s recent claim that he can play “keep it up” better than most.)

    Dunk is too dumb to see that Brendan is using the site for his own purposes without paying a penny. Is Dunk so stupid to believe that a guy like Brendan who needs to release a string of bile every few minutes in order to feel right with himself, does not have an cesspit full of it stored up for Dunk, when the time is right?

    The day Brendan discovers the extent to which KT has lost readers – is the day he tries to sneak back into RAWK, TLW, YNWA or one of the other more popular sites. Using Dunkin’s logic – he’s been kicked out so anything he says about them can be put down to jealousy.

    I see the smarmy mod, Rosco poked his nose in that exchange, too. He’s a student who spends most of his time on KT – boasting how drunk he almost is – and posing like he is licensed to give legal advice on the whole range of criminal and civil law – Irish, English and European. What an idiot.

    Birds of afeather flock together.

  2. rupert Says:

    Can anyone do that – post on Shoutbox under another username without being traced? If so it opens up a lot of opportunities.

  3. Part Time Poster Says:

    Don’t know Rupert – I’ve just been banned again!!! – Thats two users names in two days – i’m gonna go for a record

    HAHAHA – they really don’t me on that site do they – Dunk keep up the good work

  4. rupert Says:

    He must have a new banning technique – eenie meeni minie moe catch a N***** by the toe .

    Or maybe he is using advanced logarithms – ban every second person – that way he is bound to get 50% of the traitors (and 50 of the genuine members).

  5. Toby Says:

    … and shout about how registrations have rocketed through the roof!

  6. univofchicago Says:

    my goodness, who the fuck does he think he his?

    he has got NO INSIDE sources. period.

    the man is clueless as fuck when it comes to inside knowledge.

    he is 100% dependent on newfeeds and other fan sites to spoon-feed him with info.

    “the club leaks the info on purpose”? well, why would anyone want to leak it to koptalk and ONLY koptalk? what a load of nonsense.



  7. bigf00t Says:

    when the club does want to leak info its to the Echo… or sometimes the Mirror…

    Fatty’s just fat.

    (probably not the wittiest insult but its not wrong, is it?)

  8. rupert Says:

    “probably not the wittiest insult but its not wrong, is it”

    It has the merit of being 99.9% true.

    And however obvious the insult is, its the one that gets to him – you see he’d much rather be called Chunky then he can fool himself that he’s really lovable.

  9. tj Says:

    Haha, so true about Rosco. All he does is give incorrect legal quips, as if he’s knowledgeable about these issues. He can’t even get a job, let alone think about a career in law.

  10. willrobbo Says:

    I love the way Fat Dunk says that Brendan is nearly as popular as he is.

    Poor Brendan…

  11. rupert Says:

    Can you imagine the two plump gentlemen meeting up? Brendan would suggest a Soho bar with a trannie show. Fatty would suggest somewhere more English – like the snack abr at the Scarborough Co-op. They’d probably compromise by meeting in the same dodgy motel outside Birmingham where Parry goes to meet foreign agents (allegedly).

    How long would they last? Until it came to pay for the drinks – “after you —no after you”.

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