Koptalk complain about oneandone.co.uk

This thread gives anyone who’s long since left the Koptalk playground another reason to stay away. It also gave Duncan a chance to pretend he’s “doing it all for you” and “all the other bullshit I come out with all the time”…

Xability 1st Team Player Posts: 1133  Age: 27 Loc: Getting head waxed
29-06-06 09:38 PM – Post#246937

I don’t know where my poll on ‘New Koptalk Rule’ has disappeared too. If a mod has deleted it then that is out of order as Dunk himself has taken part in the discussion.

I am not 100% sure of the results but last time I checked only 27% of people were in favour of my idea.

I just thought I would post this in case anybody wanted to know the final outcome, maybe people who don’t get the chance to come on Koptalk allday like some of us.

Dj_Sydney_A Crowd Control Posts: 8363 Loc: Taking the afternoon off….
29-06-06 09:54 PM – Post#246951
In response to Xability

I’ve no idea what thread you’re on about, or who might’ve deleted it, but i wish people would realise that threads are deleted/locked/moved for a valid reason.

And the only mods online in the last hour or so are me and dunk. I didnt delete it, so despite what you might think, it appears that Dunk’s your most likely candidate.

Xability 1st Team Player Posts: 1133 Age: 27  Loc: Getting head waxed
29-06-06 09:59 PM – Post#246959
In response to Dj_Sydney_A

It was just a suggestion that maybe registration should be closed when transfer windows are open which may help stop the servers from going down. Obviously Dunk has been working on solving the problem and is now moving to a different server shortly.

If it has been on all day and Dunk has posted on the topic then why would he decide now to delete it?

I cannot find it on any other forums and it hasn’t been locked.

Dj_Sydney_A Crowd Control Posts: 8363 Loc: Taking the afternoon off….
29-06-06 10:00 PM – Post#246962
In response to Xability

I dont think that’s why he’s moving the server, to be honest. It wasnt going to be that or your suggestion, it’s a coincidence. But in any case, i think it might’ve been deleted because it’s not really on topic for this forum. Only speculating mind, because i dont actually know.

I’m sure you’ll get over it though

Xability 1st Team Player Posts: 1133 Age: 27  Loc: Getting head waxed
29-06-06 10:02 PM – Post#246963
In response to Dj_Sydney_A
I didn’t mean that is why he had decided to move server. He is moving server because it keeps going down.

Dunk KopTalk Editor Posts: 1952 Loc: KOPTALK
29-06-06 10:03 PM – Post#246967
In response to Xability

I pulled it because it became a slagging match. Ut;s a good idea to lock off new registrations but I can’t deny people the chance to participate.

The server falls over when it’s busy. It’s something that we’re used to, especially at this time of the year.

However, when it starts happening, I simply upgrade and put more money into things to solve the problem. It’s up to me to ensure you all have a reliable community and I will. Sadly it takes time as people have to communicate with each other.

We’ve only had this problem with 1&1.co.uk hosting. I need to get this site onto the same hosts that look after koptalkinsider.com – the boss is a Red in New York and he really looks after us.

I spoke to him today and we’re going to start the ball rolling soon.

I’ll sort it mate

By the way fatty – your site isn’t busy, you said so to the people at fusionbb.com earlier in the week. And how many innocent potential new members have you knocked back from registering just in case they were one of us? Probably too many.


3 Responses to “Koptalk complain about oneandone.co.uk”

  1. Chunka Says:

    When did he say it wasn;t busy? Has anyone a link?

  2. Insider Insider Says:

    What he actually said was

    “The forums just go down for a while and then come back after a while.

    We usually have around 300+ people on the forums during the day without problems but when this problem starts, there is probably half that which to me doesn’t suggest overload?”


    300 isn’t exactly throbbing is it? Not the way he builds it up.

    For example YNWA when I just checked had just short of 350.

    RAWK had about 1000 (750 guests, 250 logged in).

    KT had just over 250.

    That’s at lunchtime (UK) too, probably a peak time for footy forums really.

    Hardly being as successful as he’d like to claim is he?

  3. rupert Says:

    The “red in new york” must be that foul-mouthed, mock gangsta rapper type he had on KT radio. But I thought he was his “L4” connection. Maybe he’s both.

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