Q: Where's my book? Well, not quite.

I’ve no idea who “jrobbo” is but I’m surprised he was allowed to ask this question, and even more surprised to see it still there this morning. No doubt he’s been banned by now, seeing as he’s still only got 2 posts.  Not quite “Where’s my book?” but near enough.

jrobbo Trialist Posts: 2
29-06-06 06:51 PM – Post#246814

Your book Anfield Exposed looks like it’ll be a terrific read; just wondering how many have pre-ordered it?

Terrific site mate.


Dunk KopTalk Editor Posts: 1955 Loc: KOPTALK
29-06-06 08:07 PM – Post#246865
In response to jrobbo

Only 2 posts? Newbie eh…

Having not dealt with the pre-orders I couldn’t tell you. Even if I had, I still wouldn’t.

He then follows it with his flasher-mac-wearing emoticon. Flasher from Scarborough No idea why.

I’m sure someone can remember him bragging at some point in the past at having, knowing his ways, “tens of thousands of orders” from “99.9% of the community” for the book. I’m only guessing there, but I’m sure he will have done at some point in the past.

I wonder if he’d send us half-a-dozen signed copies to give away in a competition?


22 Responses to “Q: Where's my book? Well, not quite.”

  1. String Vest Says:

    Its funny. He’s started treating the “book” as a joke, just like his detractors. He makes absolutely no attempt to lie about it anymore. Saves him having to bother even trying to write it.

    I don’t know how many people did order it, but could he not be prosecuted for theft or something? I would think Trading standards might have some interest if the numbers of pre-orders were substantial enough, particularly if he ignored refund requests (I assume that is the case).

    Has anyone reading the blog ever ordered it and tried for a refund (your mental instability will be forgiven in the name of research)

  2. rupert Says:

    In his new Kop-themed Hotel – guests will find a copy of his book instead of the Bible in their bedside locker. Don’t be surprised if the pages are blank – this is for his blind members and those who can’t read.

  3. rupert Says:

    He uses that emotcion to indicate that he is “watching” the poster. But in Dunkin Donuts case it probably also indicated a flasher in a mac waiting for a young girl to pass.

  4. macca2 Says:

    blank pages. Hahahahaha.

    Lol @ rupert.

  5. Ian Randyman Says:

    hahaha, classic

  6. rupert Says:

    Ryan banned? This from the shoutbox:

    Dunk: ryan has been banned for posting abuse… more will follow…. whether that ban is upheld depends on whether or not he cools it


    The ban won’t be forever, will it? You’d break his heart

    Nice work Dunk, take that strong stance in banning serious abusers… :clap:

  7. rupert Says:

    BTW – the respondent was “robinhood” for some reason his name did not transfer from the type-in box on here to what was posted.

  8. rupert Says:

    The second respondent – the one who said “nice work Dunk” is “Not-like-you”

  9. Part Time Poster Says:

    HAHAHA – thats ryan’s social life over (until he sucks dunk off and is let back on)
    Just checked the online page and Ryan is trying to gain access to site……..

    Access Denied!


    I have a screen shot of the page for all to see.

  10. rupert Says:

    Let’s see, then. Send it to Insider.

  11. Insider Insider Says:

    Yes – send it on to me. Or put it on photobucket or image-shack.

  12. rupert Says:

    Anyway, don’t worry about Ryan. His Brownie pack are rallying around, as we speak, led by Guide Leader “Daisy” Brendan. I’m sure there will be huge emotional reunion soon to rival anything on “Days of Our Lives”.

  13. Part Time Poster Says:

    Sorry for delay had to do some work – sreen shot will be fowarded to insider email in a moment

  14. rupert Says:

    I understand that the Koptalk Kangaroo Court is now in session over the case of Ryan v Humankind.

    His Honour Fatty Oldham has now donned his wig (and slipped into something more comfortable) and Ryan is pleading his case with a string of eloquent expletives interspersed with a lot of “mucks” “shytes” “wanks” and “cocks”.

    The trial is expected to last a whole working day and the total cost to Ryan’s employer is expected to top 35 quid based on 7 hours at the 5 pounds an hour he “earns” at his Belfast call-centre.

    Some analysts suggest that Ryan is secretly hoping for a “hung” jury.

    We have a reporter in the court and will keep you updated………..

  15. Part Time Poster Says:

    Funnily enough rupert – Guess whose under Ryan on the screen shot

  16. rupert Says:

    News Flash from the Koptalk Kangaroo Court…….

    ….apparently Ryan is defending himself for his overuse of “you’re still humping my leg?” put-down on KT.

    He is arguing that his repeated claim that other posters (male and female, but mainly male) fancy him, arises from a previously undisclosed childhood trauma. He was the only ex-altar boy in Ireland ever to sue the Church because he was NOT molested by priests.

    He explained to the court that his attempts to present himself on KT as a universal sex object is a cry for help.

    Our sources suggest that this line of defence is calculated to appeal to his Honour Judge Fatty Oldham who is, himself, a metrosexual in his own mind.

    The trial continues….

  17. duncanmitty Says:

    Sounds to me like a little ploy hatched up to get Ryan to infiltrate our blog as a freelance secret agent 🙂 Either that or one of Dunk’s sycophants has finally seen sense.

    I’ll go with the former, anyone that retarded would never see sense. Treat a koptalkless Ryan with the contempt he deserves if you bump into him.

  18. rupert Says:

    Ryan was upset yesterday that he was not on the short-list to be a new mod nor even consulted by Fatty as to who should be on the short-list. His best pal Rosco snitched on him to the effect that whatever Ryan says now he desperately wanted to be a mod and he, Rosco, has the texts to prove it.

    So I guess Ryan spoke to Dunkin Donuts in the same foul-mouthed way he talks to mere posters.

    Ryan thinks he’s cute. He carefully distances himself from Dunk in the shoutbox, where there is no permanent record of the posts, but sucks up to what he calls “the big man” on the forums.

  19. rupert Says:

    On second thoughts – I read in the shoutbox that Ryan “roasted” someone called Jamie something.

    “Roasted” is a KT euphenism for glossing over the racist , sexist, ageist, heightest, tribalist , facist and all the other kinds of small-minded insults that Ryan and Brendan aim at everyone except Dunkin Donuts.

  20. rupert Says:

    On second thoughts – I read in the shoutbox that Ryan “roasted” someone called Jamie something.

    “Roasted” is a KT euphemism for glossing over the racist , sexist, ageist, heightest, tribalist , facist and all the other kinds of small-minded insults that Ryan and Brendan aim at everyone except Dunkin Donuts.

  21. lobster Says:

    duncanmitty could be right, it could all be a little show from their side, better be cautious

  22. rupert Says:

    Everything over there is a show – its called “Days in the Lives of Fatty and his Performing Freaks”

    “Will Ryan persuade his Honour Judge Fatty that his outburst was due to temporary insanity – will he ever forgive Rosco for revealing his hidden lust for power as a mod – in this the moment of his greatest despair will he find succour at Brendan’s breast ………………………..

    for the answer to these and other great questions of our time, tune into tomorrow to……(pause)……..violins….drum role…..swelling orchestral chords …..crashign cymbals……

    “Days… in the Lives of……. Fatty and his Performing Freaks”.

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