Toilet heads bring untold wealth.

I didn’t think it was safe to let you read both doses of a fatty losing his final marble in one go. So get that hot drink out of reach again because you’ll be knock it flying this time. Maybe his wife has left him, as one of our contributors has suggested.

This is part two.

Dunk Administrator KopTalk Editor Reged: 20/08/04 Posts: 7892
Re: Exciting Developments at KOPTALK [Re: Aussie_Fowler]
#1515989 – 29/06/06 09:55 AM

I often come up with ideas and then scrap them but this is something that I’ve wanted or a long time but haven’t been in a position to do.

It is purely the Insider & Gold Club members that can make this happen, without this site it would be impossibe. If people continue to renew as they have been doing, we’ll be laughing.

My long term aim is to get this new pad and then, if all goes well, I want to open up a hotel in the city EXCLUSIVELY for members etc with a themed bar and so on. My aim here would be for Gold Club members to be able to stay free.

There is nothing to stop me doing this if people continue to support the site as they do. There has been a significant increase in new members recently despite the attempts of a few toilet heads to disrupt things.

It would be very easy to work 9 to 5, 5 days a week and buy a massive property in the countryside for my family. But, regardless of internet myths, I would rather invest every penny I have sustaining the buzz I get from interacting with die-hard Reds every day. I have many, many ideas and I always get what I want.

I have always pledged to do what I can for those who support me and the more support I get, the more I will do.

KOPTALK is my baby. I thank the critics because they keep me on my toes thinking of new ideas and so on. With no self appointed rivals etc, it would be a very boring place.

My long term plans are very exciting. I hope you all stay around long enough to see them come off.

Well if you are right Dunk and there has been a significant increase in new members recently then we’ll just have to move on a bit with our own long term plans. At least nobody’s bothered by it – we get some entertainment, you get extra sign-ups. Let’s all carry on then.

And keep the bullshit coming too won’t you? It helps our hits as much as yours.

One more thing – this hotel? Will it rent out rooms by the hour?


16 Responses to “Toilet heads bring untold wealth.”

  1. Another Observer Says:

    Perhaps all the new members are the ones who have been “kicked” out and are signing up again….

  2. Terry Says:

    Gold club members stay free.

    Great, gonna sign up to the mold club and move into the koptalk hotel all year round. Cheap accomodation, always wanted to be like Alan Partridge.

  3. Whois Lookup Says:

    £30 for a year’s accomodation? Sorted.

  4. rupert Says:

    I might be tempted to take him up on the offer of free accommodation as long as he gives me a guarantee that I don’t have to drink with him, look at his dirty pictures or go dogging.

  5. Rich Says:

    He hasn’t even gone to the effort of trying to make this believable. A hotel just for Gold Club members where they can stay free? On top of a house near Melwood where Gold Club members can also stay for free??

    Thats a hell of a lot of money, especially for someone who reckons he’s skint.

    We can disregard either of these being true of course. So, he’s either trying to prove to us that his site is going from strength to strength or he is putting over-the-top shite on there to try to make us talk about that rather than more damaging stuff.

    I suspect he’s not intelligent enough for it to be the second option though.
    He’s starting to remind me of that Iragi Information Minister in the last Gulf War. You remember, the one who was claiming that Saddam was fully in control when you could see the bombs going off behind him?

  6. String Vest Says:

    The more he worries, the more he posts looking for sympathy and/or making outlandish claims about how well he is doing.

    Keep it going, he’ll be talking to himself by the end of the season.

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    Start of the season hopefully String Vest.

  8. rupert Says:

    Any truth in the rumour that his mate Micheel Barrymore will be cutting the ribbon at the grand opening?

  9. Terry Says:

    Barrymore will be too busy in the hotel pool.

  10. Ringpiece Says:

    I can’t take it anymore.
    Horseshit overload…..horseshit overload.

  11. Chris Says:

    We know you’re reading this Dunk so heres one for you.

    Seeing as you always claim to be “skint” and “I dont make any money from the site, it all goes on costs” How could you afford another house with “I dont have to sell to buy” and the be able to build a hotel. All this while you beg for money for your disabled cousin or whatever she is. Oh dear. So you’re either skint or loaded, you cant keep having it both ways you scumbag. You’re a prick and the stuff you come out with is comical, we know things are getting to you now and this is a desperate ploy to try to keep members.

  12. kopwank Says:

    rooms by the hour – ROFL

    “My long term aim is to get this new pad and then, if all goes well, I want to open up a hotel in the city EXCLUSIVELY for members etc with a themed bar and so on. My aim here would be for Gold Club members to be able to stay free.”

    I think he has reached an all time low, what a fuckin stupid suggestion to make – he obviously has NO intention of doing this whatsoever.

    Can picture the spammy headlines already…

    The Koptalk gold club members hotel – where for £30 a year you can stay for FREE (99.9% of the time)

  13. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Can you imagine, ahem, 5000 members turning up to his knocking shop on Crown Street. “its ok, some fat fuck said we were sorted for the night”

  14. rupert Says:

    We should ask his legal advisor Rosco. Isn’t it criminal fraud, Rosco, when a seller advertises services which he cannot provide and has no intention of providing in order to induce members of the public to pay for those services? Even if the services are promised for some uncertain future date, is it not still fraud if they are offered as an inducement to buy other services now, in the hope of qualifying for those future services?

    As an aspiring solicitor do you really want to be associated with this small time crook? You won’t be able to plead ignorance after reading this Blog.

  15. lobster Says:

    What have u been eating fatty ugly, i want to have some of it to boost my imagination.

  16. KT Veteran Says:

    Ah Roscoe

    He was on the Insider acting all pally with Dunk a few months back. I remember then he was a law person

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