The famous five are called to action.

He not bothered by this blog, he’s in fact flattered by it. He loves the extra publicity it gives him.

He’s switched off the PM facility. He’s switched off the ability to look at other user’s profiles. He bought a new domain name for the blog he created just for us. Then binned it for a static web page aimed at us. Which he removed some of his silly rants from earlier, after failing to get what he might call “a bite”. He disabled right-click and the ability to scroll with the mouse and all kinds of other options. In the process he upset loads of his existing site visitors. Including the ever-loyal FFF. Or FFS, whatever it’s supposed to be.

Is this new message at the top of his forums there because of us? No way, it can’t be if he’s being honest about how the blog is affecting him.

“Moderators are on call 24hrs-a-day. Please call or text us on +44 (0) 7962 475020 if anyone is spamming or posting abuse.”

He’s also called in his most trusted mugs. I mean members. Keniget, livvy145 (you had a chance to escape but blew it),  FoxForceFive (we’ve already mentioned you), Robinhood (is Dunk some kind of Friar Tuck for you?) and Spider-Neil have all been asked to phone home.

Dunk KopTalk Daddy
Subject: Can the following members please email me
27-06-06 07:16 PM


PS: Don’t get excited, you haven’t won anything

Too late Dunk – they’re excited already. You called them by name. They won’t be needing the services of Pele tonight. Especially if you’re about to turn them into moderators.

Dunk – where’s the insider news for today? We can’t find any.

And Dunk – you are bothered by this blog.


25 Responses to “The famous five are called to action.”

  1. macca2 Says:


    fatty getting desperate is he?

    this gets better by the day…

  2. Chunky Says:

    hahahaa Spider-Neil, he’s as big a muppet as they come, and that FFF… oh dear. Here’s a post of his from Liverpoolway:

    ” FoxForceFive FoxForceFive is offline

    Join Date: Dec 2005
    Posts: 24
    Re: Fuck Dunk the S*n hat wearing cunt
    Stu Monty, you show me evidence the man wears a S*n hat & steals content, & I’ll gladly stop patronising his site, you have my word on that, I’m as vehement about the S*n as anyone & have an A3 poster (you know the blood dripping one) in my lounge window that proves just that.”

    He ran off soon after…..

  3. Old Skooly Pete Says:

    Can we have a running blog for DJ Wank_Me_Off? That Mascara wearing cunt comes up with some priceless gustapo nonsense. I would love to see that twat exposed.

  4. macca2 Says:


    hes the guy who apparently received a PM from an ex-koptalk regular. went to his fat boss and told the koptalk regular off for advertising this blog.

  5. Insider Insider Says:

    Thanks Chunky for reminding me about that thread on TLW – possibly the funniest thread ever as the little KT foot soldiers ran to fight the TLW baddies and had to keep running away again.

  6. macca2 Says:

    i just googled “INSIDER KOPTALK” and this blog comes out 2nd!!!

    the other way round and its 4th!!!

    lets keep this going and push it up to number one!!

  7. rupert Says:

    Will they have a DIRECTORS meeting in the BOARDROOM? Or will they use DER BUNKER for security reasons?

    Will it be on Ozzie time to accommodate Big DJ?

    Will Fatso be in silk pyjamas?

    How about Rosco – will he play the part of he silver-tongued Irish legal counsel or will he turn QUEEN’S COUNSEL?

    Will the WORLDWIDE FAMILY be kept informed by text- message?

    God, it’s so exciting.

  8. Old Skooly Pete Says:

    DJ Wank_Me_Off_isnt based in OZ. He’s some loser cunt who lives in London…..

    He even pretends to actually leave his house to go to games , which isn’t very believeable considering he is posts about 1,440 times a day which equates to approx 1 post a minute.

    I heard the mascara wearing cunt even takes his laptop into the shitter with him when he’s dropping large.

  9. Nome De Plume Says:

    I wonder if they have won an iPod?

  10. KT Says:

    The iPod is somewhere lost in the sysyem apparantly, fatty sat on it and it’s lost within one of his arseholes.

    As for the vilification of those 5 people, surely educating them rather than slagging them off is the way to go? Its claimed that we need to warn them of the perils of trusting Del, or Dunk, or whoever, so why treat the same people, who may or may not know what is happening, like guinea pig farmers for Huntingdon?

    I’ve read through all the blogs on here over the last 24 hours, most of them I knew from my time on KrapTalk, TLW & RAWK, but the details have certainly made my mind up rather than any vitriol aimed at people will do. 24 hours of educating is worth 6 months of slagging off someone who may not know the truth.

  11. Chunky Says:

    Sadly as FFF shows, despite being “vehement about the S*n as anyone” when provided with the truth he ran off rather than remain a man of his word. And now I suppose he’ll be a S*n loving moderator.


  12. scully Says:

    That’s a good point KT, and I hope Insider Insider stresses it. I guess people are feeling a bit chuffed at having a place to slag off certain KTers without getting deleted and banned, but it’s going too far and setting up a fake “us v them” relationship, which just ends in both parties being wankers. No way is Dunk going to be brought down by that route – the uglier people’s insults on here get, the more inclined visitors may be to think KT isn’t so bad after all.

  13. Part Time Poster Says:

    I’ve been a regular user of koptalk for the last few years or so and have a few hundred posts to my name. I enjoy using the site as in the most part there are some good posters/banter and decent easy to use forum. Tho i’ve never been stupid enough to sign up for the gold club/insider as straight from the start it was obvious something wasn’t right.
    I’ve always thought that dunk, most of his mods and some other posters are fcuking muppets, but their life is koptalk – i just use it to get me through the working day. so i just choose to ignore them.

    I found this site through a thread on koptalk(before it was deleted), i’d heard rumours of duncs scams etc before but was gobsmacked with some of the things I have read on here and kraptalk. Fair play to you, both sites are informative and fucking funny and I now log on here first everyday to find out whats happening on koptalk before i log on there.

    I’m now torn beacuse i still enjoy using koptalk, for the decent posters and funny threads that do happen – but don’t want to give fatty the satisfaction of loggin on.

    p.s. There are quite a few decent koptalkers out there,like me, who read this site but still us koptalk as they have been regulars(hard to break a bad habit) don’t tarnish us all with fatty and his band merry men.

  14. Part Time Poster Says:

    to KT – I agree, those five people above aren’t to blame – i post regulary with them and they are decent posters/lfc fans – Dunks obviously earmarked them for something and wants to use them, i’m sure all will be revealed in the near future.

  15. Toby Says:

    Correct, let’s not stray away from the job at hand – showing Duncan Oldham/Del Johnson up for what he really is and bringing his scam website down. That always has been and always will be my main objective – I don’t give a shit about his brain-dead moderators.

  16. Sinon Says:

    Exactly PTP, its about education. I know that most people here want an instant revolution, an uprising against fat boy, but its more an evolution. StalagTalk won’t allow free speech, so its about trying to let the more – how can I put it – meek and gullible know the truth behind the scams, the never ending (and never arriving) promises and the blatant sponging off ‘fans’.

    Fucking disgusts me the blatant parasitical (I think that word works quite well in that context…) use of ‘fellow’ fans. The constant use of his poor crippled cousin for his own means “Look at me, I’m a human too…send money”. I once asked him to start a collection for a player’s family, and was told he would get back to me….still fucking waiting. If it was a fund to raise money for ‘pies in need’ then I’m sure Dunk would get back to me.

    I’ll still have a look at KT (I’ve changed my name on here from KT as it was just laziness, and I didn’t want to be associated) due to a few of the people but I’ll never go back to the way I once was – I’ll try to spread the word.

    Well done to everyone for attempting to out the truth about Fatty.

  17. rupert Says:

    In general, I agree with the remarks that the problem is Fatty – not the posters on KT, most of whom are decent LFC fans looking for news about LFC and somewhere to chat. They fell into KT either by accident or because Fatty is very good at marketing it – even if he relies on cheating to do it. Once there they became accustomed to the format, get to know other posters and never really know about alternative sites.

    Therefore, I agree that its not such a good idea to attack them, personally.

    Of course there are two or three posters on there who use the licence given them by Fatty to attack others on a daily basis – including players, manager, directors, other LFC sites and other KT posters. In fact, the dominance of their posts have come to give KT a different character from other LFC sites. The “rent” they pay him for the licence to do this is to play up to his prejudices, flatter him, diss other sites on his behalf, attack his old enemies, try to get him to ban or gag other posters. They are his collaborators even if they are not moderators and insiders.

    There are some posters, including his most frequent users, who pride themselves on not believing his editorials, never paying him a penny, refusing to become Insiders or Moderators, but cynically using the site as a convenient drop-in.

    Then there are a handful who take an active part in defending him. Some of these are moderators or his inner circle.

    It could be that they don’t know or understand. Or they may be in denial. Perhaps they don’t want to lose their special status.

    But in my experience these types always quit. I don’t know any who have stayed. It may be that they came to witness first hand some of the things we have mentioned, or they became embarrassed by the association with him, or they just grew up.

    I noticed a poster who visited this blog the other day – I won’t mention his name. He was one of Fatty’s loyalists for a few years – even after the mass revolution against Fatty that saw most of his active posters leave to start up or join other sites, this guy stayed behind. He took a lot of shit for it on other forums but he remained loyal to KT and Fatty. A few weeks ago I saw Fatty describe him on KT as “a neurotic who hangs around the internent – he’s harmless”. That’s when I realised this guy had also left Fatty and was now posting on other sites.

    Ideally, KT as a medium would continue but without Fatty. However, I think that’s impossible as long as he is in even in the background.

  18. Part Time Poster Says:

    To KT – Just read that you still post on KopTalk – interesting? I want to let people on koptalk know about this blog, as I know quite a few posters who would be interested. Now that PM and poster details(email address) has been taken away any ideas on how we could educate the innocent.

    I know at least one poster who may have a few an interesting story about being banned.

  19. Sinon Says:

    PTP – I still check in on KT yes, more for the people than the website. Personally it’s died a slow death over the last year or so (I wasn’t a regular back in the days when Robbie was attacked) and its got nothing to do with the fact that the Premiership is on a break. Most of the ‘regulars’ know of Dunks disgusting fleecing of ‘fellow’ fans (maybe not the most intricate details) and either use him and his site as a way to simply follow their team, or don’t care. I can’t speak for them all. I’m in contact with some through text & emails, back when it all kicked off 6 months ago.

    The best thing I’ve found to get a message across is the shoutbox, you can always get contact details that way now that pm’s have been disabled. Very easy to put a few little tempters in there without getting noticed and hopefully getting even the most ardent of sheep to wonder. Most ‘regulars’ don’t keep to KT anyway, and you’ll find them on TLW, Rawk et al – its the newbies that need educating before they start greasing fatties hand!

  20. Matt W Says:

    It’s true, in order to educate, we cannot stoop down to the levels of the scum themselves.

    I was a long time KT user but left for new pastures when I saw through the pathetic beauracracy surrounding the site. I recently went back to see which names where still on there. Most (if not all) of the best posters had departed.

    This site is having a big affect on the KT community, take a look at the post counts and thread hits – the site is dying a slow painful death.

  21. Part Time Poster Says:

    Matt W – just out of interest – when u stopped using koptalk, which site did you start using(if any) – I’m going to stop using Koptalk and I’m looking for new home to get me through 9-5 whilst I should be working.

  22. Chunka Says:

    I’m a bit of a Specialist in Search engines.

    Can we make a start by putting the workd Koptalk before Insider in the tag of this page.

    This would help us immensely

  23. Matt W Says:

    Part time Poster, there are a tonne of legitimate LFC related www sites out there.

    Check out

    for starters….then sift your way about until you find one that suits you.

    Perhaps the nice fellas who run this blog could start a link to some ‘real’ non scamming sites.

  24. kopwank Says:

    “The best thing I’ve found to get a message across is the shoutbox, you can always get contact details that way now that pm’s have been disabled. Very easy to put a few little tempters in there without getting noticed and hopefully getting even the most ardent of sheep to wonder. Most ‘regulars’ don’t keep to KT anyway, and you’ll find them on TLW, Rawk et al – its the newbies that need educating before they start greasing fatties hand!”

    Where is the shoutbox on the koptalk site?

  25. Sinon Says:

    Its the ‘message’ box on the far left of every screen, post to your hearts content (and it’ll be ‘lost’ within about 10 mins to cover your tracks early morning and lunchtime)

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