Attempted Crouch slur all a joke to Koptalk owner.

Dunk was clearly stunned at what happened to him in the last Koptalk Insider post we spoke of. As has been pointed out in comments on here, the outburst about Crouch was followed by him going on one of his many benders. It was all around the time he was talking about not much else than how drunk he was planning to get and how the bloggers didn’t bother him. Maybe in his continually drunken state around that time he just blurted things out he’s since forgotten.

He was confronted again by “Barney” about his Crouch tape claims. This was just before 5pm.

Barney Gold Member
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Re: FAO DUNK:Crouch [Re: Dunk]
#1519113 – Fri Jun 30 2006 04:58 PM

Actually,thinking about it you replied to Brendan when he said that liverpool players dont do interviews with the S*n by saying that they do and that you had the tapes to prove it.

Dunk KopTalk Daddy
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01-06-06 02:40 PM – Post#215290
In response to brendan
No Brendan, I have the proof right here, I have the tapes. I’m going to lock them away until I decide it’s time for Crouch to be sold… probably next week then.
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So how did Fatty respond? A simple admission of guilt, a chance to own up to some of his recent nonsense? Did he take the chance he was being offered to start towards putting things right? Of course not, this is Dunk. It took him over an hour-and-a-half to think up a reply. Unfortunately it wasn’t the most convincing of replies either. In fact, yes, you guessed – it was bullshit…

Dunk KopTalk Editor
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Re: FAO DUNK:Crouch  [Re: Barney]
#1519289 – Fri Jun 30 2006 06:37 PM          Reply      Quote

Brendan is a joker as everyone knows. That was a p*ss take. I can’t believe you thought that was genuine.

Sorry mate but you’ve got the wrong end of the stick big time.

Nay mind 

The problem is Dunk, we all knew you didn’t have a Crouch tape. We also knew that you wanted everyone to assume you had. I’ve heard kids say that – “I was only joking” – after telling a lie about something. Or more accurately, being caught telling a lie about something. Were you “joking” about your book? Your lie about being unaware of the Sun boycott – was that a “joke”? Your comments about “foreigners” in Britain – are they all “jokes” too? Insider information in the Insider website – a “joke”? Your claim to have a friendship with Steven Gerrard – another “joke”? Not to mention your “jokes” about celebrity subscribers to the Insider.

Of course with kids, as long as nobody’s hurt, it doesn’t really matter. They learn from it in most cases. But with a grown “man” in his 30s who’s going out of his way to either steal from people or hurt people, it DOES matter.
Which is why we carry on.


9 Responses to “Attempted Crouch slur all a joke to Koptalk owner.”

  1. bigf00t Says:

    so what did this prat say about Foreigners?

  2. macca2 Says:

    i can’t remember what he said exactly. hes been bullshitting so much that i have partially lost track. but from what i remember, he went to london and grumbled about how it was filled with foreigners. he didn’t like the fact that london did not seem to have any normal “englishmen” anymore.

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    His foreigner comments were here – dunks-thoughts-on-foreigners/ and I think there have been others since then. He touches on it a little here as well.

  4. chapeau du soleil Says:

    fair play to Barney for continuing to challenge Mr Creosote. A lockout awaits?

  5. rupert Says:

    Didn’t he also say something in the last two weeks about how nice it was to be English with some remark about how few English families lived in the streets around him. Insider mentioned something about it – I didn’t see it.

  6. rupert Says:

    That link doesn’t work.

    EDIT: Fixed now (Insider Insider)

  7. rupert Says:

    “It is around here anyway, that’s if you have any English people left on your street.”

    That’s the specific remark I was referring to.

  8. Barney Says:

    Not been locked out yet,what gives ?

    Come on you fat twat,I’m waiting.

  9. fat fingered thief Says:

    I love the way he has conversations with pretend members; these are the members that come out and support him or ask difficult questions that he answers way quicker than any other normal post.

    They always write in the same style as him and always end up agreeing.

    The site is a waste of time

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