Koptalk tell more lies. No change there then.

kt_plaza.jpgApologies to IE users who couldn’t read the post. Go and download Firefox, it’s much better! In the meantime lets see if this works any better. (Click the thumbnail to see a very good photo we were sent)…

The following advert taken from Koptalk.coN is completely untrue. We reproduce ALL of the “genuine” Insider reports. The fact that they are all made up or stolen from elsewhere is not our fault, we just show them as they are. And the Insider blog is run by Reds to save Reds from the caboodling con artist. We are 100% free, not 99.9% free.

The fat one is trying to con people, because he knows we report his lies to you. Stay with us for the truth. We can’t offer you a free hotel room, but then again – neither will he.

The only way to read the genuine Insider reports and not hoax reports that are fed around the web, is to support our website and become a member. Everyone associated to KopTalk is a Liverpool supporter. The site is run entirely by Reds for Reds.


Not a member yet? Go to http://www.koptalkinsider.coN and select either an Insider membership (silver) or a Gold Club membership (gold). This will give you unlimited access to all our exclusive reports and more. Anything deemed to sensitive for publication is retained for the Insider website.

Gold Club members receive a FREE Insider membership plus FREE worldwide LFC SMS alerts all year round (team line-ups, goal alerts, transfer news, official news etc) plus much more.

Gold Club members can access the Insider feature but Insider members can not access the Gold Club so please consider which membership level is best for you!

Compare the benefits of both membership options and see existing member feedback when you follow the link above before joining. Listen to what our existing members think rather than those people on other sites who like to knock us because we have subscriptions. We only have subs to pay the bills. Everyone that works for KopTalk does so on a voluntary basis and there’s not one fans site on the web that offers the level of free content and services that we do. 99.9% of our content is free to all.

Please remember that KOPTALK.coN is run by fans, not suits. We rely on advertising and membership subscriptions to survive. To reward our loyal supporters who make it possible for us to exist, a very small percentage of our content is retained for them at http://www.koptalkinsider.coN

Save £10 on Insider & Gold Club memberships when you join offline!

The summer will be very busy and it’s always our busiest time of the year. Now is the ideal time to support us and access our members only website(s).

* Thanks to one of the friends of the blog for the Kop Talk Plaza photo.


5 Responses to “Koptalk tell more lies. No change there then.”

  1. scully Says:

    Nice to see a photo on the site, but I’m afraid it’s covered up most of the text!

  2. KT Veteran Says:

    Its too big to fit in the site. Works ok in firefox but IE seems to collapse.

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    I hate IE. Thanks for pointing it out – I’ve added it as a thumbnail instead, hope it works better now. You might have to hit F5 a couple of times to persuade IE to look for the latest version of the page though.

  4. Chunka Says:

    CTRL and F5 Forces it to check for a new version

  5. rupert Says:

    I’d hate to look under the floor boards of Dunk’s Melwood’s Mansion.

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