Advertising under review at Koptalk

As you know from this blog, the fat one doesn’t care for the boycott of the Sun – in fact he supports the rag. Anyone complaining is sneered at by Duncan and some of his loyal arselicks.

He realises now, belatedly, that perhaps this isn’t the best policy to practice. In the following post he talks about Google ads and how they are displayed based on the content of that page or of the site in general. As a result it’s feasible for ads to appear that he might not like. He can stop them, but not until he knows they have started to appear. As far as I am aware this is true – but what’s his excuse for the Sun hat, the using of Sun headlines, the use of Sun “exclusives”, the laughter and snidy comments at anyone who complains?

The good thing about Google ads is that anyone can sign up to be an advertiser and as an advertiser you can even specify which sites you’d prefer to see your ads appear on. Maybe we should set ourselves up as advertisers…

Dunk KopTalk Editor Posts: 1909 Loc: KOPTALK 28-06-06 09:26 PM – Post#245606

We’ve noticed that some Google Ads that are not appropriate to be displayed on KOPTALK website have been appearing on

They include:

The Manchester United credit card

The Chelsea credit card

The Sun online (football section)

We can’t stop ads unless we see them appearing first. In other words, we don’t know what ads will appear until we seem them first because Google has control of what is served. It is only after ads are appearing that we can block them.

Google detect words that are on the page in question to display what they think are relevant adverts. For example if a page on the site makes references to investment, it is likely that Google will serve ads that link to investment related websites (finance).

Other ad serving agencies that we use also automatically include advertisers so it is only when ads appear can we decide what to block. It would be possible for example for The Sun newspaper to start delivering ads on KOPTALK without our prior knowledge. This has actually happened once before. As soon as we saw them we naturally pulled them but the kiddies that don’t like KOPTALK (or moi) naturally try to use such incidents to criticise the site.

If you ever see any ads appearing that you think shouldn’t be there, contact me using the Contact Us link on the top of the koptalk.coN website and I will take a look for you and pull them down if I agree with you.

I suppose he’s calling us “kiddies”. He wishes we were, because we’d have got bored by now.

Let’s see how good he is at responding to complaints about the ads being shown. Not all of the ads are served by Google, and some of them are chosen by him personally – will he agree to those being removed? He used to say his site was visited by “kiddies” a lot of the time and went mad at anyone who posted anything even slightly of an adult nature. This was quite a good policy because a lot of people read his site from their places of work and so it meant the site was pretty much “safe for work”. Not any more. Someone’s complained about this, but will he act?

Post: Site Ads Question        (Topic#16401)
rushie9  U-19 Player Posts: 108 26-06-06 04:09 PM – Post#242786    

Not sure if i’m in the right place or not, apologies if so, but the adult friend finder add is making this site very very difficult to read in work. Anyone who passes sees it immediately. Can anything be done about it. It has been there for weeks now.

Mersey Paradise U-19 Player Posts: 456 Loc: The North 28-06-06 08:06 PM – Post#245523     
    In response to rushie9

a couple of clicks away on there and theres women with pics of there kebabs hanging out     

livvy145 Reservist Posts: 903 Loc: Huyton 28-06-06 08:11 PM – Post#245529     
    In response to Mersey Paradise

How many clicks, MP?

Somehow we don’t see this thread surviving for long.

Meanwhile he’s also got plans to try other ways of getting some visitors. He’s setting up (yet) another website. He says it’s using the same software as his .coN website and that it will look just like his .org forums. Let’s hope he’s got the licences sorted for it. We’ll keep an eye out for it.

Dunk KopTalk Editor Posts: 1909 Loc: KOPTALK 28-06-06 09:36 PM – Post#245613

I’ve just registered a new domain this evening for a mini site that will list details of the present squad and a wealth of information relating to each player.

Every player will have their own profile and a dedicated news section of their own along with photographs and so on.

The mini site will be in this format style as an extension of the website. So for player profiles we will link to the new mini site.

It will look just like these forums. It will be more for reference than anything.

I hope you like it. It should go live this week if I get time.
If you get time? You’re supposed to be writing that book and dealing with support enquiries – do you realise how many people you’ve locked out even though they’ve paid?

Any ideas what domain he’s registered? We’ll find out soon enough, but we’re guessing at one of these –

As well as guessing that, maybe you’d also like to guess at where he’s going to steal the content from. Our bet is he’s already had Steve cutting and pasting from the official site.


13 Responses to “Advertising under review at Koptalk”

  1. KT Veteran Says:

    He makes enough to feed a small country

    Sorry…….. I meant he EATS enough to feed a small country

  2. alan Says:

    if anyone finds any unappropriate ads… try fucking all of them , adult friend finder, datemate etc. what a fucking tosser

  3. Part Time Poster Says:

    HAHA – I love this blog – I’ve started posting more on here than Koptalk – keep up the good work,

  4. macca2 Says:


    would be funny if the blog advert appeared on koptalk…

  5. Sinon Says:

    The best was when they had the ‘kiddies area’ for the younger KT user…’Fully moderated and safe’ when the new KT site was launched – although non of the Mods knew of it, so who was moderating it? A few Mods were shocked, and said so themselves in the ShoutBox at the time that their ‘voluntary’ help now included running a fucking creche!!

    I’ve never been on, maybe its a grooming area. New biatches for the big man, an army of minions to rule the internet! There are probably badly packed kebabs all over that place, ‘fully moderated’ of course.

  6. G Richards Says:

    This is a good site. Keep up the great work. I’m one of the life members who recently got locked out from Koptalk. I opened a ticket on the support line and I even had a chat with Steve about it. I have had no contact since (about 2 weeks ago). The site was going downhill fast IMO anyway – once they siphoned off most of the good posters and made up a Gold Club it was never the same. And reading about some of Dunk’s (alleged) shenanigans on here make me feel frustrated that I was a ‘customer’ over there. Still, now that I’m in the know…

  7. Whois Lookup Says:

    “We’ve noticed that some Google Ads that are not appropriate to be displayed on KOPTALK website have been appearing on

    They include:

    The Sun online (football section)

    We can’t stop ads unless we see them appearing first. In other words, we don’t know what ads will appear until we seem them first because Google has control of what is served. It is only after ads are appearing that we can block them.”

    Some free advice:

    Competitive Ad Filters

    Google AdSense provides the functionality to block specific ads from appearing on your pages. Although Google ads are highly targeted to the content of your page, there may be situations in which you don’t want to display particular advertisements.

    The competitive ad filter works by blocking ads that link to specific URLs. This way, you can easily block all ads that are linked to the unwanted website at By entering a top level domain such as, you’ll also block all ads that link to subdirectories below that domain. The following rules apply to the competitive ad filter:

    * Entering will block ads to and
    * Entering will also block ads to and
    * will block ads to but not to or
    * will not block ads to or

    Generally, it’s a good idea to leave the ‘www’ off of URLs in your filter list to provide for broader filtering.

    You’ll also find that Google has the AdSense Preview Tool allowing you to see the ads before they appear:

    The AdSense Preview Tool is an addition to the right-click menu of Internet Explorer 6.x browsers. It offers the ability to view the ads that would appear on your page, and to display the destination URLs of these ads with only a few clicks.

    More information on the google adsense website

    Why don’t you stop them before they appear? Because it may restrict your income from the ads. There is no other reason not to stop every ad from The Sun using the filtering system and adding to the filter. Take 20 minutes off from writing your book and you’ll have it sorted.

  8. Fiddy Says:

    Those ads pay out $1 per click or $30 per sign up just for reference.

  9. Ringpiece Says:

    Fuckin pop-ups, I’m sick of closing the fuckers!

    You pay for pop-ups and horshite on that site.

  10. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Has Mark Lacey got a profile on Adult Friend Finder I wonder?

  11. Terry Says:

    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen…

    “From today anyone who is registered as blind will be entitled to a 50% discount of all Insider & Gold Club subscriptions.

    This isn’t a gag… we already have blind members signed-up but we plan to make things a little easier for them, starting by softening the blow on their pockets.

    We’re also offering blind members a free email service so that we can email them a digest of reports to save them going through the various topics.

    Blind members either use special word recognition software to read the site or they have friends who read to them.”


    Just a shame blind people can’t actually use special word recognition software on his site because he used cheapo crappy labour from india who made the sites a horrid mess of html tables rather than a clean css design that has content seperated from layout.

  12. RiS Says:

    Dunk wouldn’t know a css if it bit him in the ass. Say CSS to him and he’ll assume you want money to support a kid.

  13. rupert Says:

    50% for registered blind? When that doesn’t stop his membership slide, he will offer 50% to African orphans without internet access, and then 50% off for any quadraplegic amputees who don’t yet have trained chimps to operate their keyboards, then 50% off for any single, virgin mothers – the list of those he can help by giving 50% off is endless.

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