More support for The Sun from Koptalk


So-called Liverpool supporter Duncan Oldham, the name behind the various Koptalk scams, continues to show his contempt for the club and its supporters with more support for The Sun newspaper.There’s a lot of evidence in this blog of his love for The Sun, and plenty of information why this is wrong in case you are one of the few Liverpool fans too young to realise why that newspaper is boycotted.

The following is what Oldham put on his websites last night (with headline clearly designed to entice readers in from NewsNoW). KopTalk Staff Reged: Jul 28 2003 Posts: 22274
Kuyt transfer talk latest
#1521247 – Sat Jul 01 2006 09:40 PM

According to at least one British newspaper report today, Feyenoord are demanding £14million from Liverpool for Dirk Kuyt.

Now if that’s true, you can forget it and rightly so because if you’re going to start investing that kind of money on a striker you want to be breaking the bank on someone ‘massive’ and not someone trying to make the step up a grade.

It goes without saying that Feyenoord will try to get as much as they can for the player but the last time we negotiated for him, we offered a take it or leave it offer of £10million. They left it and the deal collapsed.

What makes us question today’s report is that it mentions that Spurs are still in for the player and as far as we’re aware, they ended their interest some time ago, also after failing to agree a fee.

All the talk of Jermaine Defoe has gone quiet but if Spurs we’re prepared to sell him for around £8million, we think he’d become a genuine alternative.

But we’ll say it again, Rafa hasn’t dealt any surprises yet. Maybe he won’t this window but it’s worth considering.

Kuyt reminds us of Ian Rush which is probably why we like him so much but £14million for a player from the Dutch league? Hmmm…. we’re not convinced.

The report sounded lazy and outdated but maybe we’ll get a better idea of things within a few days.

“At least one” newspaper? Make that “just one”. We don’t read the Sun, we do look at other websites though and the only mentions we could find of this story and that £14m fee were on 1) “Clubcall” (the original experts on misleading headlines with their 0898 teletext ads) and 2) The BBC “Gossip” page.

Here’s what it said on the BBC gossip page, as taken (again) from Koptalk. KopTalk Staff Reged: Jul 28 2003 Posts: 22274
Saturday 1st July 2006
#1520218 – Sat Jul 01 2006 10:41 AM

Chelsea have put Hernan Crespo up for sale following his World Cup exit with Argentina. (Daily Mirror)

Liverpool have been told Feyenoord striker Dirk Kuyt will cost them £14m. (The Sun)

Blackburn Rovers refused Wigan’s bid of a player plus cash for Robbie Savage. (The Times)

Norwich have told Blackburn boss Mark Hughes that Robert Earnshaw is not for sale. (The Times)

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has sounded out Birmingham about a £3.5m deal for Birmingham winger Jermaine Pennant. (Daily Mail)

West Ham sign Chelsea striker Carlton Cole and Charlton full back Luke Young but pull out of a move for Fulham’s Steed Malbranque. (Daily Mirror)

Manchester City goalkeeper Nicky Weaver is wanted by Sheffield Wednesday. (Daily Mirror)

Dunfermline have handed former Liverpool and Scotland Under-21 winger Robbie Foy the opportunity to kick-start his career and will join them on the club’s pre-season trip to Holland. (Daily Record)

The above content is prepared by BBC Sport. We are unable to edit it.

There’s very little to add really. Once again Dunk uses the Sun to try and make some money for himself. He added just two “stories” to any of his sites yesterday. One was early in the day about Steven Gerrard and England, the second was this one about the made-up story from The Sun.

Duncan Oldham continues to support The Sun and as such all true Liverpool supporters should boycott Koptalk.

An article you may not have read on the damage that The Sun and its then-editor Kelvin McKenzie did after Hillsborough can be found here – The films and writing of John Pilger. Please find some time to read it, especially if you feel any sympathy for Duncan Oldham’s continued betrayal of everything Liverpool Football Club stands for.

6 Responses to “More support for The Sun from Koptalk”

  1. rupert Says:

    Insider – thanks for that link on The S** and Murdoch. Its a good read.

    This passage reminded me of Fatso:

    “When journalists on The Times, sister paper to the S**, expressed their concern about the damage done to the paper’s reputation by the publication of the bogus Hitler Diaries, Murdoch replied, ‘After all, we are in the entertainment business.’

    There’s a reflection of that in some of Fatso more recent justifications of his promotion of The S** and his failure to support LFC cause. He says he does not want KT to be fighting crusades or be involved in “politics” he wants it to be a “fun” site – in the entertainment business.

    That is the thinking behind his S** style pornifacation of LFC, the S** style raffles and links to gambling sites, his S** anti-foreigner themes, the the S** like rewards to anyone who grasses on other posters, the S** style reliance on readers to provide news, and his protection of S** style “columnists” – Brendan and, to a lesser extent, Ryan. They may be viscious, anti-Rafa, anti-Crouch anti-LFC – building their posts, as they do, on bitchy personal attacks in ture tabloid style – but they’re “entertaining”.

    No fake Hitler Diaries perhaps – but how easily he puts behind him his long campaign of lies and distortions about Robbie Fowler, and his mocking of Crouch in the first six months of last year.

    Fatso is proud of all his attempts to pass on dirt about LFC players to The S** he’d do anything to be mentioned in its pages as “Editor” of KT. He’s even have his photo taken wearing a S** hat and publish it on KT. And just like the S** he never apologises but blames thieving scousers for his unpopularity.

  2. rupert Says:

    BTW – the Hillsborough game was against Nottingham Forest. Its manager at the time was the famous drunk, Brian Clough, who blamed the LFC supporters for what happened – just as S** did. He recanted later.

    In the TLW thread about KT – I thought I read a response from our own famous drunk Fatso to the effect that he was starting up sites for Newcastle, Spurs and FOREST. Is that right?

    If so it might provide another reason why he wants to be “neutral” on the subject of Hillsborough.

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    He said, “In 2005 I was approached an asked to help create some additional club websites. I announced this myself on KopTalk. They would feature Spurs, Newcastle and other teams – even Forest! ”

    I love the “I was approached” line. By the voices in his head? The way he says “even Forest” suggests he had a reason for mentioning them as opposed to any of the other 89 league teams he could have mentioned.

  4. Whois Lookup Says:

    “The above content is prepared by BBC Sport. We are unable to edit it.”

    Every other website seems able to edit it. Does he need instructions on how to use the delete button? It’s the double-sized key with the leftward pointing arrow directly above the return key.

  5. alan Says:

    the cunt has been quoting the news of the world all frigging day, i thought NOTW was part of the sun?

    this guy talks shit all the time. Why would someone at the club risk their job to tell him insider info? i know for a fact members of staff are not permitted to talk to the media unless given permission by the club first, and only certain people know about it.

    Senior players such as the captain, Rafa, Rick Parry, the club secretary are the first people to find out about news, the personnel manager only finds out about a transfer a few days before to draw up a contract (im a former employee of the club). Would someone so high up in the club really risk their career to release info to him such as “a huge amount of money has been transferred into the club account”?-only for him to coem out and say there is no money a few days later?

    The cunt is a lying fuck

  6. univofchicago Says:

    i just find it amusing fatty keeps on denying he knew anything about the sun when he took those ugly pictures.

    i find it MORE amusing when some people actually believe him even when confronted with direct EVIDENCE.

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