Ask no questions hear no lies…

You know how the “man” behind Koptalk keeps telling us he loves our blog and all the attention it brings? He says it so many times a day you can’t fail to have missed it. If that is true though, why does he say this about his many chins?

Dunk KopTalk Editor Reged: Aug 20 2004 Posts: 7906
Re: Exciting Developments at KOPTALK  [Re: chris28]
#1516313 – Thu Jun 29 2006 01:04 PM
thanks mate… been taking a bit of a beating recently on the net as you know so that lifted a few chins

I thought this blog was doing you good? Oh well, let us know if you want us to stop. We’ll think about it.

The idea he had to get people to make things up for him in one easy to find place didn’t work, so he’s binned his transfer rumours forum. He was asked why…

Dunk KopTalk Editor Reged: Aug 20 2004 Posts: 7906 Re: the rumours forum  [Re: stuttter]
#1516344 – Thu Jun 29 2006 01:16 PM

It was a trial forum for the summer but people were confused… doesn’t take much does it 

Such respect for his users. Perhaps the fact there weren’t many of those users left to post in there was the real reason. And now for our favourite part of his site – the new “Ask Del” section –

Post: An uncomfortable Rash
Sheik_Yer_Bouti 1st Team Player Posts: 1031 Loc: A disruptive element
29-06-06 12:42 AM – Post#245770

Dunk, whatever happened to Rashid? I used to post on here in about 2002 under the username Nimbus and Rashid seemed to never be away. Where has he gone?

Dunk KopTalk Editor Posts: 1939 Loc: KOPTALK
29-06-06 12:45 AM – Post#245771
In response to Sheik_Yer_Bouti

He floats around the various LFC sites… he puts in the odd appearance on the Insider and Gold Club site but I aint sure if he still has access… don’t think he does as he’s always on my case when I go on MSN.

As far as we know Rashid is banned from practically every Liverpool-related internet forum. He’s still allowed to post on TLW though where he seems to have been flirting with a ban for some time now.

Another planted question? Tony Blackburn wanted to know if Bascombe really was a poster on the Insider. We know he isn’t of course, but this DJ was probably asked to ask.

Dj_Sydney_A Crowd Control Posts: 8332 Loc: Taking the afternoon off….
28-06-06 09:52 PM – Post#245632

Is L****r on the Insider really Chris B, or what?

Dunk KopTalk Editor Posts: 1939 Loc: KOPTALK
29-06-06 09:28 AM – Post#245982
In response to Dj_Sydney_A

He can’t be… he’s too nice to me

Talking of pretending that celebrities post on the Insider…

MilanBaros  U-19 Player Posts: 349 Age: 17 Loc: Delaware, USA
29-06-06 02:52 AM – Post#245809

Hey Dunk, was wondering if you knew of any current or ex Liverpool players that used to or still do post on Koptalk. Thanks.

Dunk KopTalk Editor Posts: 1944 Loc: KOPTALK
29-06-06 09:30 AM – Post#245985
In response to MilanBaros

Most of the lads visit the site (there’s internet access at Melwood). We do have a couple of current players registered on the Gold Club.

Robbie and Stevie G have been known to use these forums here. Numerous former pros do as they have admitted in past interviews.

This has already been touched on in the comments on this blog earlier today, but Robbie Fowler knows how bad Koptalk is and how it campaigned to turf him out during the GH years. Steven Gerrard doesn’t visit internet forums at all himself. Some youth players visit one or two forums, but not Koptalk. Fatty is lying to suggest that any Liverpool players visit his site.

If he’s not lying, where’s the “past interviews” from the pair? Surely he’d have kept them to help prove his point.


4 Responses to “Ask no questions hear no lies…”

  1. rupert Says:

    About Rashid – a poster on here signed himself as Rashid a few days ago and made critical comments about Fatso -ñ I think it was to the effect that Fatso was loco.

    I also saw a post from Rashid on another site two weeks ago in which he said Fatty hates anyone talking about him.

    Rashid should know. You may recall one of my comments on here two days ago about a Fatty loyalist who Fatty recently described as “a neurotic who hangs around the net – he’s harmless”. That was Rashid.

    Rashid was Fatty’s greatest loyalist. He was a KT mod. He defended KT and Fatty all over the net even when droves were leaving KT a few months after the anti-Robbie campaign. To his credit Rashid did appear on the old forums and explain that he did not agree with the anti-Robbie campaign. Rashid, like many of the KT gang, were Michael Owen and Houllier enthusiasts. Rashid has changed a lot of his views about that and other things over the years – about 180 degrees to be exact.

    But love him or hate him Rashid was a Fatty and KT loyalist. He went all over the net defending KT and Fatty. He took a lot of shit for it.

    Interesting that Fatty now makes fun of him, calls him a harmless neurotic.

    Rashid, what went wrong? Do tell!

  2. rupert Says:

    The only LFC player Fatty has ever had any meaningful personal contact with is Partridge when he first came from Ireland as a gullible and lonely 16 or 17 years old. Fatty button-holed the young lad at a youth game and introduced himself as the distinghuished owner of the famous Koptalk. He featured a few out-of-focus fotos of the kid at the time. Eventually he got him to write a diary for KT. He used the connection mercilessly. Most of his insider tips would suggest that he got them from Partridge. Anything related to Partridge was blown out of all proportion. Someone eventually tipped-off Partridge how he was being used and he should be careful of the company he kept and he gave Fatty a wide berth. Fatty kept up the pretence that he was till in touch with him for a whole season after Partridge cut him.

    The spoof site used to have a running commentatry on Fatso’s “relationship” with Partridge. It suggested that he would be offering his skid-marked undies as a raffle prize.

  3. Toby Says:

    Ah, old page no longer on the server I’m afraid, but here’s the text…

    Signed Pheasant under-keks free!

    For those who are not my trusted friends, I am the fat one in the foto on MY SITE entitled “Pheasant and me”. Pheasant is the young, ever-so cute one. (I love them like that, don’t you, they are so innocent.) He called me “Mr Dunkin” and I let him drive my Merc around the block and I lent him a quid to give his Mum in Ireland a tinkle to tell her that I had appointed him to write a column for the NO.1 FANS FORUM IN GREAT BRITAIN OF WHICH I AM THE SOLE PROPRIETOR – according to a two-year old poll that me and my trusted friends fixed.

    Anyway, Richie – he let’s me call him that – Richie refused to accept any payment for the column because he knows that I need all the money myself because IT IS MY SITE and I STARTED IT AS A HOBBY and the stress is killing me and I’ll just pack it in if you dont stop looking at me like that……….where was I?….oh yes Richie’s underpants.

    When I told him I had put on a stone of wieght with worry he asked how he could help and I said “I really fancy a pair of your undies.” I have to admit he did look at me in a funny way until I explained it was for the poor little Afghanistan orphans. You see that’s another part of me the masses don’t know about depsite me putting a web cam in my room – I am every so kind hearted. When I am not doing MY SITE for a HOBBY I do it to save poor children.

    So anyway, I asked Ritchie to leave his mark on the underpants because it would make them more authentic for me but he misunderstood and he wrote his name on them with his felt tip. Its not the same really and anyway there a nice young lad in the under-17 team that I’m grooming. So I’m giving Ritchie away free to my trusted friends – all those who have licked my arse through thick and thick (you know who you are fellow Boardroom members).

    For you chance to get these FREE pair of Ritchie’s knickers dial 0990 D.U.N.K.I.N.D.O.N.U.T.S – calls cost £3.50).

    The Ed

  4. rupert Says:

    Insider – I just looked at your page “A Thread frrom 31st May”. I must say you are very generous giving the crook a whole page on here to justify himself.

    I was interested to see a question/comment from one of his respondents in that exchange that seemed to be supportive of him against this blog. I happen to know that guy. I know how active he was in previous efforts to expose Fatty. In that exchange he was playing wtih Fatty knowing that he would be too dim to realise that his questions was tongue-in-cheek.

    The main thing I learned from that exchange is Fatty’s latest rationalisation of KT – with all its porn, adult dating, viscous personal attacks on LFC players and management, nasty personal attacks between posters led by Brendan and Ryan.

    It seems he now wants a “fun site” which is not too heavy about LFC or the Hillsborough dead or anything “political”. He wants hits wherever he can get them. KT is to be the new Popitch with a starring role for Brendan Supabitch. The LFC is just a hook to bring the suckers in.

    Mind you, he could change his mind next week. He might discover that Pigeon Racing or Ballroom Dancing has more pull – or news of Michael Barrymore.

    Its all relative. The only thing that is absolute with him is money and whatever. He’ll promise whatever the suckers are prepared to pay for.

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