My book – any ideas where it is?

Someone has obviously been getting this user worried about whether or not he’ll get the book he’s been waiting for. Maybe he’s read something like that quote we posted earlier from the author of this book, “Anfield Exposed”, where he promised to have the book ready by March 2006. It’s now July, and still no book.

Anyway – if you ordered the book now’s the time to ask for a refund on your deposit. Let us know how you get on. We’re hoping to have some signed copies to give away in a competition when it comes out – we’ve written to Dunk asking for them, we’re sure he’ll be only too glad to pass them on to us.

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Anfield Expose book?
#1520834 – Sat Jul 01 2006 06:14 PM Reply

Will Dunk still come out with this book? I am not sure if I have paid for the book long time ago…..please update me.
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Re: Anfield Expose book? [Re: Porch]
#1520859 – Sat Jul 01 2006 06:25 PM Reply

He will, eventually


Trezeguet for Anfield

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Re: Anfield Expose book? [Re: Porch]
#1521087 – Sat Jul 01 2006 07:37 PM Reply


Will Dunk still come out with this book? I am not sure if I have paid for the book long time ago…..please update me.

Yeh of course but if you don’t want to wait any longer, just drop us an email and I’ll get them to refund you. I’d liked to have had it out a lot sooner and it is high on my agenda of things to complete. I’ll try and get an update to everyone by the start of the new season.

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Well stop looking at houses you know full well you’ll never buy and get on with the finishing touches please.

UPDATE, July 2nd. This is what you get if you email as advised –


If you require support, please go to and open a support ticket. We will then contact you by email as soon as we can. Alternatively you can call us, our numbers can be found on the support website.

Please do not reply to this autoresponder as it will bounce back to you unread.




2 Responses to “My book – any ideas where it is?”

  1. rupert Says:

    If he has the cash to buy houses, hotels, cars, vans, landrovers, and all kinds of office toys – then he would be well-advised to give the money back for the book-that-never-was.

    He should have put the payments in advance into a trust account, not spent it. Too bad that he successfully avoids registering his accounts – or even keeping accounts – so we don’t know.

    That’s another reason we have to get the government agencies on his track – force him to keep accounts.

    If he has spent the money he has to pay tax on it.

  2. The Platinum Club Says:

    Exactly. Chances of him paying tax on the money he gets for Koptalk? Absolutely nothing I bet.

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