Golden Brown: The donations page

Golden Brown – the new name for (g)old bullshit. This is an example of a Koptalk begging page, from February of last year.

Make A Donation

A message from the KopTalk Editor….

KopTalk was originally spawned from a private email list which I ran back in my old newsgroup days. I created the newsgroup and after that I started this little baby to keep me busy. It’s always been run as a hobby but due to the amount of visitors that started visiting, high hosting costs soon made me realise that I needed help. Initially advertising was very profitable and big companies were desperate to throw money around but when the .com bubble burst, other ways of finding revenue had to be found. That’s why we have subscription services on the site today. Without them I simply wouldn’t be able to afford to run the site. Other sites may not have subscription services but if they received the sort of traffic that we do, they, like us, would have no alternative but to find ways to survive. Every single penny we receive is re-invested back into the site.

The site is run by myself from home with the help of family and friends. Numerous former and present Liverpool FC players have also been very supportive. None of us receive a wage, we’re just here because we’re all Liverpool mad and because we love interacting with other fans from all over the world. We don’t just update the site and chat to people on the forums though. We also help fans with any problems they may have because we’re like that! KopTalk is a very special community because we all support each other.

If you are in a position to make a donation to help me and our team of moderators and other editorial volunteers, please click on the PayPal logo below. If you can’t help, that doesn’t matter, the fact that you are visiting our site is a way of supporting us but just remember to visit our sponsors by clicking on their banner ads.

People often ask if they can make a donation and that’s why this page exists. All I can say if you do make a donation is ‘THANKS’. But more importantly, remember one thing, YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE!

If at any time you ever need any kind of help or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. See www. koptalk. info for all our contact information.


Obviously we’ve removed the PayPal button. How many contradictions can you spot?
Thanks to the people at for indexing old websites.

12 Responses to “Golden Brown: The donations page”

  1. Bill Says:

    RAWK has more traffic that koptalk, thats clearly evident just by looking at the numbers of user on their respective forums, both measure over 30 mins.

    YNWA is probably a tad bigger too or similar anyway. If those sites spammed newsnow like chunk does, then they would completly twat koptalk out of the water (more so than they already do).

  2. Fiddy Says:

    Got to agree with you there Bill. Also RAWK seems to contain more mature discussion whereas Koptalk seems to be full of spammy kind of posts.

  3. macca2 Says:

    fatty is so concerned about his news ‘leaks’ and loss of subscribers that he has resorted to…you guessed it…MORE LIES.

    “watch out for hoax insider reports” he warns. he can’t seem to find out whos leaking his bullshit stories. so he might as well tell the people that the leaked insider stories are ‘hoax’.

    in a nutshell, its a lie to cover up another lie.

    lies lies lies…

  4. Matt W Says:

    So wait…. You leak a hoax story to your valued members who PAY to have ‘priviledged’ information from your site.

    Then you warn them that there might be some hoaxes? HAHAHAHA…..

    Is it just me, or does that plan stink of shit? What separates the insiders from Tribal Football then?

  5. Chunky Says:

    The money isn’t re-invested. In what? A load of tv’s, whippets, cars, Xbox’s and beer for fatty.

  6. Phil T Says:

    This, from the guy who is sitting there; mortgage fully paid, new Merc on his drive, an ‘office’ full of toys etc.

    On reading comments such as mine above, he’ll see this as pure jealousy. His brain isn’t big enough to even contemplate that there are many people on Koptalk with worth many times higher than his.

    When we point out his self awarded ‘rewards’, we do so out out of pure bewilderment. How can somebody ETHICALLY scrounge around for money for himself and to a lesser extent his sick cousin when they themselves are sitting to pretty?

    It’s totally totally disgusting, and he should be ashamed. That poor girl has gone through enough – him pulling her name through the dirt is the last thing she needs.

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    (This has been pointed out on here before by someone). Talking of Tribal Football. As bad as that site is, make sure you use the “.com” address if you want to have a laugh at their “stories”. Reason? You already know don’t you?

    If you go to visit you are redirected to – a part of the crap-poodle network.

    Whois lookup for shows it to be registered to “MMP” – an individual according to what has been entered.

    Domain name:


    Registrant type:
    UK Individual

    Registrant’s address:
    The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their
    address omitted from the WHOIS service.

    However the site it’s redirected to is registered as follows –

    PO Box 145


    Administrative Contact:
    PO Box 145

    Charlotte is of course Dunk’s daughter.

    By the way – aren’t there rules on registering domains as an individual?

  8. jj_sawyer Says:

    that phone number is interesting

  9. Adam Says:

    No rules on domains as an invidual. has the rules.

    My first contact with fatboy was when he turned on the newsgroup that I’d created. It was there for Liverpool supporters around the world to discuss game results.

    He’d come in proposing his new uk based newsgroup and wanting my one deleted. I disagreed with him and got a venomous post post back.
    I had the impression he was only in it to make money at the time, and I wasn’t wrong.

    I signed up for Koptalk Insider a couple of years ago and couldn’t believe how poor it was.
    Did anybody ever get tickets for games from Mike1984 (something like that). I tried for Norwich away and never saw them (no money changed hands).

    A terrible site. People, don’t waste your money.

  10. rupert Says:

    Adam – Fatso has a spiel about how it all started with his soccer mailing list/usenet group. That is just before my first-hand knowledge of him. Tell us a bit more about what happened.

    On there used to be a poster – Captain Scarlett – who traced Fatty’s posts on those usenet groups – under his various user names. That’s how we learned about his scams selling satellite cards and his kinky personal ads etc etc.

  11. Chunka Says:

    Mike1984 seems alright, i see him in the Albert before games. I don’t speak to him like, i just recognised him from his photos he puts up. At least he goes the match.

  12. The Platinum Club Says:

    Mikek1984 is a complete tool, but you can’t knock him for the tickets thing. He’s sorted out tickets for loads of people in the past.

    I’m sure none of the money for Dunk’s new house came from Koptalk.

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