Right-click unblocking

Koptak owner Duncan Oldham is frightened to death of people spreading the truth about Koptalk. As a result he’s blocking just about every feature he can think of to make his site practically unusable for his users.

We’ve found ways round just about all of them.

Some of our ways we’ll not reveal, in case it gives fatty an idea of how to block it again. Some of them he can’t do very much about.

For more ideas of how to get round stuff, see the new link above – “Right-click unblocking“.


8 Responses to “Right-click unblocking”

  1. lobster Says:

    Nice tip, works like a charm 🙂

  2. univofchicago Says:



  3. Matt W Says:

    Insider, how many hits are we getting on this blog a day, any idea? I think this blog is having a massive effect on Fatty’s site, check out how many hits his threads are getting now a days. The truth seems to be spreading – and much faster than Fatty anticipated.

  4. fat_boy_fat Says:

    I think its obvious from the CON site over the last few months that he is getting worried. I only found out about this around 3 weeks ago, so before that i believed all his stories and shit. Its only now that i realise that for the last 6 months alot of his spouting off is bacause he is worried about his failing site.
    I think maybe the fat one see’s himself like a Del Trotter figure, but what he forgets is that Del trotter was a LOVEABLE rougue, and NOT A –

    Were bringing you down from within Fatboy!

  5. Robbo Says:

    You chaps may like this one. Created by myself, so feel free to use and abuse!

  6. Toby Says:


    I find it absolutely hilarious to see him squirm and backtrack as much as he’s doing at the moment. Once called Mr Teflon, he’s now losing his slipperiness.

    Flattered by the attention Dunk? The bloke has got a one-way ticket to the nutty farm. Better measure him up for that straight jacket now.

  7. Terry Says:

    Looks like he has given up on his right click crusade, it works now.

  8. Fiddy Says:

    JUst disable Javascript in Firefox. Simple.

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